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Artist : Rittowski 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

flexomatic / 7"

Early influenced by the fabulous Commodore 64 machine, here is the chance to get the very first release of this Swedish guy. Pure analog madness limited to 250 copies !!!

high fashion


Artist : Finns Det Asarum Sa Finns Det Augerum 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

high fashion / 7"

Incredible psychedelic electronix released in limited copies !!! We fell in love... Highly recommended. Just Listen !

kulturvetarnas kongress


Artist : 18:e Oktober 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

kulturvetarnas kongress / LP

For the first time ever, 18:E Oktober on vinyl ! Recorded under the period 1985-1988. Everything is previously unreleased but the sound is quite familar with their old tapes but why did these beuties never came out ? Nevermind, this is old Swedish electro-pop with clatchy melodies, minimal analog synth music... Limited to 300 copies. Don't Miss !

vem är pavul?


Artist : Njurmannen 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

vem är pavul? / LP

Finally, Njurmännen’s first release from 1984 is now available on vinyl LP. For all of you that not have heard the original tape this is the time to discover the roots of this artist and others who have heard it you know it´s a great piece of Swedish electronic music history. This album contains nice electro-pop melodies, real experimental raw songs and sounds for horror movies...Brrrr

love beyond synth saga


Artist : Frak 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

love beyond synth saga / LP

Material previously unreleased from the era Frak sounded dreamy sometimes psychedelic and very electro blip blop. Everything is recorded 1991 at Studio Styrka (which is still active).Now when almost all the old tapereleases by Frak is gone this is a good chance to hear their past... Limited to 300 copies.

I play my flute


Artist : Kord 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

I play my flute / 7"

Rather obscure Swedish weird minimal synth act (aka Johan Sturesson, boss of the Råsynth I Blekinge label), who already released before on the Börft label. You get here 2 great minimalistic synth tracks. One a bit down tempo and the other more up tempo but both strange but wonderful melodic and playful. Highly Recommended !

aside from dreams and hallucinations


Artist : Five O'Clock Traffic 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

aside from dreams and hallucinations / LP

This is Daniel Wendlers 3rd solo album but the first to come out on Djuring Phonogram. This is real analog electro-pop for all of us that just can't get enough of it ! This is a very great album all made by analog equipment. Some songs are just full point hits and some are more minimal and simple... Limited edition of 300 copies. Top album ;)



Artist : Frak 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

herkules / 7"

Frak is one of the key bands in the Swedish electronic scene. They have been releasing music and playing live since 1987 in a few different line-ups. The first "new" material by Frak since 2003... This 7" contains 2 tracks classic Frak-style electro-pop. This is like a lo-fi techno / proto-techno style of music but done with a synth-pop mindset . It will appeal to fans of Kord and Monster Apparat for sure. Something wild and weird you just need to love ! Material recorded 2007-2008 by original setup & limited to 250 copies only..! (standard black copies)

masters 1992


Artist : Njurmannen 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

masters 1992 / LP

Originally released on tape in 1985. A bit ruffer sound than their 1st cassette and also the original mastertape was not in the best shape but still worth releasing it! Real special synth-pop, a sound only Njurmännen can make... Some weird dark sounds are also on the Lp. Limited to 500 copies & highly recommended !!!



Artist : Jonas Palm 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

decompositions / LP

Jonas's 1st album 'Ze Wörmnest' (Piglet Records) was recorded and released in 1980... After that release he recorded the songs for this album, which was supposed to be released as the sequel and titled 'De-Compositions', and inspired by early Can and Popul Vuh... The main instruments were Korg synthesizer DV800 and MS10 supported by a Casio keyboard of the cheapest kind. The rhythms were created with the DV800 and a modified Boss DR-55. Wonderful analogue ambient music recorded in 1981 & previously unreleased. 1st edition of 300 copies!

soviet stars


Artist : Kord 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

soviet stars / 12"

The solo project from Johan Sturesson (from Frak and Monster Apparat). Synths + drummachines + vocals. Some real killer dancefloor-hits on this hard minimal to analog synth-pop mini-LP. First edition of 300 copies.. Strong :D



Artist : 18:e Oktober 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

diskomaskin / 2x12"

After the success with his 1st lp. Djuring Phonogram is now proud to present a 2xlp with this cult band. Record n°1 is Tors own selection of best tracks from 18:E Oktober's tape releases. Record n°2 is previously unreleased songs and verions. All music recorded between 1984 & 1987. This is Swedish synth-pop from the past ! Most of the music is made on old cheap analog equipment but fine FM synths, samplers & digital drum machines are used too. Limited edition of 500 copies !



Artist : Space Knight 

Label : Djuring Phonogram 

untitled / 7"

New ruff kinda electro, hard to place.. Produced by Stefan Horscht & Milo Allezo in 2015. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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