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bad blood ep


Artist : Magas 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

bad blood ep / 12"

James Marlon Magas (aka MAGAS) is a solo artist from Chicago, who produces raw and swaggering techno pop with reckless abandon. Released in 2002 this 4-tracks contains two vocal tracks and one highlight with "Toys" that have that edgy new wave style we like a lot. Listen !

touch me!


Artist : DMX Krew 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

touch me! / 12"

Five electro-pop oriented tracks of the Uk prolific electro producer from London. Released in 2002 on the Detroit based label Ersatz Audio. This 12" is clearly 80's inspired. For example "Soul Miner" could easily be a track from Depeche mode. Just listen to it !

the accident causer e.p.


Artist : Lowfish 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

the accident causer e.p. / 12"

Released in 2002 on the detroit based label Ersatz Audio, the talented canadian producer Lowfish strikes us on this 4-track EP with his typical fresh and smooth melancolic touch. A perfect balance between his 80's new wave influences and the modern electro records of today. Top !

friends forever


Artist : Magas 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

friends forever / 2x12"

Magas is James Marlon Magas. His new album "Friends Forever" proves he is an unstoppable force in today's underground music scene. This new album is... electronic, it's rock, it's no wave. It's great driving music, and great dancing music. Who cares what you call it. It's simply great music. Listen to this 11 song album, and get ready to be revived. The beats are thick. The synths are vindictive. And the vocals will send shivers up your spine ;-)



Artist : Tamion 12 Inch 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

let's suffer / LP

Debut lp from Tamion 12 Inch, modern electro punk with industrial and wave influences. Fairly heavy on the ears ! Comes in a handstamped jacketÖ



Artist : ADULT. 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

entertainment / 12"

Adultís second 12", and another winner.. Kuperus and Vulpine have finally accepted their role as entertainers with 4 dynamic electrobot and potent songs that they themselves define as "popular music for dancing". Dance on kidsÖ

between zero and eternity


Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

between zero and eternity / LP

Produced by Gerhard Potuznik, Ramon Bauer & Electronicat, GD Luxxe's latest incarnation, this time for Ersatz Audio, seems a million miles removed from Potuznik's previous outings, especially for those made for Mego. It's a nasty, trashy, highway speedfreak drive through punky trash beat craving and plastic pop; a post electroclash beast of a record that won't go down lightly. Check...

misery loves company


Artist : Various 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

misery loves company / 2x12"

Back in stock !! New on Adult's Ersatz Audio label with exclusive tracks from the likes of Solvent, Skanfrom, DMX Krew, Lowfish, Gold Chains, GD Luxxe, Adult. Magas, and much more ! Magas brings the mad funk of "Shakedown" : a 4/4 inflected monster with little vocals playing around the distorted synths and beats, wicked. Adult's "Paranoid Vision" is an arpeggiated roller with crazy lyrics over the rolling electro beat, blips, squeaks and dark synths helping the track along with little cut-up edits over the percussion work that make for classic Adult. Goldchains feat Zeek Sheck is an amazing slice of hip-hop electro, complete with old-school strings and de-tuned drums all over the beat, killer. Shitloads more on offer, intelligently varied and hedonistically enjoyable beat-business from this much loved label. Excellent...

civil symmetry


Artist : Goudron 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

civil symmetry / 12"

Goudron is back with his second 12" on Ersatz Audio entitled "Civil Symmetry" featuring 5 new songs presented in a one of a kind jacket. The jackets for "Civil Symmetry" were created by hand using the laborious technique of block printing, then hand numbered and signed by the artist. Outstanding wave inspired electro and definately one of our favourites..



Artist : Lessening Lesson 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

untitled / 12"

Nice minimal analogue electro by Ian Clark (aka Le Car) released in 1995. The story says that B-side was recorded live at a party in an abandoned mental health institute.. Back to the roots.

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