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peut etre qu


Artist : Die Bunker 

Label : Eirkti 

peut etre qu'il n'y a plus rien ? / LP

Oh beloved French melancholy ! Those Frenchies must be living in a parallel universe made up solely of sadness and melancholy. Like Clair Obscur and others, they just have their very own sound. Die Bunker was one of them, an artistic ensemble from Saint Mandé (France). They released a first self-titled cassette in 1983, followed by the vinyl lp “Dreams are not free” in 1988, the lp “Mother” in 1990 and appeared on several compilations. This new album reissues the original 1983 tape while adding one bonus track “In Den Letzten Zügen Lieben” from 1984. The sound is purely electronic, simple, very raw, very melancholic though melodic, and we have rarely heard such a cool rough drum machine; boy it rocks (in an electronic analogue way, of course !). Cult tape, therefore cult vinyl ! Limited to 500 copies. Buy or Die !

keimilia / skies


Artist : Metro Decay 

Label : Eirkti 

keimilia / skies / 7"

Re-release of the long wanted first single by Metro Decay, one of the most prominent Greek dark wave acts of the 80's. Tip !

regard extrême


Artist : Brigade Internationale 

Label : Eirkti 

regard extrême / LP

Brigade’s rare tape material released in vinyl for the first time. Exceptional cold-wave syntheses from 1984 by a French band which established its own, unique sound within the dark scene. Massive ;)



Artist : Parallèles De Montségur 

Label : Eirkti 

untitled / 7"

A 7" single presenting 4 previously unreleased tracks by this cold-wave band originated from Montpellier, France. Accompanied by a special 2 page info sheet.



Artist : Alexandros 

Label : Eirkti 

data / LP

Special re-edition of Alexandros high in demand "Data" lp. Genuine minimal electronic syntheses reminiscent of the old-school synthetic ambience by which the 80's dancefloors were besieged… Huge !

8 fores / ligo prin to telos


Artist : Anypoforoi 

Label : Eirkti 

8 fores / ligo prin to telos / 7"

While being one of the 1st punk band to emerge from the Greek underground scene, Anypoforoi never managed to make any official releases up until now. Thus, almost 3 decades after and for the 1st time ever, here is a chance to enjoy 2 authentic and straightforward minimal-synth punk compositions overall representative of this act’s powerful sound. Essential archive !



Artist : Metro Decay 

Label : Eirkti 

ypervasi / LP+7"

Special re-edition of Metro Decay’s debut lp "Ypervasi" accompanied by a 7" single including their long-lost demo track "Brand New Day". A series of 12 forcibly involving dark wave compositions overall, moving from the quiet to the wakeful, from the placid to the fearful and vice versa. An exceptional musical work within the Greek underground scene. All our copies are signed by the members of the band ;)



Artist : ANTI... 

Label : Eirkti 

untitled / LP

Quite probably there hasn't existed any other group within the Greek underground scene that represented the synth-punk genre better than Anti... In fact, considering the band's uniquely performed sound-delirium as well as its straightforward anarchistic and generally rebellious versification, we would argue that it's unfortunate (though their members would consider it as fortunate) that Anti... has heretofore been unknown to the wide public and consequently, not regarded as one of the finest exemplars of minimalistic electronic punk in the international scene. Formed in 1981, Anti... presented their work for the 1st time in 1985, playing live in Pegasus (a well-known Athenian musical stage). The band, composed of 3 members (2 synthesizers & a bass) and a drum machine, performed an innovative mixture of punk and electronic music accompanied by corresponding socially, economically, politically and culturally wakeful lines. It was this idiosyncratic combination of a frantic sound performance and lyrics seething with an absolute rebellion ranging from the purely adolescent to the desperately mature plus the use of the Greek language rather than a foreign one, which reserved a special place for the group within the Greek underground music firmament. Anti... released 2 self-produced cassettes, a split album and participated in some compilations. Apparently, it needed 25 long years since the appearance of their original work (1986) until a full-work of the band could be released in vinyl. Basically, here is the re-release of Anti's 1st tape and the previously unreleased track "Last Beer" which was kept in the group's archive patiently waiting to see the light of day for more than 2 decades. All in all, 11 arousing compositions of a straightforward electronic punk idiom properly dressed with informative, remindful and overall riotous words. The only thing left now is to live this musical experience (limited to 500 numbered vinyl copies) hoping that you will enjoy it as strongly as we do ;)

threat / lost soul


Artist : Ausschwitss 

Label : Eirkti 

threat / lost soul / 7"

Punk / new-wave band formed in 1981 in Patissia, Athens, Greece. On 13/2/1982 they performed live for their 1st time at Aretousa Club (Athens) along with Stress & Guillotine. With a number of live gigs (mainly at Sophita (Athens) where they played their own songs (lyrics mainly in Greek) and a number of The Clash, Damned, The Ramones covers. They recorded only a few live recordings and a demo with 2 songs released here on Eirkti. In 1983 they became The Hands Of Cain.

clown / white cells


Artist : Clown 

Label : Eirkti 

clown / white cells / 7"

More than an artistic point of view, Clown was one of the most important band of the 80's underground greek music scene. Nice intelligent combination between alternative post-punk & strange lyrics creating a mysterious feeling that still deserve interest. You'll find it in the unique repress, 3 decades after the original release..



Artist : Road 55 

Label : Eirkti 

untitled / 7"

Long before the end of colored light's merciless percussions in the sky, long after the juvenilia plans for survival amid sound... Coast continues washing up vigil in storm, continues washing up alertness within a confusing warren. Taking over from the self-titled album's nervous musical compositions (2012), Οdos 55 (Road 55) resurface analogous tension yet, generating a transition from mystery to reflective elation and vice versa. 2 new tracks, 2 new points within the plane of electro-synthetic wandering that recount minimalism. 1st, "Από την άκρη της νύχτας", ("From The Edge Of The Night"), an electronic composition that slowly roams its reasoning-sowing message while stretching sounds, extending ambiences. Following, the track entitled "Ο αόρατος άνθρωπος" ("The Invisible Man"), a straightforward sample of minimalistic punk, accordingly framed in noisy maneuvers. Available in a limited edition of 700 numbered black vinyl copies.

never ending dream


Artist : Film Noir 

Label : Eirkti 

never ending dream / LP+7"

A romantic work endowed with a cinematically delivered ambivalence.. A collective of obscure sound maneuvers accompanying sculptured figures as those do perpetually induce imagery, sentimental vigilance and movement.. It is somewhere within this low-lighting scene, that Film Noir appear.. It is somewhere within this sweet melancholic ambience that Film Noir denote their musical existence. Born in the mid 80's, out of seminal dark-wave acts Final Sense and Hands Of Cain, Film Noir positioned themselves in a special manner within the Greek underground musical milieu. Playing a mixture of dreamlike new-wave and dark wave, the group not only appealed to the audience but it also demonstrated the strong musical impetus of the relevant national scene. 'Never Ending Dream' was the group's 1st work (originally released in 1986). In fact, including six artfully delivered syntheses, this mini-album was soon to become an absolute rarity, sought after by fans and collectors. Not so strange might one think judging those syntheses' fullness, considering those songs' dynamics in terms of coherence and inspiration. Finally, this re-release is accompanied by a 7" single including 2 previously unreleased tracks. Strongly limited edition of 500 copies, so act fast!

the end


Artist : Plastic Dolls 

Label : Eirkti 

the end / 2x7"

Talking about artfully existent sound-labyrinths within restlessly, inspired artistic minds. Inspired artistic minds which based on their deviation, properly exemplify the ambience of an era that was once under progress. Inspired minds that via their work leave an imprinted mark of a musical scene that was once under-formulation while it has long been established now. Plastic Dolls stood for one of those musical minds. They formed a discreetly significant group that substantially contributed to the Greek 80's underground new-wave sound. The original 7" single was released in 1984 through their own Violent Crime Records label; Plastic Dolls were an important act with a strong live appearance. Beautiful moments of an intense youth, when inspiration frequently occurred during a live show when the band played absolutely songs never to be re-performed and ultimately recorded. Fortunately for all music aficionados out there, apart from the new romantic electronic track "Don't Forget Me" and the intense dark wave song titled "The End" (both songs included in the foregoing sole release of the group and which re-appear in the present edition), there were additional musical syntheses included in a long-forgotten tape that was recorded almost 3 decades ago. "Feel Me Now" and "It's Just A Romantic Sound", 2 clearly straightforward new-wave romantic songs, suddenly see the light of day and reveal the direction to which the group was headed before it finally disbanded. 2 additional unreleased tracks which we hope that you'll enjoy as much as we do. Comes in a strong gatefold cover and in 500 hand-written copies. WTF** !!

levitation / the colour and the form


Artist : Without Necklace 

Label : Eirkti 

levitation / the colour and the form / 2x7"

Following incubation there lays conception.. Non-intimate terms relayed within their intimate musical setting, a setting recommended only for the coexistence of self-contradictory creative antitheses. From plain sound-wanderings to weird figurations offered by the group known as Χωρίς Περιδέραιο (Without Necklace). This special act that released its works in the 1st half of the 80's, actually played a mixture of new-wave and minimal synth (punkish at times) in an exceptionally inspired manner. Following the rerelease of sole full album, their 1st ever release in 1983 by Art Nouveau Records (now rare and sought after), the single “Άνωση / Το χρώμα και το Σχήμα” ("Levitation / The Color And The Form"), is finally rereleased as well. However, 3 decades after its 1st edition, along with the original tracks, their alternative versions are also presented. In sequence to the fast and eruptive minimal electronic sounds exemplified by the original versions, these alternative ones move along similar lines. However, they are clearly differentiated such that they finally sound even more punchy and powerful. This double 7" single set comes in a strong gatefold cover and in 500 hand-numbered copies. Magical !

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