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fundamentals of space travel


Artist : Alek Stark 

Label : Fundamental Records 

fundamentals of space travel / 2x12"

In 2009 Alek Stark released the 1st part of 'Fundamentals Of Space Travel' on Transient Force. This record was released in CD and digital, 2 years after Transient Force released the 2nd part as digital download. Transient Force was a place where everything was pure inspiration, the music, the projects, even the artworks designed by label's boss Arnold. There is only one thing Alek missed when he released this project on Transient Force, play it on turntables. In last years he received many emails from people who love my work for Transient Force but they really love to have these tracks in vinyl, so after thinking about it several times he decided to release his favorite tracks on a double vinyl album. Most of the tracks were composed alone in a wood house, in the middle of nowhere.. Very limited to 100 copies.. Clear vinyls edition !

der lange weg / ein blick in die zukunft


Artist : Das Muster / Mumm 

Label : Fundamental Records 

der lange weg / ein blick in die zukunft / 2x12"

Marcus Mumm (aka Das Muster) lands on Fundamental Records with a monster of a release after recent appearances on Solar One Music, among other like-minded imprints. The Twin Paradox Series 002 spans pretty much every corner of the electro sphere, starting with the deep and watery bass tones of "Der Lange Weg", the 80's sounding sequences of "Die Welt Der Farben", and the underwater beast that is "Widerspruch". The 15-track anthology also includes harder tunes such as "Everything But", the Drexcyian mutant "Zugang", and "Talk To Me", a vocal led piece with a huge low-end and the most gorgeous pads we've heard these last weeks !!

snow in june / data bara


Artist : Luke Eargoggle / Faceless Mind 

Label : Fundamental Records 

snow in june / data bara / 2x12"

'Snow In June' was mostly written and produced in 2014 in Greece on the Crete island. Since Luke is not the biggest fan of the sun all day long he brought a mini studio to the hotel where he could escape the hot weather after the beach and put the the air condition on the max. Machines were all in sync and the journey began... Also after having some nice conversations with Mr Alek Stark they planned and exchanged some thoughts around this record and it became this paradox double album. The music speaks for itself. It has alot of Eargoggle's sound in it but also a lot of other influences never heard before. Like all his music, this album is a tribute to machines and feelings to create a new world. To be able to express and combine them.. Travelling is always mysterious and interesting.. Hope you can travel with it! Use the Eargoggles ;) On the 2nd album from Faceless Mind (aka Johan Inkinen & Luke Eargoggle), 'Data Bara' is about experiment and a lot of red wine. They have a sound that they don't want to challenge to much but still go deeper in what they do and discover on during the path. This album compiles tracks from the last 2 years even if most of them are made pretty recent. All in all, this one is HUGE !!

a / b


Artist : Patronen 

Label : Fundamental Records 

a / b / 2x12"

A genuinely unique project. Fundamental's Alek Stark created this highly limited and beautifully presented project via his love for Cygnus. This led to Biosoft Records which led to the discovery of Patronen, a man who made 2 album's worth of material (and probably more) on analogue machines in the early 90's and refuses to move from shadows. Twin Paradox celebrates this prolific, formative work across 2 albums. With the classic electro angularities and epic synthetic cosmicity are very much of their time, there's an overwhelming sense of timelessness and relevance to the project too. We reckon if you listen to cuts such as the poignant, reflective "Abstand" or the distorted, shuffling phrases and positive harmonics of "Karlsruhe Nach Basel" in 20 years time, they'll still sound just as icy and futuristic. With only 100 printed, this will sell out very quickly..

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