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the men you'll never see


Artist : Various 

Label : Clone 

the men you'll never see / 12"

Detroit In Effect with their cult classic "The Men You'll Never See" including new interpretations by I-F ("The Men Who Won't Come Back"), Electronome ("Playmobile Invisible") and the very first appearance of Adult ever. Four killer tracks on one record. I-F´s version has really dark mood which just sucks you in. Amazing. Adult´s version is also great, a bit more laid back than their latest efforts, with lovely melodies. A must have for any electro fan.

new phonies


Artist : ADULT. 

Label : Clone 

new phonies / 12"

Strong robo pop uptempo electro tracks. This delightful four tracker, originally released in mid 2000, has been given the re-issue treatment to catch the popularity wave that Adult are surfing at the moment. They are riding on the crest of a wave created by their own wave machines, grab a board and join in. Must have !

biometric id


Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Clone 

biometric id / 12"

Dopplereffekt's most mysterious alter ego deliver 2 tracks, each from the opposite end of the laboratory. "Biometric Systems" is the beat-driven number which almost seems to re-wire the 2 step genre on its swinging groove, and throws a superbly simple melody over the rough edged beats backed by a looped bassline to create an instant classic. The flipside takes things into the white lab with "Biometric ID" which is beatless until almost the close, coming close to the material on Dopplereffekt’s Linear Accelerator album, Sci-Fi soundscapes and eerie machine vox delivering a tense and deep excursion.

the men you never see pt.2


Artist : D.I.E. 

Label : Clone 

the men you never see pt.2 / 12"

Released in 2003 on the very prolific Clone label, "The men you'll never see part2" is a 6 tracker of the dopest Detroit booty electro with live vocals, mad samples, serious 808 drums and some dirty-ass grooves. Detroit In Effect delivers us stripped and raw electro on this quite rare ep. Check !!!

shop ep


Artist : Various 

Label : Clone 

shop ep / 10"

Brilliant uptempo electro by Alden Tyrell, Cosmic Force, Duplex and Chris Callahan. Check !

disc o tim


Artist : Like A Tim 

Label : Clone 

disc o tim / 12"

This really nice 4 tracks EP was released in 2002 by the prolific Dutch producer Like A Tim. It sounds like a lost New Order merged with Giorgio Moroder bassline. Highly recommended for nu electro-italo freaks !

set your goals


Artist : Cosmic Force 

Label : Clone 

set your goals / 12"

Cosmic Force owner of the dutch label Marguerita is a long time player in the worldwide electro scene. They released in 2000 on Clone this funky robotic electro EP. Six tracks ranging from uptempo technobass to deep floating and freaky electro. Hard to find now, get it now !

mirror men ep


Artist : Elitechnique 

Label : Clone 

mirror men ep / 12"

Great follow-up on the finger food ep. On A-Side, a smooth grooving disco affair they are known for. Working the floor with some great melodic disco that sounds impressive on a big system. On B-Side, 2 amazing tracks... "Mirror Men" is a totally unexpected electronic disco-funk track with some wave influences. Very classy and masculine track ! "Autumn Abyss" is a sweet and soulful track we would expect on a Kool & the Gang album, think summer madness style, with its incredibly warm sounding instruments. Man... this gives you shivers going down your spine ! No samples used.. All real instruments, like back in the days. We are sure that if this track was old, Air would probably sample it for their last album... Great versatile release from the Elitechnique boys. Highly Recommended ;-)



Artist : The Clone Machine 

Label : Clone 

untitled / 12"

Egyptian Lover, Alden Tyrell, Dexter and Jamie Jupitor jamming together in Rotterdam and dropping a hot piece of rocking dance music on wax. "The Empire mix" is the west coast style old school mix in the style of Egyptian Lover's old works. Raw rolling 808 beats and dark synths. The original version is a raw uptempo mix with a deep dark bassline (Dexter style) and sharp edits and rolling beats. Very powerfull track that will create a stir everywhere its being played ! This is a kind of all star electro, disco collaboration and the result is what you might expect of these big names. Bouncing...

shake that thing


Artist : Marcus Mixx 

Label : Clone 

shake that thing / 12"

1st 12'' in a serie of 3 remix 12” with tracks taken from the Box Jams album( Clone). Marcus Mixx got remixed by Legowelt and Marco (Marcus) Passarani. 2 delicious versions of this sweat track. Made more club friendly by these 2 masters. Marcus Passarani takes us back to the 80's with a jackin' house mix going all crazy with the vocals. Sounds like Armando touched it from heaven !! Legowelt goes all dirty chicago with a stompin front room mix by adding uplifting 303 sounds and funking and clapping drum machines. This will make them go nuts !

keep fooling yourself


Artist : The Hasbeens 

Label : Clone 

keep fooling yourself / 12"

After the highly limited test pressing of "Make The World Go Away" (Clone X), here is the official release. Mechanical dark disco with a lot of energy. Great tune which rocked sets of many good dj's. New tracks are "Ain't the same as before"... a slower paced robotic disco track with melancholic vocoder vox and a great catchy them... More on the cosmic tip with its slower pace and nice pads and the works. Flip side give us a pure italo-disco theme that would rock every fun fair... Massive synths, catching melodies and rolling basslines and some massive production ! Check...

the men you'll never see


Artist : Various 

Label : Clone 

the men you'll never see / 2x12"

Limited vinyl version of the cd and slightly different.. with Adult., Dexter, Alden Tyrell, Pametex, Duplex, Perspects, Drexciya, D.I.E., The Other People Place and more.. Some tracks were only pressed as limited Clone X test releases...Massive one ;)

la voix (remixes)


Artist : Alden Tyrell 

Label : Clone 

la voix (remixes) / 12"

Taken from his debut album, Mr Tyrell's deep driving neo-italo track "La Voix" (with haunting vocals by Nancy Fortune) gets remixed here by The Isolators (Viewlexx) and Elitechnique (aka Phako & Florintintin). Vocal and instrumental versions. Big Recommandation !

hold me


Artist : Jupiter Black feat. Fred Ventura 

Label : Clone 

hold me / 12"

The 2nd Jupiter Black release (aka Michael Black also know for his Unit4 project and John Jupiter). Comes in great artwork from Syd Brak. Jupiter Black collaborated with italo-disco cult hero Fred Ventura for this great hot tune ! Very reminiscent to the golden period of 80's italo-disco with its innovative production skills and catchy basslines and melodies but with the energy of the current electro and house productions. Big plate !

we like moroder (rmxs)


Artist : Jupiter Black 

Label : Clone 

we like moroder (rmxs) / 12"

Great remix of the Jupiter Black "We Like Moroder" release. 2 remixes by Divider and Starcluster (actually the same guys.. who delivered 2 of the coolest remixes!). The A-side is the Divider which is a real peak time version with a massive bassline. The flip gives us an amazing Starcluster remix which stays more true to the original: italo-disco style of Giorgio Moroder. Smooth 808 beats and a phat analogue basslines and spaced out synth lines. Check !



Artist : Alden Tyrell 

Label : Clone 

digger / 12"

Also known as the 'Krenkbox ep', this electro monster from Alden Tyrell originally disappeared like a shot and you can hear why. "Digger" sports 2 superior versions, elevated by a breakdown pretty similar to Section 25's era defining "View From A Hilltop" masterpiece for Factory. These 2 cuts pretty well define everything that's good about the whole resurgence of interest in classic electro we've witnessed in the last 2 and a bit years. Flip for 2 takes called "Obsession" and here the connection to classic b-boy material becomes explicit: if breaking, locking and popping are your bag, acquire this beauty. Alden gets busy on the cut, and the rest of us hit the ground, spinning like windmills. Devastating!!

disco lunar module


Artist : Alden Tyrell 

Label : Clone 

disco lunar module / 12"

The man gone done it again, "Disco Lunar Module" is pure european disco styles, a provocative italo bassline with massive sweeping synths to wave your fag hand to. The real dancefloor dynamite is on the flip though. "Knockers" is the one for all the disco beasts out there, you know who you are! Rolling toms set the pace for the arpeggiated bassline and a superhero synth drop to increase the jack factor exponentially. The last cut "Rendezvous At Rimini" kicks with an 80's strut sure to shake shoulderpads on the freshest floors from Albania to Estonia. The largest Tyrell's release so far, without doubt! Killer..



Artist : Glass Domain 

Label : Clone 

untitled / 12"

One of the coolest releases from Detroit which never got an official release. Related to Drexciya and Dopplereffekt ! 2016 repress..

jap fab


Artist : Mr Pauli 

Label : Clone 

jap fab / 12"

Mr Pauli (1 half of the Novamen ) with a very strong solo release. Amazing electro disco tracks with massive bass lines mixed with some new wave influences flavors. "Jap Fab" is only one highlight on this ep! "Questions" is a loose electro wave track with vocals by Nancy Fortune & Fred Ventura. "Pick Up The Phone" is another killer track. Vocals that will stick in your mind for days to come... This would have been a chart hit 25 years ago... Last track "Eva W." is a great modern electro disco wave track with a real bass line so nice it makes you wanna dance your ass off. Killer ep with some timless music !

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