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telegen ep


Artist : Television Set 

Label : Genetic Music 

telegen ep / LP

An other band composed of the terrific Skanfrom. Pure and cool minimal electro wave. Romantic, sensual, beautiful artificial trip. Listening to this LP is like reading a book with a real catchy story. Television Set makes their machines singing. A true performance recorded in 2002 and released on the essential German Genetic Music label. According to us, one of today's leading minimal electro label. Pure Quality !

prag attack


Artist : Femme Fatale 

Label : Genetic Music 

prag attack / 7"

Excellent electro-wave 7" on Genetic Music. Femme Fatale is also active by the names of Bastards of Love and Der Kunstliche Dilettant. A-side : "Prag Attack" is a piece of noisy minimal electro that seems just to be discovered on an old demo-tape from 1980. Squeaking and grumbling sounds like found on many early recordings of bands trying to create noise with a cheap second-hand synth or maybe even self-made machine. B-side : "Velours" is more of a dance tunes in comparison with the A-side. But, still in a distorted and minimal kind of way. This single is pure nostalgia for all fans of minimal electronic underground.



Artist : Christof Glowalla / Bakterielle Infektion 

Label : Genetic Music 

split / 7"

Early and Rare (ltd to 499) split 7" released on the essential German Genetic Music label in 2001. A-Side : "Science Fiction" by Christof Glowalla, recorded in 1981, is a classic electro synth pop with German lyrics track (NDW). Raw singing synth for a powerfull and crazy robotic dance. B-Side : "Past Future" is one the best track of Bakterielle Infektion (composed by Skanfrom), very uptempo with deep space analog electro sounds combined perfectly together for maximum emotional energy. The all punctuate by the denunciatory lyrics of Uwe Marx (singer). Essential electronic music gem !



Artist : 2VM 

Label : Genetic Music 

placita / 7"

First production of this north-american duo project with Veronica Estela Vasicka (head of the New York Minimal Wave label) for the voice and instruments and Marc Houle for the instruments. Great sound inspired by the early 80's minimal-wave phenomena we love, excellent work !

normal day


Artist : Television Set 

Label : Genetic Music 

normal day / 12"

One of our favorite artist under his 80's alias project... Roger Semsroth (aka Skanfrom) delivers us 2 incredible tracks, full of power and energy. Must have !

confusing outsides


Artist : Martial Canterel 

Label : Genetic Music 

confusing outsides / LP

We can easily say that you can find here the best album released in 2005 and produced by a talented producer based in New York. Both minimal electro freaks, old-school waver and unlocked synthie-pop fans will be inspired... cause nearly each songs is a potential hit ! Highly recommended.

das drehmoment - part one


Artist : Various 

Label : Genetic Music 

das drehmoment - part one / LP

This V.A. record released in 2002 is a cooperation between Das Drehmoment and Genetic Music label. A must have compilation. All the productions are excellent and show us what is the electro music today. Sweet electro-pop to more dark-wave style, all electro fans will be charmed... Get it now !

nobody dies twice


Artist : Alien Skull Paint 

Label : Genetic Music 

nobody dies twice / 12"

12" released in 2004 on the german label Genetic Music with two tracks ("Imagine", "Electric") wich appeared on a CD later. Highlight goes to "Nobody Dies Twice" wich is a good 80's inspired electro-wave production a la Fad Gadget or The Normal. Very cool !



Artist : A² 

Label : Genetic Music 

schwarz-weiss / LP

Last copies released in 2002 on Genetic Music of this crazy, fucked up electro-wave/EBM record. LP containing two minimal-wave gems "The Truth" & "Space". Get it now, before it dissapears in obscurity... Limited to 480 copies.



Artist : Ausgang Verboten 

Label : Genetic Music 

entertainment / LP

Forgotten beauty from the past released on Genetic Music label twenty years after the original tape-release in '84. The music is a mixture between Kraftwerk, Suicide Commando and Absolute Body Control. An analogue dry pure synthetic dance. Buy or die !

november sessions


Artist : Television Set / Others In Conversation 

Label : Genetic Music 

november sessions / 7"

This 7" features 2 tracks out of a session recorded in Berlin in November 2008. All music written and produced by Semsroth & Steward. KR-55 and SH-101 by Roger Semsroth of Television Set & Skanfrom. Voice by Helena Roos and guitar by M. Steward of Others In Conversation... Beautiful rebirth for this fantastic label ;)

early recordings


Artist : Bakterielle Infektion 

Label : Genetic Music 

early recordings / 2xCD

Retrospective double CD featuring Roger Semsroth (aka Skanfrom) on synthesisers. The CD's feature tracks from the "First Demo" tape, 1996 (not on label), from "Scheintod Gaswaffen" tape, 1997 (A.D.S.R.), from "Sleepless" CD-r, 1998 (White Head Records), from "A.D.S.R. 007" lp, 1999 (A.D.S.R.), from "A.D.S.R. 002" tape (lim. 20), 1997 (A.D.S.R.) as well as 15 previously unreleased tracks. In their early days, they were pretty much influenced by industrial music (like bands such as De Fabriek, Dive, The Klinik), and, of course, there’s also tracks already leading to where Roger released alone as Skanfrom. The booklet includes liner notes by Genetic Music and both Uwe and Roger. Complete Masterpiece...

moscow at midnight


Artist : Television Set 

Label : Genetic Music 

moscow at midnight / LP

Bakterielle Infektion / Skanfrom production. 12 track lp, ranging from melodic 80's wave to more uptempo punky tracks with vocals. Includes the "Television Set" cover, originally by Depeche Mode. His best release to date ! Rare record..

consumer price index


Artist : Television Set 

Label : Genetic Music 

consumer price index / 7"

Our little hit machine TV Set gave us a bunch of new great tracks and because he loves the 7" format, he made us pick 2 songs for a start, both superb synth pearls with great guitar hooklines ! A-side is a driving smasher & B-side a more dreamy wave hymn. One of our favourite artist.

strana a / against


Artist : Umrijeti Za Strojem / Neither/Nor 

Label : Genetic Music 

strana a / against / 7"

We are happy to present you this split 7" feat. 2 amazing songs of Umrijeti Za Strojem & Neither/Nor, 2 bands from Croatia. They are involved in other projects too (like Narrow) and we hope to hear more from them soon ! Minimal-synth at its best with great catchy vocals ! Listen...

in grief


Artist : Bakterielle Infektion 

Label : Genetic Music 

in grief / 12"

Absolute fantastic new release by Bakterielle Infektion. Like Le Syndicat Electronique on a early Front 242 trip... Dark but poppy... industrial but catchy... simply some of the best contemporary electro releases of 2011..!

the early days


Artist : Nine Circles 

Label : Genetic Music 

the early days / 2x12"

The early demo recordings of Dutch 80's cult duo Nince Circles finally see the light of day! 'The Early Days' with 20 mostly unreleased songs from 1980-82 on 2xLP. All tracks have been remastered and it is including the '82 radio session. Massive release..

anywhere / anyone


Artist : Unur 

Label : Genetic Music 

anywhere / anyone / LP

LP vinyl collection of both Unur modern tapes cassette releases ('Anywhere' & 'Anyone': total of 8 songs) released by the wonderful people at Genetic Music in Berlin. The jacket is a foldover of the images for the releases with an inner jacket that includes extra info and artwork. It's pretty snazzy. Analog drum machines and synths mix with some fuzzy guitars and smeared singing to tell us about each of our own apocalypses.. Grrr

plaster mould


Artist : Lower Synth Dept. 

Label : Genetic Music 

plaster mould / LP

Lower Synth Dept. rose from the ashes of Les Sirènes Débrouillardes in 2010 as a solo-project of the founder of the latter band, Sebastian H., that has been completed with Kyoung-Hi R. on electric bass guitar and vocals in late 2010, occasionally accompanied live by a Simmons drums set and additional synthesizer lines, played by Oliver M.. The music of the band is deeply influenced by and related to the experimental electronic music of the late 70's and early 80's, that was made in Sheffield by bands like The Future/The Human League, Vice Versa, Cabaret Voltaire, or by the formerly in Preston based musician Colin Potter and a few American avant-garde artists, pioneering in electronic music, like John Bender, etc.. Although the band is very careful in creating a minimal electronics sound, obviously appearing vintage in itself, it is produced in a hybrid way, by using analogous procedures and modern techniques of production as well. So in the end Lower Synth Department is concerned with post-minimal electronics so to speak.

life in a goldfish bowl


Artist : Baard 

Label : Genetic Music 

life in a goldfish bowl / 7"

30 years anniversary reissue of this cult-classic minimal synth killin 7" from Sweden. Baard began his musical career in 1982 with the single "Life In A Goldfish Bowl" released under the name Baard, a synth-punk fusion project he had formed together with 2 female striptease dancers. He has since claimed that he spent the Baard years living as a male prostitute in Amsterdam. Baard later had some minor success as Barbie, which saw Baard in drag singing dance-oriented pop. After abandoning work on a 2nd Barbie album, he formed Army Of Lovers with 2 of Barbie's entourage, Jean-Pierre Barda and La Camilla. Army Of Lovers had over 20 Pan-European hits, the biggest being "Crucified", "Obsession" and "Sexual Revolution", while their presence in the US and the UK was limited to repeated club chart successes. They released 5 studio albums, made over 20 music videos, and became phenomenally successful across Eastern Europe, before Baard disbanded the group in 1996. Army Of Lovers have later earned a widespread iconic status in the gay culture, often referred to as a perfect example of the postmodern take on the ideals of camp. Tip !!!



Artist : The Beautiful Loosers 

Label : Genetic Music 

untitled / 12"

Review to come..!

plastic flowers


Artist : Civil Defence Programme / Television Set 

Label : Genetic Music 

plastic flowers / 7"

Split 7" featuring 2 different projects of Roger Semsroth who is widely known for his big variety of musical output under several monikers. The 2 tracks on this 7" have once been put up on Youtube for a short while and since then they have been wandering around and people have asked for them to be released on vinyl. Here they are now, the EBM/industrial influenced Civil Defence Programme track "Plastic Flowers" and the KR-55 and guitar driven Television Set track "Drayton Park" on this little hand stamped single...

eternal return


Artist : Scarlet Architect 

Label : Genetic Music 

eternal return / LP+CD

Genetic Music load up a real new-wave bullet, or 11 of them to be precise, from the very little known Scarlet Architect. Compiling the group's only release (an eponymous 4-track zinger issued in 1982 thru Coalition Records), together with 7 previously unreleased peaches from the same era, this is in effect their debut LP, exhibiting sharpened drum machine/dancefloor instincts coupled with an arch pop sound. Vocals are stately but almost cabaret in a sophisticated, ambiguous manner, whilst their grooves are slick and tight, layered with melodic synth hooks, at best in the eerie, Tuxedomoon-alike "Monetary Options", whilst the perkier funk of "Dance 'Til Dawn" recalls that Tomo Akikawabaya reissue on Minimal Wave and "Action Painting" sports some mental fusion of Prince and Devo by way of Russ Abott that needs to be heard to be believed.



Artist : Profil 

Label : Genetic Music 

untitled / LP+CD

The Profil album has originally been released on the Welt-Rekord label in 1982 and with hits like "Berühren" and "Ich Liebe Dich" it has become a milestone in the German NDW genre. Heinz Robert Martin, the main man behind Profil, always would have loved to see the album come out as a picture vinyl and because it has also never been released on CD we are happy to present this nice package: the original album remastered on a picture LP including a full colour 21x21cm inlay with a version of the original artwork plus a postcard and sticker and including the CD featuring 3 bonus tracks (the maxi version of "Berühren" and 2 B-sides). Ace !

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