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the second benefit


Artist : Bene Gesserit 

Label : EE Tapes 

the second benefit / 7"

'BeNeFiT' ep for Belgium's no.1 synth-pop duo BeNe GeSSeRiT, cult! BeNe GeSSeRiT are the husband and wife duo of Alain Neffe & Nadine Bal (Insane Music). Born in 1981 but still active, it's high time to renew their recording equipment! All proceeds will go to the band enabling them to continue their musical adventures. Limited 7" ep with 1 'new' side (3 unpublished tracks) and 1 'old' side (3 rare 80's K7 gems, 1st time on vinyl). Also including 1 original BeNe GeSSeRiT drawing with official InSaNE stamp, each one different+ 1 BG photograph (9 versions). Thanks for supporting ;)

the insanely happy ep


Artist : Various 

Label : EE Tapes 

the insanely happy ep / 7"

2nd vinyl release on EE Tapes label ! A collection of vintage 80's tracks by various Insane groups from Belgium, compiled by Alain Neffe. 4 projects featuring Neffe himself in different disguises: Pseudo Code, Human Dance, Subject and Bene Gesserit, and one track by M.A.L., long-time Insane collaborator. This vinyl ep contains 6 tracks with 4 of them never released before. Both Bene Gesserit tracks are taken from their classic LP on Insane, long out of print by now. Limited hand-numbered edition of 85 copies including 2 extra photographs. Act fast !

the ee ep


Artist : The Misz 

Label : EE Tapes 

the ee ep / 7"

Straight from the 80's Belgian cassette culture scene, here comes The Misz. After the success of the "Eddy Merckz" re-release LP (on OnderStroom), EE Tapes present us this 4-track 7", containing the best of the 1984 "It Ainít All Garbage" debut cassette. The Misz was one of those truly authentic 80's Diy bands, dealing with their life and the world through music, self-producing limited editions of tapes which they would send around the globe. With a few guitars, a drumcomputer and an old synth, they created strange minimal synth-electro-wave songs, with catchy melodies, fine male/female harmonics, and sometimes political, sometimes nonsensical lyrics. Some say : "reminiscent of Tuxedomoon, Trisomie 21, Pseudocode and Minimal Compact". Standard black vinyl edition. Highly recommended !



Artist : Nostalgie Eternelle 

Label : EE Tapes 

ep / 7"

Nostalgie Eternelle (1986-1991) were the German duet of Stefan Heinze (Inox Kapell) and Dieter Mauson (one half of Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide with Siegmar Fricke). Here are 4 cult tracks from 1988 only released on tape before! Rumour goes they're rehearsing new repertoire for a comeback this year.... Described as dark minimal synth-pop / wave straight from the basement! Black standard edition coming with an insert & a sticker. Limited to 250 copies..

the (almost) insanely happy ep


Artist : Subject / Human Dance 

Label : EE Tapes 

the (almost) insanely happy ep / 7"

2nd part of 'Insanely Happy' tracks (well, almost..): a split 7" ep by the Belgian insane groups Subject & Human Dance! Rhythmic pieces, always with an insane touch.. Another complete Alain Neffe production from the 80's including 3 exclusive tracks, 2 different versions & 1 released before obscure compilation track not to miss in your collection. Special edition, handnumbered, limited to 85 copies with 2 photographs ;)

absent ep


Artist : Absent Music 

Label : EE Tapes 

absent ep / 7"

Long before Absent Music became the name of a record label, it was the pseudonym of Jan Van den Broeke for his private minimal wave-and-other experiment-like project which he had put up halfway the 80's, next to his involvement in the cult band The Misz. They released 2 cassettes which belong to the best kept secrets of the Belgian minimal-wave of the 80's. EE Tapes presents its 6th 7" vinyl release, revealing 5 of these hidden 80's treasures. Restored and remixed by Jan Van den Broeke. Standard vinyl edition with insert limited to 165 copies!

the third ep


Artist : Pseudo Code 

Label : EE Tapes 

the third ep / 7"

5th installment of the 80's series on EE Tapes! Here is the Insane label boss Alain Neffe producing another exclusive 7"ep, this time from Belgian's finest cult combo Pseudo Code. Emotional improvised sounds by a fabulous trio comprised of Xavier S., Alain Neffe & Guy-Marc Hinant. Nobody plays Pseudo Code like...Pseudo Code. Standard vinyl edition with insert limited to 165 copies!

number not available


Artist : Nine Circles 

Label : EE Tapes 

number not available / 7"

New Nine Circles 7" vinyl. A new line-up with new challenges, starring Lidia 'The Rose' Fiala and keyboard with Per-Anders Kurenbach. "Number Not Available" already proved its cult status on YouTube with over 2,200 hits and is now finally available on physical format! Presumably not for long... Best kept secret maybe, "The Face Behind A Clown" was never posted before, but OMG, here is another smashing sad poppy song in the best Nine Circles tradition! Standard black copies limited to 250 copies ;)

sex wars ep


Artist : Kloot Per W 

Label : EE Tapes 

sex wars ep / 7"

The 8th installment in EE Tapes 80's vinyl series is about Belpop legend Claude Perwez (1955). Former member of The Misters, The Employees, Polyphonic Size and current live member of Lavvi Ebbel, but without doubt fabulous solo as Kloot Per W, an all-round self-taught musician and pioneer of home-taping since the late 70's ! 'Sex Wars ep' presents 4 tracks from 'Sex Wars' (cassette 1980), for the 1st time on vinyl, absolutely brilliant for your ears! Let it swing ! Strictly limited to 250 copies.. Standard edition ;)

80s compilation ep


Artist : Various 

Label : EE Tapes 

80s compilation ep / 7"

A 4-piece miniature on vinyl dedicated to the 80s ! Each musical project is unique in style and chosen at random, and none of it needs any further introduction. Together they form a perfect match for this one/off limited compilation which illustrates the charming chaos of the 80's at its best! Offset-printed covers in clear pvc-sleeve. Limited edition of 350 copies, here on black standard vinyl..

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