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Artist : Dopplereffekt 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

gesamtkunstwerk / 2x12"

One of the best and most influential electro albums finally available again on Clone Classic Cuts. Originally released tracks on the obscure Dataphysix Engineering records from Detroit in 1995 and later as the 'Gesamtkunstwerk' album on Gigolo records. Highly eclectic and unusual sounds together with scientific/sexual/political lyrics - a modern masterpiece. Must have !

I'm free / I'm house


Artist : Tyree / The Elect 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

I'm free / I'm house / 12"

2 classic chicago house tracks taken from the Clone classic cuts album. After more than 20 years since they were born, these 2 formerly very hard-to-get masterpieces will still cause major damage on the dancefloor... Essential timeless dance tracks !

single girl


Artist : Knight Action 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

single girl / 12"

A big forgotten Chicago club hit from 1984! Pre-house release from Knight Action which came out at the very beginning of electronic dance music. Before house was house... before techno was born and when club music was just called disco. "Single Girl" was a big hit in Chicago clubs like the Music Box and was played by Ron Hardy and all the Hotmix 5 guys (Farley, Mickey Oliver etc.) and its still a big collectors item. Made with the 1st electronic instruments and without any pretentions... just made for the fun of making music. "D-Rail" is one of the very 1st steps to jacking house music. Another (almost) forgotten piece of dance music!?

I am a vocoder


Artist : Gay Cat Park 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

I am a vocoder / 12"

Highly sought after italo classic, originally released on Il Discotto Productions in 1982. Fantastic song about what being a vocoder is like. One of the funniest & sneakiest but best italo-disco records ever now in the rebound on the Clone Classic Cuts !

magical body


Artist : Los Angeles T.F. 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

magical body / 12"

Amazing italo-disco anthem! Very obscure early italo release previously released on the cult label Il Discotto (comes as extended instrumental and vocal version). Beside the fact this goes for top prices on eBay and has been supported by all the freaks of the industry.. this is just a magical piece of music. Another essential Clone Classic Cut!

house girl


Artist : Rodney Bakerr 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

house girl / 12"

Very obscure house track of Rodney Bakerr (aka Mystic) released almost 20 years ago with a macho classic house bassline and amazing 303. Comes as original version (very raw and intense), Mike Dunn Mix (with that amazing 303 bassline!) and a new edit made for modern club use by Serge from Clone Records & Alden Tyrell. Very much recommended..!

journey of the deep sea dweller I


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

journey of the deep sea dweller I / 2x12"

1st part of the Drexciya re-issue series! Drexciya might need an introduction for some, for others it is the most influential techno project ever. Part of the heritage of Detroit's Underground Resistance, Drexciya explored techno music like no-one else before. Raw and uncompromising music that reflects the harsh environment of the city where Drexciya was conceived. The aesthetics and the mythical approach combined with the unique music made this one of the biggest cult projects in techno music. Drexciya arguably stands for the darker side of techno and electro, music not only made for the club scene, but a further development of the music as an expression and extension of the mind. 20 years after the release of 'Deep Sea Dweller' (their 1st release), and 10 years after 'Grava 4' (their last), we present 'Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller'. This series is an almost complete collection of their early works, and is remastered from the original master tapes. Since the original releases have such a strong character, appeal and stand on their own, this re-issue can never re-create the magic of those originals. So instead we stirred up the catalogue taking the tracks out of their original context, giving the 'in the know' listener a fresh experience and the new listener a document that is the best possible introduction to the aquatic world of Drexciya. ESSENTIAL!!

journey of the deep sea dweller IV


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

journey of the deep sea dweller IV / 2x12"

The journey continues... Clone Records continue with the re-issue series of the early catalogue of one of the most groundbreaking and influential techno acts ever.. Raw, uncompromising music made with soul and creativity that has always been the trademark of Drexciya. This is the 4th release in the series and contains arguably some of their rarest and most astonishing tracks such as "Black Sea", "Mantaray", "Hydro Cubes" and "Depressurization".

journey of the deep sea dweller III


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

journey of the deep sea dweller III / 2x12"

The sheer depth of Drexciya's influence makes it surprising that it took this long (founder James Stinson died just over 10 years ago) for the Detroit pair's material, much of which was only previously available on limited-run, poorly pressed vinyl and crackling MP3 rips, to be re-mastered and reissued. The challenge has finally been taken up with gusto by Clone Records' Classic Cuts offshoot, with this the 3rd instalment of an exhaustive 4-part retrospective charting the shadowy duo's passage into electronic folklore. With all tracks re-mastered by Alden Tyrell from the original tapes, Clone have chosen to avoid straight-up record-by-record reissues, instead drawing highlights from across their catalogue and recasting them into a series of compilations, each of which (loosely speaking) sticks to one era of Drexciya's decade-long career. 'Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller III' expands on the series' 2nd instalment by concentrating mainly on Stinson and partner Gerald Donald's prolific, mid-90's output on Underground Resistance & Submerge.

journey of the deep sea dweller II


Artist : Drexciya 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

journey of the deep sea dweller II / 2x12"

Clone Classic Cuts continues their re-issues series for one of the most influential techno acts ever: Drexciya. The 2nd selection of tracks includes favorites such as "Bang-Bang", "Positron Island", "Anti Vapour Waves" and "Journey Home" complimented with some lesser or unknown tracks. Raw, uncompromising music made with soul and creativity has been the trademark of Drexciya (and also from their original label Underground Resistance) and this album is another showcase of their talents. There is not much further background info we can give. All that can be revealed is already out there.



Artist : Le Car 

Label : Clone Classic Cuts 

auto-reverse / 2x12"

A killer selection of ice cold motorized Detroit electro tracks by Le Car! After Le Car had been dismantled and the parts put in storage years ago we have a final ride with Le Car that has been reassembled for the occasion. The '96-'97 Detroit electro project by Adam Lee Miller (later known for his ADULT. project) and Ian Clarke (known for his Perspects project) show another side of the Detroit music scene. The duo met at Art School and had a shared love for electronic music and conceptual art. This resulted in their own little vehicle named Le Car that had a test drive for 4 ep's. The 'Auto-Fuel EP', 'Auto-Graph EP', 'Automatic' and the final 'Auto-Motif EP' of which 3 came out on Miller's Detroit label Monoplaza Record Company (a sublabel of Ersatz Audio). The connection between Rotterdam/The Hague and Detroit was quickly made those days when a new generation of producers came up (including producers such as DBX, Ectomorph and Drexciya) which resulted in collaborations and releases of ADULT., Perspects and also Drexciya. These releases by Le Car are the conceptual link between the Detroit techno scene and the heritage of the automotive city that effected everything thats been going on in the city for the last 4-5 decades. Inspired by the electronic musical pioneers that came to rise during the decline of the city which was in full effect during the 80's. Robots replacing humans in the factories, Electronic machines replacing musical instruments. Where the warm Motown sound could stand for the rise of the city, the city's electro/techno movement which appeared in all layers of the population can be seen as the (beautiful) reflection of the city's downfall with Le Car as one understated and important part. Now, 20 years after their 1st test drive we celebrate the last ride of Le Car on Clone Classic Cuts. Enjoy the ride! (ltd edition 2lp album)

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