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Artist : Jacno 

Label : Celluloid 

rectangle / 7"

Alltime classic French electronic gem released in 1979 by Jacno. A-side : "Rectangle" is a universal minimalistic synth melody that has been a lot recovered. B-side : "Anne cherchait l'Amour" is a funny electro synth-pop song in duo with his favorite singer Elli Medeiros with whom he will lead the rest of his career under the name Elli & Jacno. Cult anthem !

kwai systeme / betty boop


Artist : Arto 

Label : Celluloid 

kwai systeme / betty boop / 7"

Rare mint original & superb 7" only, released in 1980 on the French label Celluloid with on it an acid electro pop version of "The Bridge On The River Kwaï" theme from Mathématiques Modernes leader Claude Arto. Few copies, be fast on this one !

agit' pop


Artist : Artefact 

Label : Celluloid 

agit' pop / LP

Artefact was the band of French writer Maurice Dantec (now a sci-fi writer). They made this only album "Agit' Pop" in 1981 in collaboration with Claude Arto (Mathématiques Modernes). It includes great minimal-synth gemms such as "Sex Computer", "Be Bop Logic" or "Mae Brigades Interferences".

tokyo airport


Artist : Metal Boys 

Label : Celluloid 

tokyo airport / LP

Metal Boys (aka Eric Débris & Charles Hurbier, members of Metal Urbain), feat. China released this fantastic synth-punk album in 1980 on the French Celluloid imprint. Raw, powerful & varied, all we can do is encourage you to listen to it by yourself... Rare original record !

wheel me out


Artist : Was (Not Was) 

Label : Celluloid 

wheel me out / 7"

Was (Not Was) (aka Don & David Was) from Detroit created in 1980 this wild Arkham disco hit cut with a strong insanity theme and a perfect cut for anyone whishing to be wheeled out in a less than peaceful fashion off the crazyness of this big whole world. Classic..

m.a.e. / be. bop. logic


Artist : Artefact 

Label : Celluloid 

m.a.e. / be. bop. logic / 7"

French band Artefact (aka Maurice Dantec, Marc L'Azou, Jean-Paul Ruard, Jean Ternisien & Eric Vennettilli) released their 1st 7" single together with their cult 12" "Sex Computer". It includes their very first funky minimal-synth hit singles "Be Bop Logic" and "M.A.E.". Made in 1979 on the legendary Celluloid imprint. Rare collector item ;)

disco rough


Artist : Mathématiques Modernes 

Label : Celluloid 

disco rough / 7"

Here is one of the 2 singles taken from the French band's album "Les Visiteurs Du Soir"…Cult tracks in the pure French minimal synth tradition… A Must Have !

life after breakfast


Artist : Los Microwaves 

Label : Celluloid 

life after breakfast / LP

This crafty and tack sharp San Francisco art wave unit veer from Null And Void and Christian Lunch like damaged synthy post punk to the askew femme vox new wave peppiness of The B-52's, Family Fodder and The Waitresses, though there's enough zippy synth and rhythm box bits littered throughout to qualify this as being at least tangentially minimal synth as well. Huge...!

earth vs. shockabilly


Artist : Shockabilly 

Label : Celluloid 

earth vs. shockabilly / LP

In the first full-length flowering of the Shockabilly disease, the completely unique power trio infuses "Earth" with what would become the kind of ammunition the group would regularly fire at an uncaring world of listeners : guitarist Eugene Chadbourne's sociopolitical barbs written on a sliding scale of minor chords and solos, bassist Kramer's rumbling discourse with drummer David Licht. Originals like "City Of Corruption" and "Party House, Pt. 3 in 3-D", mix with a bizarre grab-bag of covers ranging from "Purple Haze" and "Day Tripper" to Johnny Cash's "Tennessee Flat Top Box." Though the free-flowing madness that made later records like "Heaven" masterpieces of a form that no one has mastered since isn't quite boiling at a high-pitch rate, "Earth Vs. Shockabilly" is still a formidable debut chock-full of a kind of rock music bottom feeding that is compulsively magnificent...



Artist : Indoor Life 

Label : Celluloid 

untitled / 12"

Indoor Life (aka Jorge Socarras & J.A. Dean) formed in San Francisco but later emigrated to New York City. Before releasing their 7 tracker eponymous allbum, they first released a 4 tracker 12" containing trombone, tapes and synthesizers. The music also contains heaps of silly noises and improvised bleeps and squawks. The lyrics (in English, French and German) are promising. Indoor Life were a synth-punk-funk artful project produced by... Patrick Cowley (who get us used to more cosmic disco records). Rare record stamped with the French glorious Celluloid imprint. True !

psychedelic desert


Artist : Doctor Mix & The Remix 

Label : Celluloid 

psychedelic desert / 12"

Doctor Mix And The Remix (aka Eric Débris, Hermann Schwartz & Pat Lüger who were the ex members of Métal Urbain) released this great new-wave / rock ep with little touches of cabaret and punk in 1980 on the rare French Celluloid imprint. Reminds us a bit of The Doors ;)

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