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world of disorder


Artist : Various 

Label : Disorder 

world of disorder / 12"

Back in... Excellent retro-minimal-electro 5-track compilation on the German Disorder Records ! Already classic ;)

grandeur et decadence


Artist : Le Syndicat Electronique 

Label : Disorder 

grandeur et decadence / 7"

Le Syndicat Electronique is the Solo project of A// of Invasion Planete Records from France. This 4-Track-7“EP is a bit darker, than some other records.The music transports feelings and atmospheres of early 80's electro-industrial bands. The sound is a bit monotonous as an assembly line in a factory with some influences of projects and bands like Notstandskomitee and Kraftwerk. In our very personal opinion, this is one of the best LSE releases, we know by now. It spreads some kind of discomfort and what else makes a record good, than activating feelings of the listener ? The record from Berlin´s Disorder Records comes in a limited edition of 300 copies, blue vinyl ! Run to it !!

far away from paradise


Artist : The Rorschach Garden 

Label : Disorder 

far away from paradise / 7"

The German label Disorder Records is having a great start. The Rorschach Garden plays synth/electro wave in a way that is seldom heard anymore these days. On this EP there are nice mid tempo songs that are both good to dance to as pleasant to listen to. The overall feeling is moody but never depressing. Beats and basslines keep going on but on top of that are beautiful synth layers that are reminiscent of 80’s synth/wave music. "Far Away From Paradise" and "Focus" are both new songs by the band and have a melancholy feeling to them, like the better work of Depeche Mode and New Order has. "Desire" is an old song (1995) from the time the band only put out tape releases. But even now the song sounds great. A band to cherish. Limited to 400 copies. Check!



Artist : Genevieve Pasquier 

Label : Disorder 

pulse / 7"

Geneviève Pasquier was already known from her contribution to the industrial-power electronics formation Thorofon but as solo artist she has been active for some years as well. Eventually she made noise influnced industrial soundscapes, and later on she moved more towards dark minimal electro. Her unique enchanting voice and her mastering of various aspects of electronic sound showed an artistic and above all unique sound. Her music is perhaps not easy to digest for some, yet anyone will surely find it fascinating. Her voice doesn't let go easily, it crawls under your skin and together with the confronting electronics it is an important part of the overall sound that is being created. Taste it ;-P

retrospect[r]ive 1998-2005


Artist : Le Syndicat Electronique 

Label : Disorder 

retrospect[r]ive 1998-2005 / 2xCD

Le Syndicat Electronique (aka A//) is the founder of the European '3rd wave' movement. He is also the owner of the now defunct independent label Invasion Planète Records. This double-album offers a selection of the finest LSE tracks from his powerfull 1st 12" "Defending Man" from 1998 to the rather experimental LP "Lebenspornografie O.S.T." from 2005. LSE might sound harsh and unpolished after the 1st listen, but give it a 2nd chance and then you'll realize that this guy is an absolute genius ! A// has definitly set the tone for the new electro-wave revival. His influence is apparent in so many artist now ! Le Syndicat Electronique won't be forgotten ! Tip..



Artist : Bruta Non Calculant 

Label : Disorder 

untitled / 7"

Bruta Non Calculant is a musical project of the French duo Alaxis Andreas G. and V-Y. The eclectic musical journeyman Alaxis Andreas G. (also known as Holy X, RU.) has been weaving in and out of the underground for nearly 20 years. He is known as a precursor for his unique analog electronics songs, his minimal synth music and his esoteric industrial folk projects such as: Le Syndicat Electronique, La Séduction Des Innocents, Charles De Frontanel, Shiny Black Mater. V-Y, his blood brother (also known as Dr. E) is the man behind: Swesor Bhrater, Fancy Pants, Age. His 1st official works were in 2004 for Charles De Frontanel. Superb come-back ;)

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