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Artist : //TENSE// 

Label : Desire Records 

memory / LP

It's sexy. It's scary. It's apocalyptic as fuck. It's music for the times we live in but nobody seems to be brave enough to admit. "Memory" is the 1st //TENSE// album for Desire Records and includes 10 tracks with heavy EBM electro beats, great synths hooks and haunted vocals. Massive!



Artist : LOOM11 

Label : Desire Records 

artifacts / 7"

LOOM11 is the new child of Elon Katz of White Car, the industrial space-funk outfit from Chicago. Elon Katz, who writes, records and produces the music for White Car, started LOOM11 to release his darker and harder tracks. The music utilizes classic heavy hitting EBM rhythms and early digital synthesis and is oppressive and even scary sometimes. Limited edition of 300 copies on white vinyl. Tip..



Artist : //TENSE// 

Label : Desire Records 

consume / 10"

Straight out of the wet and hot city of Houston, //TENSE// delivers a great follow-up to the Memory album with this 6-track 10" ep. It presents a new angle to the hard hitting EBM tracks the band has already released. The sound is cleaner and sharper. It's a kind of mix of hard beats EBM style with the more ethereal ambience of the shoegaze bands of the early 90's. Think Ministry jamming with Slowdive and produced by Salem. After an acclaimed tour opening for Nitzer Ebb in North America, //TENSE// is back in their creepy studio writing new tracks for a forthcoming split ep. Limited edition of 300 copies only on purple & black vinyl with a download coupon..! Check ;)



Artist : Jewels Of The Nile 

Label : Desire Records 

pleasure / LP

Debut album from Jewels of the Nile, a trio out of Portland with an obvious influence from the dark Northwest. Formed early in 2010 by Meghan Christine & Jessy Montaigne (Subtonix) while playing in their other project Magick Daggers, the 2 bonded over a common love of more primal, downtempo electronic music, also sharing double air in the stars, combining to create a spark of desire to form something that allowed the freedom of complete exploration in music and the world. The 2 are joined by Amity Givens on electric drums and floor tom, bringing driving beats and a dynamic live performance. The music transcends boundaries of dark electronic dance beats, to hints of tropical upbeat tango rhythms, laced with psychedelic reverb and infectious new-wave hooks in others. Lyrics are at times span into a deeper velvet clad register, bringing the suggestion of a more sensuous gnosis. The textures of the multiple synth layers range from pensive organ sounds to bell-like island melodies over tribal beats. Ace ;)



Artist : Joie Noire 

Label : Desire Records 

1 / LP

Joie Noire is the new project by Parisian producer, engineer, dj Jérôme Caron (aka Blackjoy). With Blackjoy he produced nice and groovy disco tracks for the last decade or so and for Joie Noire he is introducing his dark side. A motionless journey shaped by the likes of Can and Weather Report to Carl Craig and Plastikman to name a few. Further influences span from Indian music, science fiction soundtracks, and the arpeggio laden early 80's Tv show themes... Under a bright light, these dark jewels, fashioned in solitude, reveal far subtler arrangements than found in his previous albums. Back to the future in a way... It includes a great Sylvester cover "I Need Somebody To Love Tonight". Vinyl version limited to 300 copies on black vinyl with deluxe download mp3 dropcard & pvc bag. Test it ;)



Artist : Newclear Waves 

Label : Desire Records 

untitled / LP

Debut album by Italian synth-wave masters Newclear Waves. Hailing from Rome, exploring droned out electro-pop territories with an interest for a refreshing hyperactive 80's new-wave, Newclear Waves' soundscapes seem to surround a fruitful visual-graphical imaginary which deals with mass consumption, apocalyptic visions, weird machineries, post-modernism and the order of chaos. A promising new coming in the universe of home made electronic avant-gardism. Tip!!



Artist : //TENSE// 

Label : Desire Records 

memory / LP

Finally available here is the repress of the //TENSE// debut album & 21st Century EBM classic 'Memory'. Only 200 copies made on red vinyl + insert. The sleeve has been printed on chrome color paper and the back cover is finally unleashed for the first time. Even nicer than the original ;)

ctrl 5 / ctrl 3


Artist : Collateral 

Label : Desire Records 

ctrl 5 / ctrl 3 / 12"

Collateral is a mixed Parisian trio, polarised between synthetic hints and electric inspirations. Qualified experts in melancholic dance music (majoring in suburbian Minimal Wave and Italians Do It Better productions), they have remixed artists such as Keren Ann, Arnaud 'Blackstrobe' Rebotini, Chad Valley or Tanlines, and recorded a couple of ep's in association with the blazing producer Villeneuve (collaborator of M83, Anoraak, Team Ghost...). Performing live, they can rely on their monomaniac friend Roland(e), devoted rhythm machine. 'Ctrl 5 / Ctrl 3' is their 1st single and will be released on a sexy white vinyl housed in a white on white printed sleeve. Cool..

monotonprodukt 07 30y++


Artist : Monoton 

Label : Desire Records 

monotonprodukt 07 30y++ / 2x12"

Reissue of cult Monoton 2nd album 'Monotonprodukt 07'. Originally released in a limited edition of 500 copies in 1982 it is now a collector item. It is now reissued for the 1st time on vinyl in its original gatefold double 12" version. This reissued has been cut at Berlin legendary Dubplates & Mastering and is released in a limited edition of 300 copies only. The record is regarded as a gold-plated classic of the era, a darker than dark exploration of the possibilities of loop-based synthesiser music. Grab this 2nd edition release on white vinyls, while you can ;)

loyal to a fault


Artist : The Present Moment 

Label : Desire Records 

loyal to a fault / LP

This new record is a collaborative effort between Scott Milton and Philipp Munch of The Rorschach Garden & Synapscape. It explores a relatively similar dynamic pop territory, still opened to new musical tendencies and new sonorities without loosing cohesion. Consequently this last effort promises a completely mesmeric musical odyssey made of eerie drones, addictive electro moves, propulsive batcave bass lines and captivating plaintive-melodic sections which culminate into a sort of ecstatic consuming reverie. Scott Milton's rich sense of composition gives to the arrangements a radical and unique feel, somewhere between the narcoleptic twist of The Sisters of Mercy, the regular addictive density of Front 242 and the touching goth dramatic sense of Colin Newman or Asylum Party. The Present Moment means a real sense of adventure towards music and a fair degree of passion for singular, creative and fugitive shared moments, against any procrastination. Prepare yourself for this transgressive, post-romantic electro adventure. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl. Wonderful !!



Artist : Ike Yard 

Label : Desire Records 

nord / LP

Back in 1981-83 New York based Ike Yard were amongst the leading acts within the booming post-punk / no-wave scene. After Ike Yard split in 1983, former member Stuart Argabright went to West Berlin where he worked with members of Malaria, DAF & Liaisons Dangereuses. Now 26 years later the 3 original members have regrouped and recorded new material to be released as 'Nord'. Musically Ike Yard picks up where they left. Still strongly influenced by the early post-punk / no-wave scene that they once were an important part of, side by side with fellow acts such as Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and Suicide, Ike Yard does manage to show a somehow lighter, more melodic side to their sound. And production wise the sound of Ike Yard anno 2010 is definitively richer, more detailed and perhaps even accessible. 'Nord' contains tracks recorded in producer Paul Geluso's studio in New York, and draws inspiration from band members extensive travelling in Europe and mainly Japan. Tip!!

the high road


Artist : The Present Moment 

Label : Desire Records 

the high road / LP

In the heat of LA under his black hood, Scott Milton, member of bands Catalog and Moodorgan, made a mixture of electropop music sprinkled with dark glow under the name of The Present Moment. With influences ranging from the electro-glam sound of bands like Visage, Human League, Heaven 17 to the more industrial beats of Nine Inch Nails, COIL, Ministry and Throbbing Gristle with a haze of gothic rock (early Adam & The Ants, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Alien Sex Fiend), The Present Moment released 'The High Road', his 1st full length album. 'The High Road' contains 10 tracks penned and produced by Scott Milton with the help of his longtime friend Phillip Muench (The Rorschach Garden, Synpscape) on the title track and "The Damage Is Loved". It also includes 2 great covers: Candy-O, originally written by Ric Ocasek for The Cars and Season Of The Witch written by the English psychedelic troubadour Donovan. Sexy picture disc edition limited to 300 copies only!

remixes ep1


Artist : Ike Yard 

Label : Desire Records 

remixes ep1 / 12"

This 12" heralds Desire's vinyl reissue of Ike Yard's self-titled album. Originally released on Factory America in 1982, Ike Yard was a product of the New York no-wave scene, but also stood very much apart from it, then as now. Propulsive, paranoid, aggressive electro minimalism, with as much attention paid to the mixing board and effects processors as to vocals, guitar and synth. At once starker and more fully-formed than virtually all other contemporaneous post-punk music. Desire's 2012 edition represents the 1st ever vinyl reissue of this classic, prophetic album. Following his remixes of Raime and Vatican Shadow, and his own 'In A Syrian Tongue' ep, Regis re-enters BEB's orbit with a brooding, sinewy, immaculate swung version of Ike Yard's 'Loss'. This is no 21st century techno makeover; Ike Yard's music requires no such updating. It sounds more like Regis sneaked into the The Ranch in '82, thrashing out a mix on the desk there and then. On the B-side, hypermedia researcher and artist Konrad Becker (aka Monoton) supplies an engrossing dub mix of Ike Yard's 'NCR'. Like Regis, Becker preserves the sound and spirit of the original tapes, twisting them into a compulsive groove wrought out of desiccated breakbeats, pressurised synth edits and immense sub-bass detonations. Ike Yard was originally a quartet comprising Michael Diekmann, Stuart Argabright, Kenneth Compton and Fred Szymanski. The group are active again after a 28 year hiatus, without Szymanski; their most recent album is 2011's 'Nord', and they will be touring the US and Europe in Autumn/Winter 2012. This is a 12" vinyl release, limited to 700 copies on black vinyl, black inner-sleeve.

monotonprodukt 02


Artist : Monoton 

Label : Desire Records 

monotonprodukt 02 / LP

Review to come..!

traitement de choc


Artist : D.Stop 

Label : Desire Records 

traitement de choc / 10"

Founded in september 1981 in Orléans (France), D. Stop formed to dedicate themselves to a kind of 'modern punk rock'. They then self-released a 1st 7" the following year entitled 'Traitement De Choc', here reissued with extra tracks. After their first 7", Sonny Brailleur (vocals), Phil Lethon (guitar/bass) and Klod Lelook (organ, synths, drum-machines), inspired by French band Metal Urbain, stylistically transformed into a more synth punk outfit and released their 1st mini-album 'Nouvelles du Front' in september 1983. By late 1984 the band already ceased to exist, changing their name to Les Visiteurs du Soir, turning their back to their old name in 1985 by releasing a limited edition cassette. Despite the very few releases by this gifted act, D. Stop are considered to be one of the most interesting and under-rated cult acts in French coldwave scene. For fans of Metal Urbain, D.A.F., Screamers, Devo, etc. Limited to 270 copies on clear vinyl with 2-sided insert; 350g heavy cardboard sleeve and download coupon..

purge an urge


Artist : Oto 

Label : Desire Records 

purge an urge / LP

After the success of the 'Anyway' 12", Oto, now a 3-piece band, played a few gigs before entering the studio to record their one and only album 'Purge An Urge'. Produced by Vincent Hachet from French industrial duo Geinst Naït, 'Purge An Urge' was supposed to contain 9 tracks but the final release saw only 6 tracks. Cécile from fellow Nancy's band Candidate even did some backing vocals. Released in 1986 on French label Divine, known to have released Mecano, Tuxedomoon, Fra Lippo Lippi, Minimal Compact, etc., it was poorly promoted and was mainly sold in Nancy area. The music was as vibrant as their 1st effort and evokes the sound of bands like Second Layer, End Of Data, Das Kabinette, Grauzone or Martin Dupont. Pascal Hubert then formed and still performs in French successful alternative band Double Nelson. Now a much sought-after record, 'Purge An Urge' is reissued for the very 1st time on vinyl. This release has been entirely remastered by Anders Post from the original vinyl. Fat record on orange vinyl with printed inner-sleeve and download card, limited to 300 copies. :)

side by side


Artist : Candidate 

Label : Desire Records 

side by side / LP

Kas Produkt was a key figure in the French scene at the beginning 80's. They proved it was possible to sing in English and have success in other countries as well as being responsible for the birth of an electronic-pop scene. From Nancy (the home-town of both Kas Produkt and Oto) Candidate emerged in 1983. The boy/girl duo (the same formula as Kas Produkt) released their 1st cassette in 1984 on Permis De Construire (Nox, Geinst Naït, Muslimgauze, Zero Kama..) to be shortly followed by a split 7" with Gangrène. In 1987 they released their debut and only album for local label Dum Dum Records. 'Side By Side' was really well received and the band played a lot of gigs to support it in France, Belgium, Switzerland and even Poland; more than 100 concerts during their career. 'Side By Side' is now reissued for the 1st time and has been entirely remastered by Anders Post. Clear blue vinyl with printed inner-sleeve and download card, limited to 300 copies..

celeano fragments


Artist : Babel 17 

Label : Desire Records 

celeano fragments / LP

Hard-edged French coldwave act Babel 17 officially formed in 1989. Members of the band had been playing together under various names since 1983, scrapping, rewriting, and experimenting with songs and ideas before settling upon their official name and sound. The first incarnation's drummer would go on to join Little Nemo, who helped the newly formed Babel 17 land a record contract with the prestigious Lively Art label (And Also The Trees, Little Nemo, Asylum Party..). The band 2 albums and a series of singles before splitting in 1993, just as their peers were folding and Lively Art closed its doors. Released in 1990, 'Celeano Fragments' is now reissued on vinyl for the 1st time. For fans of Clan Of Xymox, The Danse Society, New Order, Trisomie 21, Asylum Party.. Clear blue vinyl with printed inner-sleeve and download card, limited to 300 copies..

I can


Artist : The Primitive Calculators 

Label : Desire Records 

I can't stop it / 7"

Cult Melbourne band The Primitive Calculators cut a single in 1979 before spliting in the true punk fashion. A posthumous eponymous live album was released in 1981 (also reissued on Desire) and that was it. Those 2 tracks are as fresh now as they were more than 30 years ago: in a style not dissimilar to the Screamers or Cabaret Voltaire (circa "Nag Nag Nag"), The Primitive Calculators used raw monophonic synth lines with scratchy guitars and screaming vocals but the songs were standing on their own as the unplugged version of "Do That Dance" that appears on the 'Primitive Calculators And Friends 1979-82' could testify. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.

double invitation


Artist : Femminielli 

Label : Desire Records 

double invitation / LP

Femminielli's new cosmic opera 'Double Invitation' is a glacial glimpse into the master's mind. With the perfect mix of dancefloor grooves & celestial soundscapes, these nocturnal expeditions will be an easy escape into your dreams. Filled with sensual & mysterious spanish poetry that lead the listener through a maze of sonic delights. Textured tapestries drape the decor and set the mood for the on-going voyage into the void. Prohibited love affairs of the soul. Let it burn ! After a series of cassette releases only, Femminielli is releasing his 1st full album on Desire. 6 tracks of pure cosmic disco beats and psychedelic ambiences. Limited to 500 copies on white vinyl with 12" double-sided insert..



Artist : A Terrible Splendour 

Label : Desire Records 

poseurs / LP

A Terrible Splendour are a London-based duo who weave tales of blackmail and despair, of cruelty and of heartbreak. Their sound is a darkly luxurious synthesized pop. They make a drama out of a crisis. The band's limited edition cassette ep, released on Desire in 2012, sold out fast and left audiences wanting more. Their wish is now granted with the release of the band's debut album 'Poseurs', released on Desire. It features 11 tracks ranging in style from dissolute disco to sombre cabaret musings. Resolutely modern synth sounds, in turn lush and vicious, combine with lyrics addressing the eternal themes of rebellion, shame and the vagaries of outrageous fortune. It was recorded by the band with James Aparicio (credits include Spiritualized, These New Puritans, Grinderman) and JJD (Soft Riot, Savage Furs, Radio Berlin). One of the most exciting live acts of the moment. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl including download card ;)

youth and immortality


Artist : Phosphor 

Label : Desire Records 

youth and immortality / LP

Phosphor were formed in London in 2011, originally consisting of Nathalie Bruno on vocals and synth, Jake Ambridge on guitar, the duo then later teamed up with Hélène de Thoury who now is on synth and backing vocals. Heavily influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, Sixth June, Fever Ray, HTRK, Linear Movement, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins, Phosphor have written and produced 3 eps in the past few years. Self releasing 'Blossom / Cold Hearted', a broody, shoe-gaze soaked ep produced by Ryan Ambridge, and 'To Never Love Again', which was self produced and reminiscent of Siouxsie & The Banshees and Cocteau Twins, and 'Fear', which was voted one of the top 20 eps of 2012 by Burning Flame. Along side the eps Phosphor have also produced 2 slow and haunting singles, "Numb" and "Influx". Their debut album 'Youth And Immortality', released by Desire, was inspired by the confusion and desolation of living in the city, constant battles with the troubled mind and an obsession with beautifully dark sounding music. Creating a bitter, melancholy atmosphere whilst morphing menacing synths into something of great pop beauty.. 2nd pressing on black vinyl and download coupon. Big Tip !!

and you will find them in the basement


Artist : Various 

Label : Desire Records 

and you will find them in the basement / LP

Compiled by now London resident artist Soft Riot along with other artists on this release, 'And You Will Find Them In The Basement' is a great overview of modern synth-wave tracks from the London underground. All of the artists on this compilation are based within the general madness that is London, with 2 exceptions: Gertrud Stein splits her time between London and Germany, and although Lebanon Hanover haven't lived in London.. Some tracks presented here are instant killer classics ! 2nd pressing on purple vinyl including 12"x12" insert and download coupon ;)



Artist : TSTI 

Label : Desire Records 

evaluations / LP

Isolated in an upstate, NY bedroom studio exists TSTI, a solo project by artist S. Smith described as 'dark, hazy synthetic pop'. Constructing musical landscapes that combine pounding drum machines with elevated melodies, TSTI stirs the echoes of his 80's influences into a pot of contradicting emotions to establish a diverse yet familiar and powerful sound. The genesis of TSTI began in a 2003 but did not show its face until the summer 2011 with the self-released, 4-song demo 'Black Envelope' ep. The 1st 10 months of 2012 TSTI spent writing, recording and mixing his full-length release 'Evaluations' which consist of 9 tracks assessing those that surround him. With 'Evaluations' now unleashed, Smith is deep in the writing stages of the next installment. Nice one.. Limited to 300 copies on grey vinyl with black speckles, 12" double-sided insert and download card !

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