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full of sorrow


Artist : Frustration 

Label : Born Bad 

full of sorrow / 12"

Powerful, potent songs yield a brutal post-punk sound. Just imagine WARSAW meet WIRE meet the FALL and you will already have a good idea of their musical universe. Add to their explosive cocktail the tension of retained violence and madness, a real singer who knows his craft, agitated spasmodic drums that make the drummer of ESG look like Christian Vander of Magma, and degenerate keyboards that will leave your head aching. TIP !

bippp : french synth-wave 1979/85


Artist : Various 

Label : Born Bad 

bippp : french synth-wave 1979/85 / LP

The compilation's subtitle tells us "French Synth-Wave 1979/85" and this is exactly what you get! Already Kult and precious. One of the best digest of this lost obscure scene with lots of rare and in-demand tracks. All in all a very nice and essential compilation and an interesting peek into the French underground synth and wave scene of the early 80's. Repress !!

des jeunes gens mödernes


Artist : Various 

Label : Born Bad 

des jeunes gens mödernes / LP

A compilation with French cult hits and obscurities from 1978 to 1983, released in relation to an exhibition about French subculture in that era. Featured on the LP are Tokow Boys, Guerre Froide, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Ruth, Henriette Coulouvrat, Kas Product, Ice, Mathematiques Modernes, Metal Boys, Visible, Mecanique Rythmique and Charles de Goal. A great collection and a true archive document on repress !



Artist : Frustration 

Label : Born Bad 

relax / LP

French band Frustration is not a new band but "Relax" is their 1st album therefore, and this is an excellent one. Heavy influences here; we're drop into cold-wave with harsh guitars, real drums disguised in rythm box, a bass that builds the melodies and a synth that brings some colour to that quite dark music. The sound is rude and the guitar is pointed up as if the strings were replaced by barbed wire. This lp with its powerful but mature lyrics can be described as excellent…A safe value ;)

spliet noise boys


Artist : Stephan Eicher 

Label : Born Bad 

spliet noise boys / LP

Great surprise from the Born Bad crew (Paris) with this excellent mini-lp repress of the 1st ever Stephan Eicher release (originally released on 7") when he was 20 years old. All tracks were recorded 16 & 17 september 1980 at spex Bern (Switzerland) with a simple tape recorder. Absolute dada minimal synth..Tip !!



Artist : La Chatte 

Label : Born Bad 

untitled / 7"

The 3-headed musical creature La Chatte was born in 2003 in Paris, formed by Vava Dudu, a pluridisciplinary artist, Stéphane Argillet aka Stereovoid, visual and sound artist member of the French collaborative France Fiction, and Nikolu, a polymorphous musician. Their music, a kind of post-punk electro-zouk, is ryhthmic, dark, distorted, strident and chocolate-flavored. Renowned for their head blowing performances, the band has remained so far really discrete with its discography focussing on live collaborations with the likes of vivid astro focus or Voin de Voin for instance, crossing roads all over Europe.. Strange & Nice !

midlife crisis


Artist : Frustration 

Label : Born Bad 

midlife crisis / 7"

New single with 2 new tracks by your favorite French rebel punks. While the A-side is pretty punk... even for Frustration standards the B-side is in the best tradition of Screamers but mixed with that special Frustration mix of punk / oi / synth-punk, whatever... a hit for sure on the dancefloors !



Artist : Violence Conjugale 

Label : Born Bad 

untitled / LP

This is the debut release on Born Bad Records from Belgian synth-wave act Violence Conjugale. Hans & André met early in highschool. Their mutual love for Bowie and Kenneth Anger pushed them to flunk school and smoke in their tiny school movie room. There they dream of an ideal future, made of space travel and industrial music. Feeling the pressure from this private institution, they eventually decide to go to Berlin and see what taste has decadence there. They meet Marianne Katza, an eccentric woman who tells them to come to an artist squat in the Mitte district. Just like Warhol's Factory, the place is an indistinct magma of ideas, music and drugs. Here, as André begins to fiddle with a Korg MS20 synth and dreams of exquisite performances, in another room, Hans tries to write his wildest nightmares to exorcise them. Marianne decides to introduce the future band to one of her lovers: Marc Berron, a young, arrogant and rich kid blessed with a perfect ear. He helps them to slow down their drug issues and take a new direction: to play a cold and personal music in pop format but with a feeling of urgency which characterized young Berliners. So, he kidnaps them in his own studio for several weeks to experiment, eventually finding Violence Conjugale's definitive sound: 80's minimal synth-wave, the frostiest ever...!



Artist : Frustration 

Label : Born Bad 

uncivilized / LP+7"

Frustrations's 2nd LP will prove itself to be one of the most important French records released in the past years. First, because 'Uncivilized' is better than anything the band has done so far. The beat is cold, cruel and static, the bass player plays as if he had been paid twice, every track tastes like those glasses you drink down before paying your dues to the human race and Fabrice Gilbert's voice drips down on the whole thing with the heart and gusto of a guy who would have been taken out of bed in the middle of the night to clean the vomit of a dog. In other words: shit is brutal. Fifty tons of black terror throwing ice shards on the streets of dead cities. But there's something else. Frustration is just not your average indie/punk/post-whatever unit, especially in France. Despite little to no press and virtually no support from the manistream media, this Parisian gang plays sold out shows all over the country and acheived to sell over 10,000 copies of their previous record. The reason is quite simple : in 7 years, Frustration grew an audience that is as diverse (punks, clubbers, skinheads, rock dads, workers, new wave amazons, temporary secretaries, fashionistas, you name it) as it is loyal (you will see most of their crowd at every damn show) and massive. An audience attracted by intense, sincere and bullshit-free records played by a bunch of intense, sincere and bullshit-free dudes. And that's about it. No mystical soup, no boring deals. Frustration is a band as strong and good-hearted as a bunch of shirtless kids running in the Cambodia jungle to fight with panthers. And with a record as good as 'Uncivilized', you'll have no choice but to join them.

french synth wave - st etienne - 1981


Artist : Cha Cha Guitri 

Label : Born Bad 

french synth wave - st etienne - 1981 / LP

Unless you are a monomaniacal specialist of the 80s, there is very little chance that Cha Cha Guitry will ring any bell. And yet this band, buried away in Saint-Etienne (at the very heart of France) could have rivalled easily with Elli & Jacno or Telex. Emblematic of that French touch which tinged new-wave with a bit of sunshine, their electro, retro-futuristic songs have that slight sweet and sour flavour between casualness and sophistication. The birth of Cha Cha Guitry in 1981 was a landmark for its members, Serge, Dominique, Charly and Marie. High-school friendships and love stories helping, it is in a most spontaneous way that these art lovers formed their band. Once their hippie phase was over, the guitar, sax and flute were abandoned in the closet while machines took over: an EMS AKS synth, a Roland SH101, a Roland TR808 rhythm-box. The 2 couples met in the congenial atmosphere of their 'home studio' to record their songs. The boys composed and sang, the girls sang and designed minimal costumes, the elegance of which was enhanced by some Diy touches: no need for fabric, paper will perfectly do. As deceivingly offhanded stylists, the Cha Cha crew carefully crafted a music that was both studied and charmingly quirky, making collages of pop raw materials and avant-garde stuff. Scissors in hand, they took what they wanted from the Bauhaus, Moholy Nagy, or Sonia Delaunay's dresses, taping these iconic bits onto the sounds of Kraftwerk and what remained of pop culture (comics, movies, songs of the 30's or easy listening). Cha Cha Guitry, wisely ingenious, modelled tropical landscapes out of cellophane, thus elaborating its own synthetic surrealism. We'll offer as evidence the title "Les Yeux Ouverts Sur Les Beautés D'Aujourd’hui", borrowed from a handbook about mechanics. The adventure would not last more than a few years, just long enough to record 2 cassettes on Kronchtadt Tapes (a local label central to the underground scene that was more into punk) and give 3 concerts. As isolated as they were in Saint-Etienne, they got nevertheless noticed by Alain Maneval who programmed them regularly on Europe 1 Radio, and they could even be heard on Radio Gay. So they went to Paris to meet a manager from Virgin, but they never got the luck, rare in those days, to release a vinyl. Their arty, pop style was also too Diy for Agnès B's freshly opened shop: their 2nd cassette, though wonderfully packed in a Plexiglas case resembling an icicle, was not to the brand's taste. Serge has been living in the same flat since 1975 and never got rid of his synthesizer. The studio where Cha Cha would record its songs has not changed a bit. Everything has been kept, ordered, archived, from the piles of magnetic tapes to the hundreds of Polaroid shots. We are happy to offer you a selection of them. Greetings from Synth-Etienne :)

des jeunes gens mödernes - volume 2


Artist : Various 

Label : Born Bad 

des jeunes gens mödernes - volume 2 / LP

The long-awaited follow-up to 'Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes', with 5 killer previously unreleased tracks. Volume 2 continues to explore the vaults of French post-punk, electro-pop, and no wave. Between the late 70's & mid 80's, in the wake of punk wave and in parallel to other types of music like disco, funk, ska, and reggae, a prolific and chaotic music scene began to develop in France, combining the energy of rock and the nihilism of punk with electronic experimentation. The period was not, on the whole, one of optimism and joy, played out as it was against a background of economic crisis and the cold war. A whole section of France's youth found itself confronted by the contradictions of the times it was living in: young people were torn between the sensation of living on the edge of an abyss and hope for the dawning of a new world; they were deprived of tangible ideological landmarks but resistant to the post-hippy utopias of the previous generation. In search of an identity, they recognized themselves in the dark lyrics, the cold synthetic music, and the laid-back attitude of the new groups bursting up all over the country, as much in the provinces as in Paris. 'Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes' (Modern Young Men) reactivates this French post-punk/novo diskö/new- and cold-wave scene, highlighting a cross-section of the specific creative diversity of this scene. The new-wave drew upon artistic avant-garde movements from the past (constructivism, futurism, symbolism, dadaism, socialist realism, and so on), as well as literature (romanticism, science fiction, etc.), cinema (new-wave, German expressionist cinema), and the latest technological advances (electronic, robotic, nuclear). Drawing on traditional culture as well as the underground subcultures to which various magazines and fanzines gave voice. The new-wave embraced all areas of creativity together, and built bridges between the different artistic disciplines (music, visual art, design, literature, cinema...) to an extent never before seen. Includes a 12-page booklet.

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