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ligne froide


Artist : Ligne D'Hiver / Saison Froide 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

ligne froide / 7"

This is the 1st 7" vinyl from the French label Brouillard Définitif (specialized in the French cold-wave). Always amazing to hear that this is indeed a genre of its very own, the French bands just had their very own style, their very own atmosphere. Ligne d'Hiver was Loїc d'Hiver and Frédéric Hameury from Rennes, using bass, synth-keyboard and a Boss DR-110, here performing "Tired" and "Crime Passionel (live)", which are incredibly close to Clair Obscur in both musical and vocal performance. Saison Froide is Flav who formed this project in 2001, and here performing "Une Certaine Elégance and "Les Appartements Tristes" with lovely and melodic bass and guitar playing accompanied by sinister vocals and a light drum machine, definitely close to and thus a must-have for fans of Clair Obscur and Opera Multi Steel ! Come with an accompanying withered leaf...



Artist : Exces Nocturne 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

l'echo des silences / 12"

This 4-track ep features new versions of already famous tracks from the French cold-wave band: "Mémoire", "Le Soleil s'est Noyé" and "La Vie Peut Etre Cruelle", recently re-recorded, rearranged and remixed. The 4th song, "Moi dans le Silence", is a totally new, previously unreleased track. Excès Nocturne, finally on vinyl again after many years... This is the "customised" edition with a redecorated sleeve by Corine (the singer); each sleeve is unique, turning these records into true collector's items !

für immer


Artist : Ligne D'Hiver 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

für immer / LP

Already known for an appearance making your blood run cold on the split 7" "Ligne Froide" (the grooves of which were shared with Saison Froide) the members of Ligne d'Hiver are back with this posthumous mini lp. Something else to offer ? That's for sure ! You will be stunned by the different compositions of "Für Immer", notarily the track "Black Monday" already heard on the Leiv Traumas tape released in 1989 on the label Aspect d'une Certaine Industrie. On account of its surprising adaptation, you can't as well fail to respond to "Trouble", a mysterious reinterpretation of "Crime Passionnel" featuring on "Ligne froide" 7". Though at that time "Walls and Bridges" wasn't recognised as such, it's virtually certain that the track will retrospectively become a 80's dancefloor hit, which stands as a unique chance for you to catch back that missed hit ! Let's not forget the mesmerizing "Pourquoi ?" (a track overwhelming you while you're caught by its rhythmics), or the strange "Titihoya" in a Szajner-Ptôse-Illitch's vein. At last the wonderful masterpiece "Deauville", belonging to a rare genre and which had to be included in this "Für Immer" we're pleased to present you. Essential !



Artist : Neva 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

untitled / 12"

This emblematic trio from the scene between 1982 and 1991 was suggesting a music at half way between cold-wave and batcave rock. Weird live scenic-performances, minimal but nor minimalistic music, voices from graves, Neva never let anybody indifferent to such point the band was considered as the French "Virgin Prunes". They left behind them a discography composed by an unique 2-titled 7" and 2 tapes, today, requested by collectors from all over the world. Discover or discover back this band through this new picture vynil 12" containing 2 tracks from each tape period: "Individu" & "Fausse Conscience".. Tip !!

abrutir les masses


Artist : Guerre Froide 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

abrutir les masses / LP

3 years already after the release of "Angoisses Et Divertissement", Brouillard Définitif is happy to present you, in collaboration with Guerre Froide’s label Flashbacks Futurs, their 2nd album "Abrutir Les Masses" is definitely orientated into the future, still dark but featured of many more rich sounds. Between the tracks "Hypnose" and "Canal Historique", the band attracts us in their personal universe. Well approched lyrics, mindblowing music, attractive refrains, inspired by the society in derivation such as the track "Des Illusions" shows it. Even "Identité Variable" or also "Le Fil" does explains that. Sometimes the mood is more close-friend as on "L'Expérience", a kind of strange variation of a certain "Espérance". We found on this opus somemany tracks already played live, or unreleased till now such as "Sauvage" and "Abrutir", or which are present on the mCD released some months ago with the tracks "Nom" and "Entre Nous", here provided on the new album with a different mixing. Guerre Froide pulls us toward to some new unexpected musical horizons, with various inspirations. 10 tracks showing us that the band still have many things to tell us ;)

everything fades


Artist : Elyzium For The Sleepless Souls 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

everything fades / LP

A wave band from Luxembourg you say? Where the hell is that? Indeed, even that small country of Europe contributed fine sounds to that movement known worldwide as new-wave. Elyzium For The Sleepless Souls, a classical singer/synths duo, were a short lived yet very talented band that quickly became a local legend. Brouillard Définitif presents us the album 'Everything Fades', originally a self-released tape from 1995, for the 1st time on vinyl. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl !

figé dans le marbre...


Artist : Congres De Vienne / Saison Froide 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

figé dans le marbre... / LP

Even if beginning with the 90's and all of its trendy electro-gothic artifacts, Congrès De Vienne however sounded different; lineage with bands such as Vita Noctis or Neva comes to mind, the band managed to catch the spirit of early 80's wave bands. Quite anachronistic and deliberately confidential, they released a whole bunch of very limited tapes only known to a very limited few. Celebrating the 20 years of the band, Brouillard Définitif presents us today their 1st official release! Saison Froide, whose 1st release has been a tape back in 2001, is one of these bands that decided to carry on past decades' memory with influences such as Odessa, Brigade Internationale or Leitmotiv, to name a few. With this release, Saison Froide & Congr�s De Vienne share the space to finally deliver a new milestone released in a limited edition of 300 copies on colored vinyl. Tip!!



Artist : Odessa 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

untitled / 7"

After a CD anthology released few years ago, Odessa is back 30 years after its mythical 1st release, with 2 unreleased and unsuspected tracks taking us back to 1983. Despite a short and fast existence (no more than 3 years), few tracks (about 15 or so) and fewer gigs, with an official discography reduced to a mere 7" back in 1982, this French band quickly reached a cult aura that remained exhaustless, as testified by the ongoing generational process of painful hours that they inflict. Limited to 300 copies.

1991-1993 (kicks from the past)


Artist : The Permanent Confusion 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

1991-1993 (kicks from the past) / LP

Although born in a different place –Germany in the wake of the 90's, the riot of The Permanent Confusion was very much like that of our beloved Lucie Cries. However their influences are actually more from the English scene, from bands such as The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy or Clan Of Xymox, which is rather unfortunate if we consider their numerous contemporaries who were unrelentingly and quite successfully releasing synthesized music that was meant to be danced to - admittedly not very daring! It has to be stressed even more that, within a short time, the band managed to leave behind those too marked influences inherited from their youth and created a more than original and very personal kind of wave, reaching beyond the limits of the genre! More tormented and romantic than their German colleagues –and going against the trend, the band unfortunately never went further than releasing confidential tapes, despite their name spreading outside their homeland. It was thanks to a few potential hits featured on various well-known CD samplers that people expected them to be signed on one of the then famous labels. As was often the case (and quite sadly) neither any contract nor official album came about, so the band kept composing discretely, releasing their works on tapes until death ensued... Brouillard Définitif compiled the best of this combo's remastered works, which (as with many others) were very close to getting official recognition and some more than deserved success. Limited to 300 copies,here on clear vinyl ;)

auctor terminat opus


Artist : Lucie Cries 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

auctor terminat opus / 2x12"

When contrasted against the background of the end of the uneasy decade that the French 80's cold-wave scene had gone through, Olivier Pacaud stands as a benchmark. Echoing its agony in a barely perceptible moaning, cold-wave sounded to slowly die out.... His strong independence, his integrity in art and his unsensible pugnacity must be praised. With his band Lucie Cries, but also through his label Alea Jacta Est – that stands nearly alone as an islet of resistance and promotion of a scene scorned and despised (or ignored at best) by most of the media, and consequently of an audience that had shrunk more and more, he proved he was determined. Against all expectations he chose to carry on the torch of a declining and clinically dead movement. For a few years and despite their noble fight was doomed to failure, Olivier Pacaud and his band resisted and kept up the flame and rage as much as they could. They released their own productions that were real a commercial suicide, for a dark sparse audience that was soon to lose its interest for 'old-school' tunes (all the heritage left behind by the venerable Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, The Chameleons or others such as Play Dead) and eager to turn to the awakening German dark wave that promoted nothing more than a fashionable vampire outlook. At last! More than 25 years after her birth, the cute Lucie is released on vinyl and definitely engraved into memory for the 1st time ever! We must say we are extremely proud and deeply touched to allow it. The tears of Lucie will keep running down and touching our hearts... Our friend Olivier -against all expectations and thanks to his talent and his refusing giving up- took the best out of his desperate bet and left his print in our lives and in the history of a movement that is true because its heroes are! Let's the neverending echoing and ravishing call of the muse take over! Limited to 300 copies on green marbled vinyl. Tip !!



Artist : Konstrukcija 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

untitled / LP

More than a side-project, Konstrukcija stemmed from the reunion of Stropu Jurka (Strops, VSKB, but also the radio show Intervilnis) & Gatis Druvaskalns (Starpliktuve, Celmlauzis) in spring 2011 when the latter returned from a 2-year long stay in the Netherlands. He brought his friend back a Casio MT-40, which he had bought for the modest sum of 5€. They started jamming and within a few days recorded several tracks for which the Casio, a Korg Monotron, an Estradin-230 and a diy noise box were utilized. In the end they came up with a full unreleased album. The texts allude to all their friends who have left Latvia to live abroad, as well as to those who have left forever by jumping from the cable-stayed bridge (Riga). Their sound is very reminiscent of the analogical minimal electronic wave in the vein of early pioneers such as Kraftwerk, El Aviador Dro or Yellow Magic Orchestra to which they added that indescribable Latvian frostbitten atmosphere from a country where the winter temperature may fall to -30º C and winter lasts for half of the year.. That was it officiall.. not until december 2012 when they started playing again in order to get prepared for a set which would be performed 2 months later in Paris, following an invitation from Les Sons Paranormaux. It is then that they very naturally thought of inviting Erlends Paičs (who had already been active within VSKB a few years earlier, most notoriously for a series of live sets programmed and organized by the above-mentioned organization). During the rehearsals of the set they partly covered their older tracks while improving their quality. By then a cozy relationship had been established between LSP and Thierry Müller, and the organization dared the band to once more cover a track by Ruth which had been played by some of the members a few years earlier, and for which the original singer would come on stage during the gig. Watchwords: "Polaroid/Roman/Photo" which has also been included here in its studio version. Back home they played one more set and that was it. That was when LSP and Brouillard Definitif offered them (in 2013) to release their debut album. New tracks were recorded and added to some older ones, this is what is presented here..

the question, the answer - pop


Artist : Girls Under Glass 

Label : Brouillard Definitif 

the question, the answer - pop / LP

30 years later, they are coming back. After a great live act during the WGT 2016 in leipzig, Brouillard Définitif is very proud to present you a vinyl limited edition reissue of their greatest demo tape originally released in 1986. Watch out for these 9 killer tracks !! White vinyl version (limited to 100 copies in a total edition of 300).

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