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welcome to my world


Artist : Marco Bernardi 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

welcome to my world / 12"

Time gives much experience in releasing good tracks, a good exemple with the best record from this electro producer from UK. Deep ("Welcome To My World") to straight to the point mixed-up machine madness ("Reality Check" and "Reality Check"). Essential for fans of good old fashioned jacking electro.

cherenkov radiation


Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

cherenkov radiation / 12"

Frustrated Funk is the chosen medium to release the next phase in Dataphysix's research and experimentation of electromagnetic radiation. 4 takes of electromagnetic waves that are constructed to travel through different sequences. This is the universe of Der Zyklus, the evolution and experimentation of electro physics that never seem to stop. Highly Recommended !



Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

untitled / 12"

Heinrich Mueller (aka Dopplereffekt, Arpanet, Drexciya) with his best solo work after the legendary Dopplerfeffekt album. This is a re-release of 4 of our favorite Der Zyklus tracks which are already out of print for some time now. This ep includes the amazing drexciyan ''Mxyzptlk'', the ultra cool kraftwerkesque ''Formenverwandler''. This is what you would get when you put the best of Detroit electro and German avant-garde electro (Kraftwerk) together in one studio. Masterpiece !!!



Artist : Dos Mas 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

mentiroso / 12"

A project from Spain that was delayed for a long time. The duo seemed to have strong bonds with a Spanish clique of the notorious Central American gang MS-13. Sadly enough, the main producer is in lock-down for a crime committed in the us and therefore we never had the chance to finish this project. It will now be released (finally) as part of the limited ''When Insanity Slips In'' series with a handmade sleeve. The music is pure electronic chaos (think Ultradyne). Pure analog terror from a project that already ended before even getting signed. Dark at will ;)

the giant returns


Artist : Dcast Dynamics 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

the giant returns / 12"

Hiding behind the enigmatic Dcast Dynamics moniker is our favorite Shad T. Scott better known as Gosub. Melancholic melodies drowning in running tape delays.. Wobbling analog pulses that seem to come from beyond the aquatic triangle. Dcast Dynamics continues to explore where The Other People left off - comes on blue vinyl... Tip !

inhaltsverzeichnis ep


Artist : Blackploid 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

inhaltsverzeichnis ep / 12"

Frustrated Funk unearth another great piece of electronic music from an unknown source. At first hearing the spirit of Dopplereffekt seems to dominate, but as the tracks develop over time it becomes clear that Blackploid have their own sound aesthetic, inspired by classic electro pioneers and aiming for the same status themselves. 4 stylish hard and sci-fi synthy electro tracks which should not be overlooked if you’ve ever been moved by DAF, Cabaret Voltaire, Human League, Bobby O or the early Detroit school. Worth the price of entry alone for "Mystery Speaker", whose heavy bass signals and fierce drum boxes will destroy any electro-inclined crowd...

low volume lovers


Artist : Gosub 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

low volume lovers / 12"

Shad T. Scott (aka Gosub) returns with "Low Volume Lovers" features 4 tweaked electro-tech tracks that somehow can't stop reminding us of the classic Other People Place album, brimming with that textured Detroit musicality underneath a shimmering splice of electroid strands built for the floor. If you're into that or the more tempered Drexciyan destroyers, this will fill in the gaps very nicely indeed. Ace...

experiment zero


Artist : Zerkalo 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

experiment zero / 12"

Finally here it is.. the long awaited limited 12" to accompany the "Stoi Storoni Zerkala" project from Heinrich Mueller and Victoria Lukas. You know the drill.. Comes in limited silkscreen printed packaging. Don't sleep !

we bring mad drama ep


Artist : Various 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

we bring mad drama ep / 12"

Review to come..!

waterproof theory


Artist : Heinrich Dressel 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

waterproof theory / 12"

While nowadays underground music hits are being selected and pushed through applications that analyze and calculate the amount of followers, friends, likes, hits, posts and traffic on social media, music is getting more and more isolated from it's original function, being prostituted by companies that don't even listen to the actual content itself. So while they are counting likes and chase the next past hype we still try to focus on the actual essence of the game: music. The limited series of Frustrated Funk's ever growing catalog now sees MinimalRome chief Heinrich Dressel explore aquatic territories below the surface of mud streams that rise high in the Apennine Mountains and flow to find their way to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Ancient legends of the Tiber River tell stories like the one of Rome's founders, the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, who were abandoned on it's waters and where they were rescued by a mystic she-wolf. Dressel tries to capture these great legends that lurk in the depth and surround the Roman area. Great music comes from great minds. Great minds are inspired by great stories. And no technical application can count or analyze the importance of that!



Artist : Pametex 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

pmtx005 / 12"

The art of minimalism and reduction is one of the challenging difficulties in music making. Only a select group of artists pulled it off to create strong timeless minimal pieces that are still relevant in todays music environment. Think Jeff Mills, Rob Hood, Terrence Dixon, Daniel Bell, Ectomorph, BC, Mika Vainio... to just name a few. The art of reduction is like fine Italian food; Good basics and limited ingredients. Seasoning is mostly used to cover up bad taste. Pamétex is one of those cats that made music without the 'seasoning' of todays techniques. In the surprisingly short productive period (around 2000 when he co-produced with I-f in the Murdercapital heydays), he just wrote a bunch of tracks on a rhythm box, synth and a sequencer recorded straight to tape. What came out is now known in inner circles as highlights from electro's 2nd wave. Respected and favourited by lots of artists and serious music collectors. Here are the last pieces of the puzzle. Lost tracks from the dusty PMTX vaults. Recovered from the original tapes by Chris Callahan. Minimalism from a true musical mastermind !

make this party live


Artist : Cybonix 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

make this party live / 12"

2017 remastered version of FR004 b/w additional track "Let's Bang", taken from the original 1997's 'Cybonic In Effect' ep. Parental Advisory Frustrated Funk straight from the 313. True Detroit techno, from the men you'll never see, in the rebound. Keep hanging !!

the giant returns


Artist : Dcast Dynamics 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

the giant returns / 12"

Hiding behind the enigmatic Dcast Dynamics moniker is our favorite Shad T. Scott better known as Gosub. Melancholic melodies drowning in running tape delays.. Wobbling analog pulses that seem to come from beyond the aquatic triangle. Dcast Dynamics continues to explore where The Other People left off.. 2018 remastered reissue of this heavyweight classic. Parental Advisory Frustrated Funk.. Beware!

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