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horizons of suburbia


Artist : Camera Obscura 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

horizons of suburbia / LP

Fantastic LP recently released on the German Anna Logue Records label (led by Marc Shaffer aka Solitude Fx) with recordings from 1983. The music is quite catchy, synthie-pop / new-wave, but also interesting for minimal electro fans. We don't hit on to who it reminds us, but for those who like Mark Lane, the early 90's band Trinity Mania or the American band I:Satellite, cannot do something wrong here. Actually every song is a potential hit ! Really Exciting !

strange faces


Artist : Camera Obscura 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

strange faces / 7"

For the second releases on Anna logue Records a new 7" containing two unreleased tracks by this great synth-pop band from UK. We considered that "Moving The Mercury" is one of their best production ever made. Limited edition of 400 hand-numbered copies.

dream of waking


Artist : Sleep Museum 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

dream of waking / LP

Third release for this very interesting new German label run by Marc Schaffer (a Solitude Fx member). Here you can find a surprising album by a new comer into the list of brilliant electronic producers of the moment such as Martial Canterel or Echo West... Sleep Museum (aka Robert Anthony) is a dark New York-based minimal synth project. He already produced under a different alias : After The Snow, who appears on the Electronic Renaissance compilation (Enfant Terrible). This first album is really convincing with a nice use of early 80's vintage electronic equipment. His dramatic way of singing makes his music very personal and quite unique. In one word : Excellent ! Limited to 400 copies !

mysterium organum


Artist : Sleep Museum 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

mysterium organum / 7"

Robert is working hard on pressing ahead with Sleep Museum (and his side project After The Snow) and has recorded many new tracks since the release of the “Dream of Waking” album. A bit darker then his debut LP. Three deep minimal electronics pieces for your body and soul...Anna Logue has picked out the ones she liked the most to put together this great 7”ep. All tracks are new material written and performed by Sleep Museum.

when we were young / kleiner satellit


Artist : Twins Natalia 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

when we were young / kleiner satellit / 7"

The Twins Natalia songs are unique products of creative minds working together in order to write some beautiful, catchy and substantial electro-pop songs combining an early 80’s musical approach (analogue drum machine sounds, way of sequencing) with up-to-date recording techniques. This is close to being the perfect electro-pop. Further tracks are at early stages so a complete Twins Natalia album is planned for 2009. Limited pressing of 333 copies !

windows on the world


Artist : The Silicon Scientist 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

windows on the world / LP+7"

Here is a really beautiful new album by Stefan Bornhorst (member of Sonnenbrandt) from Bremen, north of Germany. This is his solo project recorded between 2005-2006 in a more melancholic path of Electropop, with analogue synthesizers and drum machines as usual. Closely near Rorschach Garden's production this album is a good start for the begining of this year. Comes with an exclusive 7" containing 2 more lovely songs. Highly Recommended !

fashion & seduction / premonition


Artist : Design 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

fashion & seduction / premonition / 7"

In the early 80’s Design (a duo from Belgium) released 2 tracks on Belgian vinyl compilations “Premonition” (recorded in 1982) on the sought after Topless Game lp from 1983. In the same session the previously unreleased track “Fashion & Seduction” was recorded but never made it to any further release. Anna Logue decided to reedit these two great tracks, the first one heard for the first time, the other one long deleted and now even remastered. All the 400 limited copies include signed black & white photo and are definitely not to be missed !

enormous savages


Artist : Cultural Amnesia 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

enormous savages / LP

Previously unreleased material from this cult band from the UK. All songs on this LP date from 1981 - 1983. Cultural Amnesia had a very unique sound of their own, influenced by post-punk and industrial music and attitude. A must have for any fan of innovative and daring 80's (electronic) music !

the echoes fade


Artist : Poeme Electronique 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

the echoes fade / 7"

This fantastic little 7" is not a mere reissue of Poème Electronique's one and only vinyl release from 1982: Anna Logue Records managed to track down the band's composer, who entirely remixed both songs, infusing them with new life and power... Neo-romantic-electronic-pop at its best. Highly recommended !



Artist : New Shiny Things 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

untitled / 7"

Re-released of two intense and emotional forgotten tracks by this US band originaly released as a 7" single on Blotto Records in 1982 which nowadays is impossible to find. Including the slightly weirder and previously unreleased post-punk track "Crayola Psychosis" (written in 1980, recorded in 1984). Great !

some aspects


Artist : Chain Of Command 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

some aspects / 7"

Strong record again from Anna Logue Records with a 7" includes four previously unreleased songs recorded in '82 by a great small UK band called Chain of Command. Synth-pop at its best, run on it !



Artist : Sudeten Creche 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

wounds / 7"

Sudeten Creche is Mark Warner and Paul Carlin from the UK and probably they need not much presentation. Their most known minimalistic electropop track “Are Kisses are out of Fashion” is widely known and respected. Anyway, Mark and Paul teamed up again and recorded new tracks for their upcoming album “Kisses from the Creche” and this 7” released before is electro-pop at its best, both for the dancefloor and the mind ;)

echoes from our past


Artist : Various 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

echoes from our past / LP+7"

This is the first compilation on Anna Logue Records bringing you electronic pop music from international artists dating back to 1979 to 1984 : the analog years ! Most tracks are heard for the very first time, so just listen..!



Artist : ADN' Ckrystall 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

minilab / LP+7"

ADN’ Ckrystall (aka Erick Moncollin, aka Dr-Strange), from France, is truly a pioneer in electronic music since the mid-70’s. 25 years after the release of his cult LP "Jazz' Mad", Anna Logue delivers us his anniversary LP+7" "Minilab" : 10 new minimal-wave & synth-pop tracks perfectly in the vein of his 80's mighty works.. For all Gigolos and Gigolettes...



Artist : Spoon Fazer 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

bam-boo / 7"

Spöön Fazer is the early 80's solo project of Simon Patterson from UK who got his name from his band mates when playing in some in avant-garde punk bands in Devon and London. Being originally a drummer, fortunately Simon found interest in working with synthesisers and drum machines. On stage he used to play his electronic drums with guess what … spoons, of course ! Spöön Fazer released the "Music 2 Dance 2" 7"ep (Project Records in 1980), "Sunset" 12"ep (Illuminated Records in 1982). Spöön Fazer recorded 2 tapes entitled "Bam Boo" and "Just Another Man-In-Sect". "Bam Boo" was the musical expression of Simon's obsession with Japan which you will clearly hear throughout the tracks presented here. Limited pressing of 333 copies...



Artist : Sonnenbrandt 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

gestern / LP

This "Getsern" album is a co-production between the 3 labels : Anna Logue Records, Hertz-Schrittmacher and NLW, joining forces to help Sonnenbrandt finding their way onto the road to success, just because there's only few other contemporary act that deserves a wider audience than they do ! The band hails from Hamburg (Germany), was founded in 2003, and consists of Stefan Bornhorst (from The Silicon Scientist), Jojo Brandt (from Liquid Dreams) and his wife Sonja "Sonne" Brandt for lyrics & vocals. They perform the perfect mixture of early 80’s electro-pop and NDW, paired with German lyrics being entertaining in a funny way. The tunes are very catchy, melodic though with some darker melancholic undertones. “Gestern” closes a first chapter being a flashback compiling five years of recording songs. There’s no future without a past. On this album every song is a hit, made for you to sing along , and dance to. Also worth mentioning is a slight participation of Alain Seghir from Martin Dupont. Limited pressing of 500 copies...

join the car crash set


Artist : Car Crash Set 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

join the car crash set / LP

Car Crash Set were one of the very few electro-pop acts coming out of New Zealand and have released several vinyls nationally between 1983 and 1986. Basically, the band consisted of synthesists composers David Bulog and Nigel Russell and guitarist producer Trevor Reekie, and was formed in late 1981. They created such outstanding electro-pop songs with a Roland TR-606/808 and such lovely sequencing, that it is indeed a shame that they didn’t receive more attention. Anyway, their 1983 12” "Two Songs" (including “Outsider” and “Fall From Grace”) and the V/A "We’ll do our best" lp are at least highly collectible items amongst electro-pop connoisseurs and many people will be happy to see these tracks being available again as well as four previously unavailable demos from both their earliest and later days. David and Nigel are said to be recording again together with only the original Roland gear, TR-606, Jupiter-4, MC-4, System 100m modular and System 104 sequencer as well as Nigel’s Korg MS20… Limited pressing of 400 copies only !

echoes in infinity


Artist : Stranger Station 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

echoes in infinity / LP

Stranger Station (aka Simon Driscoll with some support from Judith Golberg and David Holecombe), from UK, released only one 7” in 1981, including the minimal electronics evergreen “Minutes To Silence”, and “Strangers”, and appeared with “Welcome to the Night” on the ultra-rare compilation lp “Synthetic Romance” in 1982. Both vinyls have absolute cult status among collectors worldwide. Anyway, Stranger Station did record another 7 tracks back in 1981 which remained unreleased so far. The music is quite weird and improvised minimal electronics, maybe comparable to the similarly weird musical world of ADN’ Ckrystall, but even darker and melancholic. There is a lot of playfulness within these tracks; brooding electronics, wonderful melodies, great use of any effects section of the synthesizer and many changes and new ideas coming and going within the tracks. The lyrics are dark and quite depressive, well influenced by the time when living in Britain back then. Truly a classic electronic music album limited to 500 copies...

invisible noise hunters


Artist : Dilemma 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

invisible noise hunters / LP+7"

Dilemma was Klaus Hahn and Christoph Schaller, from Germany. Out of a deep admiration for rough early 80’s minimalistic electrobands like DAF, Portion Control or The Klinik they themselves started early to create some weird tracks with borrowed synthesisers, found metal parts and whatever did create some noise. Most tracks are taken off their cassette “Dismember your Body” (1988), as well as from “Pure Epitaxial Dilemma” (1987), plus adding three tracks from a 1988 live performance to the 7”. Dilemma’s music is pure raw electronic minimalism in the vein of DAF, but with a touch of the mid-80’s Belgian hard electro bands such as The Klinik or Vomito Negro. Limited to 500 copies

a better spider


Artist : Carmody 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

a better spider / CD

Carmody (aka Andrea Lesmo & Alberto Ramella) came from Torino (Italy), and were mates of Monuments and Chromagain, also following a similar musical path with predominant synthesisers and drum machines along with some sparse guitars here and there. They recorded from 1981 to 1985 and issued 3 incredibly rare demo tapes. “A Better Spider” compiles the best tracks from those tapes, bringing you some of the best electro-pop / wave music ever coming out of Italy. Carmody would have so deserved to reach a wider audience, especially the later stage tracks have had much potential to become small hits, and then “Messengers Of Love” is definitely one most wonderful tracks ever recorded. There is no chance you shall miss out on this one if you are into stuff. Limited to 1000 copies in a pretty digipack including a signed photo ;-D



Artist : Monuments 

Label : Anna Logue Records 


In 1984, the Monuments, consisting of Andrea Costa and Mauro Tavella from Torino (Italy), released their only official record, a mini lp called “Age” comprising six incredibly fantastic electro-pop tracks. Anna ever thought of this mini lp as being the best electro-pop record ever coming out of Italy. So what you get on this cd is indeed an essential retrospective compilation album of one of Italy’s pioneering underground electronic music acts. And while Andrea and Mauro want to close this chapter with this release, a project entitled Monuments II is maybe on its way… Limited to 500 copies. Check !!!

the only sound


Artist : The Hands Of Cain 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

the only sound / LP+7"

In 1983, the Hands Of Cain evolved from of one of the first groups of the Greek punk scene of the early 80’s called Ausschwitss when their music was gaining a darker shade and their lyrics were changing to English. Unlike their former group, the Hands Of Cain had very little public exposure, but built their reputation amongst the lively Athenian dark-wave / post-punk scene of the time with a few live gigs in clubs. Their tracks are pure mid 80’s despair and melancholy, typical of the goth dark-wave scene of the time. Prepare yourself for a milestone not only in Greek music history, but also in goth dark-wave history ! Limited to 500 copies

mask rewind


Artist : Lisfrank 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

mask rewind / LP+7"

Lisfrank was an obscure one-man project from Italy. The first and only Lisfrank stand-alone release was the 12" ep "Man Mask" (1982), definitely one of the best and rarest early 80's minimal electro 12"s ever and on top of most want lists ever since, including the super hit "It's Life", as well as "Violence in my Mind". This lp captures the majority of available recordings from 1980 onwards. Lisfrank's music is completely analogue electronics with drum machine (or real drums on two tracks), very unique and each a track a classic of its own kind. The early tracks until 1983 are rough and dark, and form the 12" album together with similar early composed but later recorded tracks thus creating an overall and coherent dark atmosphere throughout the whole album. As the 1984-85 tracks "Stay With Me" and "My Toy" were more pop-oriented they didn't perfectly fit to the album's atmosphere and were thus put onto the accompanying 7". Lisfrank's lyrics are very dark and full of despair, dealing with personal fears, self-perception and the problems arising from this and other human interactions, or other topics like ecological pollution. All in all, this release is maybe one of the most important and interesting albums coming out of Italy, made by an intelligent person and great composer who is now occasionally recording again. Limited to 500 beautiful copies...

the echoes fade


Artist : Poeme Electronique 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

the echoes fade / 2x12"

Poeme Electronique was Dave Hewson (synthesisers, production), Sharon Abbott (lyrics, lead and backing vocals), Julie Ruler (backing vocals) and Les Hewson (bass), formed in 1980 by Dave Hewson in South London, UK, in 1980. This deluxe 2xlp vinyl album comprises 16 tracks of which 14 have never been published before. "The Echoes Fade" and "Voice" are the original versions taken off their original 7" from 1982. The album cannot be described other than being a masterpiece and one of the best-ever early 80's electro-pop records ever, and it surely has to be lined up with Rational Youth or Experimental Products’ cult albums. Truly, they had deserved to go on the successful path like Depeche Mode, OMD or Soft Cell, but fate was against them as it seems. Here you will find minimal electro-pop super hits like "Rendezvous", "She’s An Image", "Fragile", or "Dilemma"; hauntingly beautiful melancholic tracks like "A Mourner’s Lament", "This Night" or "It’s In The Atmosphere"; darkest minimal electronics on "Inside His Head"; and even more poppier tracks like "Follow". This record will hopefully be loved by any electronic music lover. So now it's up to you to give the band their final glory. Limited to 500 essential copies !

poly / bookmarks II


Artist : The Silicon Scientist 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

poly / bookmarks II / LP+CD

With "Poly", The Silicon Scientist proves his continuous ability to write substantial and timeless melancholic electro-pop and electronic wave songs while most of the album's sounds have been generated on the wonderful Polymoog synthesisers, hence the title "Silicon Beach" shows the Polymoog's great versatility to even create lovely south American flute sounds along the all analogue warm and dark synth sounds. On "Meltdown", fans of The Cure's "Disintegration" album will almost get a heart attack from joy. The album versions of "Oceans of Green" and "Lost City" are reworked and remixed versions of the tracks previously released on the "Colourblind ep". This time, the label & artist added the cd "Bookmarks II" to all copies which is definitely more than just a bonus : it contains 72 minutes of outtakes from the "Poly" recording sessions, tracks from samplers, early mixes of tracks from the previous album and tracks from the very first The Silicon Scientist album "Inselwinter" which was never released. "Poly / Bookmarks II" is a masterpiece of melancholic electro-pop and can hardly be imagined that anyone out there will not love it ! Limited to 500 copies...

live in hannover 8-10-2005


Artist : Camera Obscura 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

live in hannover 8-10-2005 / LP+7"

After the release of "Horizons of Suburbia" in summer 2005, Camera Obscura definitely wanted to enter the stage again after more than 20 years of stage absence. They were invited to play at a small minimal electro festival called "Alles In Einem" ("All In One") in Hannover (Oct 8th 2005), together with the German projects Sickdoll and Solitude FX. Peter and Nigel performed a fully professional set with lots of love, enthusiasm and fun. 8 tracks from this show were chosen to be released on this vinyl album for those who were there and for those who were not. "Vincent Van Gogh" and "Fever Pitch" are yet unheard newly recorded versions. Performing the then totally unknown "Moving The Mercury" eventually led to the release of the 7". This live album has captured some of the great moments of the party. Limited to 400 copies !

stations / absorptions


Artist : Paul Chambers 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

stations / absorptions / LP+CD

'Stations/Absorptions' is a comprehensive LP+CD set by Paul Chambers hailing from the UK and being known for his contribution of the 2 stunning tracks "Steering Solo" & "Take A Ticket" to the 'The Apprentices Dance' LP compilation from 1981 (on US Sounds Interesting Records label). Paul Chambers was truly a pioneer of dark minimal electronic music, starting to record already in 1978! It's nothing but pure analogue synthesizer bliss with lots of emotional undertones and the pure honesty of an independent diy artist. The Lp 'Stations' comprises 12 tracks including the majority of his rare vocal tracks (thus also including "Steering Solo" & "Take A Ticket"), recorded between 1979 and 1983, which mark milestones of the minimal electro wave genre while not knowing any boundaries. The CD "Absorptions" comprises instrumental and more experimental tracks recorded between 1978 & 1981, which can easily be lined up with the recordings especially by Chris Carter/Throbbing Gristle and The Human League from around the same time, while Paul also acknowledges the influence of Fad Gadget, John Foxx, early Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Gary Numan, The Normal, Genocide, Cabaret Voltaire, Suicide, Chrome, Cluster, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Thomas Leer and Robert Rental. Limited to 500 copies !!

sleeping city


Artist : Intelligence Dept. 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

sleeping city / LP

'Sleeping City' is the highly anticipated and Anna’s 2nd release in co-operation with the Mannequin label from Rome. Intelligence Dept. were Davide Carlotti, Susanna Zaghi, Stefano Panzera and Gian Paolo Di Federico from Ferrara (Italy). They only ever officially released 3, yet totally amazing tracks on the 'A White Chance' Lp compilation in 1984 on White Studio Recording. These tracks were "Sleeping City", "Too Late To Love" and "Anger (Inside)". In 1985 they recorded a 2nd 4-track demo entitled 'The Big Trouble' but not many people seem to have known about its existence. Intelligence Dept.'s music is a unique blend of melancholic 80's electro-pop with dark/new-wave basses and saxophone action while being fronted by a powerful female vocalist, the lovely Susanna. Intelligence Dept. surely had a great potential to become a bigger or more successful band, but those were the times, like many others they faded into obscurity… but were not forgotten, so here we offer them and you a 2nd chance with the retrospective compilations of the band's works. The vinyl version features all 4 band's compositions from the 'Sleeping City' cassette and all 4 tracks from the 'The Big Trouble' cassette. Whaoh..

any colour we liked


Artist : Chromagain 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

any colour we liked / LP

Chromagain were Luca Pastore, Silvio Ferrero and Davide Bassino from Torino (Italy), and was formed in 1982. They started as a post-punk outfit, then evolving to one of the top-notch Italian electronic dark wave bands. The influence of Joy Division is inevitable, the playful and melodic bass and lots of synthesisers form the backbone to their songs. In 1985 they released their only vinyl mini-Lp "Any Colour You Like", now highly sought-after. This vinyl version of 'Any Colour We Liked' includes the complete and remastered mini-Lp "Any Colour You Like", plus "Wake Up", "Ethnicbox" from the 'Tracce' Lp compilation released in 1984, plus a previously unreleased Dub Instrumental version of "Season Of Steel". Surely a true classic and not be missed !

still human


Artist : Transparent Illusion 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

still human / LP

Transparent Illusion was the brainchild of Roy Young hailing from UK. Equipped with just one synthesiser and a drum kit, he entered Octopus Studios in 1980/81 to record the ultimate minimal electronic music album. Roy’s music is nothing but rather unique, there were not many bands around that created a similar sound, except maybe for Neural Circus that are coming to mind. Once again, Roy is a pristine example that limitation can be the perfect source for a massive amount of creativity. Anyway, Roy seemed to have a great imagination as even though the tracks are mostly very short they are far from being poor in textures, with brilliant analogue synth sounds all through. While the lyrics are a testimony of an angst-ridden teenager living in the Thatcherian-Britain-Cold War era, the music, to some surprise, is coming up with many uplifting moments in terms of unexpected melodic parts. So, over the recent years, some people have described "Still Human" as being the 'Holy Grail' of minimal electronic music. 2nd vinyl release edition limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.. Essential archive ;)



Artist : Beograd 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

t.v. / 7"

Beograd was an electronic pop outfit founded by Dejan Stanisavljevic along with Aleksandar Rodic & Lubodrag Bubalo in Belgrade, Serbia. In 1982 they released their one & only 7" single, the classic and highly sought-after minimal electro smasher "T.V. / Sanjas Li U Boji?", with its wonderful Roland CR-78 drum machine, manually played bass synth and high note sequences, lovely harmonies and Serbian vocals. Then in 1983, their only LP 'Remek Depo' was released. Anna Logue Records has now put together a nice 7"ep including both the original 7" tracks plus the superior track from the album "Mrak", as well as 2 very rough and pretty horrible sounding short instrumental demo recordings of "T.V." and "Mrak', included here for the sakes of obscurity, rareness and fun. Definitely a must-have for all into minimal electro, synth-wave, coldwave or whatever you wanna call it. Limited black vinyl edition including UV varnished sleeve & double-sided postcard with lyrics (both Serbian & English)..

radial emotion / when we were young


Artist : Twins Natalia / Marsheaux 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

radial emotion / when we were young / 7"

Once that Greece's synth-pop heroines Marsheaux had spoken out loudly that "When We Were Young" by Anglo-German electro-pop perfectionists Twins Natalia was the best song in 2008, they both have teamed up for a special double cover version 7" disc. Twins Natalia have covered Marsheaux's wonderful "Radial Emotion" & Marsheaux have done a stunning version of Twins Natalia's "When We Were Young". Prepare yourself for some wonderful melancholic and melodic electronic pop music!

obsessions ep


Artist : Passion Polka 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

obsessions ep / 12"

Passion Polka was an electronic pop outfit founded by Steve Cottier & Keith Leary in Liverpool, presenting here 4 classic analogue electro-pop tracks from 1982-1983 in the vein of Camera Obscura, OMD or Oppenheimer Analysis, featuring the Roland TR-808 drum machine and a little armada of the usual synthesiser suspects made by ARP, Korg, Roland and Yamaha. They only released the impossible-to-find 'Obsession / Juliet' 7" single back in 1982 on their own Kinetic Rekords label. These tracks are now available again on Anna Logue Records' 1st 12" ever, remastered by Marc Senasac and with an addition of 2 beautiful and and previously unreleased 1983 tracks "Lying Next To You" and "Fighting Alone" which feature Siobhan Maher on backing vocals. A must-have for all the aficionados of early 80's romantic electro-pop. Limited edition, 180g black vinyl with UV varnished sleeve with lyrics and DIN A2 poster..

the future is now in your hands


Artist : Red Fetish 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

the future is now in your hands / 7"

Red Fetish was a minimal electronic pop outfit founded by Neale Potts & Mike Richardson from Stoke-On-Trent, UK, presenting here 4 classic minimal electronic synth-pop hits recorded back in 1982-1983 using a rather minimalistic set-up comprising a Korg KR-55, Korg 770, Korg SD-900 and Yamaha CS-10. This one little beauty is especially for those into a more raw and unpolished analogue synth sound in the vein of early Neon Judgement, Neural Circus, Spotch Forcey or Transparent Illusion. Limited edition in solid red vinyl, full colour UV varnished sleeve, full colour labels and double-sided postcard with lyrics and additional infos ;)

half lives


Artist : Mick Milk 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

half lives / LP+7"

Mick Milk was the early 80's musical outlet of Diy-synth master and guitarist Mick M., back then hailing from New York City, USA. Mick recorded a few dozen of incredibly amazing tracks which cannot be described other than superbly creative in terms of using analogue synthesisers for sound design and song arrangement in electronic pop music while adding brilliant and unique vocal moments to the whole. Even though his music was almost abnormally rich in ideas and both technical and playing skills, proper comparisons are other representatives of the weirder kind of electronic pop music and ahead-of-their-times projects such like Richard Bone, Our Daughter's Wedding, John Bender or Der Plan and Devo. In 1982, Mick recorded his one and only vinyl release, 'Half Life' for Cyclops Records. For this album, Anna Logue Records has carefully selected and compiled the 14 most obscure, electronic and label-fitting tracks from his demo tape 'Songs For Citizens' (1982) & a batch of previously unreleased tracks from 1982-83. Absolutely essential !!

sinister street


Artist : The Silicon Scientist 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

sinister street / 7"

Stefan Bornhorst (aka The Silicon Scientist) is finally back and gives us a 1st peek into what is to become the 3rd The Silicon Scientist album 'Outside The Night' which shall be a bit more minimal and pop oriented. "Sinister Street" is actually taken from the album but presented as an exclusive single mix while "Sights" on the flip-side is absolutely exclusive to this 7" vinyl. Being a limited edition, grab your copy while you can!

I avoid strangers / I wouldn


Artist : Twins Natalia / Poeme Electronique 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

I avoid strangers / I wouldn't change me for anyone / 12"

While Twins Natalia are giving their debut album 'The Destiny Room' the final touch they here present their powerful upbeat dance floor killer 'I Avoid Strangers' on this 12"s A-side in an almost epic 8,5 mins 'special extended night version' which should appeal to all into electro-pop, minimal electronics, cold-wave. If this won't become a major hit on the dark dancefloors across the planet, then we really cannot help it... And on the AA side, Poème Electronique, after like 25 years of dormancy, are back! With "I Wouldn't Change Me For Anyone" they present like a sister track to their 1982 classic "The Echoes Fade" and we are so happy they didn't try to tie in with modern trends and rather just be themselves just transforming their very own sound into the modern age by a superb production and high level of professionalism. Beautiful synth sounds, emulations (TR-808), Sharon and Julie's vocals sound better than ever before and Dave's unique and ever present solos that are making this an electronic pop masterpiece that will surely make you wanna long for more. Last but not least, beautiful artwork so far with additional posters and postcards and Poème Electronique's artwork being based on original paintings by German artist Peter K. Endres. All in all really a nice piece of passionate work this is..

ute på vift


Artist : PA Tronic 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

ute på vift / LP

PA Tronic were childhood friends Patric Dimander & Anders Wågberg from Skyttorp near Uppsala, in Sweden. They were active between 1983 and 1985 while in their youngest teenage years, influenced by the electronic pop heroes of the time Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, The Twins, Heaven 17, or Sweden's own Page or Noise. Originally equipped with a Roland TR-606, a SCI Pro-One, a Yamaha CS-01 and an Elka string machine (later to be followed by a TR-909, Korg Mono/Poly, Poly-61, Poly-800, Roland Juno-60), they went off to record their own electro pop hits in their parents' basements, full of awesome manual bass synth 'sequencing', synthetic percussion, meldodies and vocals in English or Swedish. They had quite a bit of hits, just listen to "Sol", "The Future", "Ute På Vift" as well as their epic theme "PA1" or "Söker" which reminds of good'ole F242 times. This album 'Ute På Vift' compiles all rescued recordings from 1983/84 plus adding 2 new recordings of "Ute På Vift" and "Sol" from 2011 to the track list. In 2010 PA Tronic also reformed in order to finally fulfill their dream of recording a proper album. Nothing more to say then but 'Fill your head with PA Tronic!'.

one 3 four


Artist : Isinglass 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

one 3 four / 12"

Isinglass was Jérémie Arrobas and Michael Gabriel, from Montréal, Canada. Both were members of Men Without Hats in the early 80's, before going on to form Isinglass in 1982. Unfortunately they never got any records out, but fame sometimes comes late and now with Anna Logue Records. Equipped with a nice small setup of Roland SH-2/TR-808, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Korg Lambda ES-50/Poly-61 and guests on drums and guitars (Pierre Lacoste, Marc Perusse, Hendrica Verheyden, Mike Lynes) they recorded a couple of songs from which 4 tracks have been chosen for inclusion to this 12"ep. Limited edition, printed hansaboard outer sleeve and double-sided DIN A6 postcard with lyrics and credits.. Whooo !!

beyond the dreams there


Artist : Azure Blue 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

beyond the dreams there's infinite doubt / rule of thirds / 2x12"

Azure Blue's debut album 'Rule Of Thirds' is special because different from the usual early 80's or contemporary minimal-synth or coldwave related releases sold there. This album is simply so special, so utterly beautiful, soft, sublime, emotional and touching. A warm melange of electro-pop, new-wave, shoegaze, or maybe simply termed dream pop as some like to call it, with incredibly strong, catchy yet deep pop songs throughout the album with no drop outs at all... When suddenly the follow-up album 'Beyonds The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt' was announced, with its 1st single "The Road I Know", what a masterpiece of melancholic synth/dream pop so Anna Logue Records couldn't do otherwise than officially expressing their wish to release this on quality vinyl, adding the debut album for a vinyl premiere. So, Azure Blue is the retro-modern synthpop project from Tobias Isaksson (Irene, Laurel Music and Hybris record label), from Stockholm, Sweden, co-produced by studio wizard and multi-instrumentalist Claes Björklund (playing with Travis and who's recorded everyone from A-Ha to Ron Sexsmith). There is hardly a person with a beating heart that would not love Azure Blue, so do yourself a favour and get this high quality double vinyl package with beautiful high quality music, limited to 500 copies.

the destiny room


Artist : Twins Natalia 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

the destiny room / LP

It 'only' took Twins Natalia 5 years to complete their debut album, but to them it just had to be perfect in every aspect, from each sound, note and word to each and every pixel, and quality needs time, trying to create the perfect electro-pop record. In 2008, Twins Natalia was formed when Marc Schaffer played some demo recordings to Dave Hewson who wanted to work on those tracks while graphic designer Steve Lippert spent hours of inventing fictional 'new-wave' or 'minimal synth' band names, song titles and artworks, too, and amongst them was the Twins Natalia moniker, hence the project was born. Sharon Abbott & Julie Ruler (both also of Poème Electronique fame) were recruited on vocal duties and a 1st 7" was released, followed by 2 sampler contributions and an extended 12" (coupled with the revived Poème Electronique in 2012) paving the way to their debut album 'The Destiny Room'. The title 'The Destiny Room' was coined by Dave and described Marc's little home recording studio where all tracks were demoed on almost purely analogue gear and according to his vision of melancholic yet melodic electro-pop, slightly inspired by Experimental Products, Kraftwerk, OMD, Rational Youth and the likes. Dave co-composed, arranged and performed all tracks in his Hewsonics studio using latest technology and adding his incredible playing skills, expertise and imagination, always in close co-operation with Marc so that the analogue spirit remained while being transformed into the 21st century. Sharon & Julie added superbly professional and versatile vocal performances based upon wonderful and substantial lyrics written by Sharon or Steve, the latter making the whole package complete by adding a stunning and perfectly fitting artwork. All in all, a high-class melodic 10 track electro-pop album, never 'cheesy' or too commercial, always still melancholic with lots of attention to detail, complexity and versatility, from the minds of creative people for the active listener, and the dancers, too. Limited edition of 400 copies..

oblique strategy / music for the new depression


Artist : David Sinfield / League Of Nations 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

oblique strategy / music for the new depression / LP+7"

Sometimes, things just happen, rather unexpectedly, as... who has not tried to track down a copy of the 2 records 'For A Moment' (12"EP, Taursus, 1982) and of course, the 'Music For The New Depression' (MLP, Glaze, 1984), from League Of Nations; 2 of those "holy grails" of minimal synth music, so highly sought-after, much money paid for, and eventually bootlegged. And who has not tried to track down this one David Sinfield from somewhere around Los Angeles, USA, the main person behind this one band, the League Of Nations ? Well, neither you found David, nor did we! So what actually happened was... that David found Anna Logue Records, ya, it's as simple as that, sometimes! So, almost exactly 2 years after 1st contact, Anna Logue Records is over the moon to release the complete works of David Sinfield and the early incarnation of League Of Nations. The artwork was designed upon David's remarks on the original design: "the cover of 'Music For The New Depression' was originally to be done on light grey parchment with azure blue letters and thin white shadowing all about. Glass Records thought it would look too much like a "factory" (read Joy Divison product) and changed the colour! Imagine that. The Sinfield album came with a jacket showing a silhouette of New York Harbour (NY Two) with the now destroyed World Trade Center at forefront". Ainstakingly assembled from the original promotional 12"s booklet and other bits by no-one else than Steve Lippert. The audio material was equally painstakingly and delicately restored and mastered by Stefan Bornhorst and sounds nothing but awesome. Limited edition on 180gr vinyl with printed Hansaboard outer sleeve, printed inner sleeves with lyrics, double-sided DIN A3 poster, double-sided maxicard and double-sided DIN A6 postcard with credits. Massive one ;)

white like summer sutures


Artist : Sleep Museum 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

white like summer sutures / LP

After the renowned and out-of-print 2006 album 'Dream Of Waking', this autumn brings us Sleep Museum's 2nd vinyl album on Anna Logue Records, 'White Like Summer Sutures'. While Sleep Museum's (aka Robert Anthony) output has been quite genre-breaking over the last years 'White Like Summer Sutures' combines some of their more rhythmic, sequencer-driven dark minimal electro tracks, recorded between 2009 and 2012. Musical references range from early Front 242 to Portion Control and Skinny Puppy, yet it is always clearly just Sleep Museum. Limited edition of 400 copies on 180gr black vinyl with full-colour gatefold sleeve, DIN A2 poster and double-sided DIN A6 postcard with further drawings, handwriting and layout by Paul Takahashi. Tip !

circus minimus


Artist : The Games 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

circus minimus / LP

The Games were a pioneering 3-piece synth-pop outfit, formed in 1980 and consisting of Brendan Coyle (synthesisers, percussion, vocals), Colin Hughes (synthesisers, percussion, organ, vocals) and Steve Knott (synthesisers, guitar, vocals), from Wirral, UK. The same year, they self-released their 1st 7" single "First Law Of Games" followed by a contribution of the 2 tracks "Unrest In The Real World" and "The Song" to the 'Street To Street Volume Two' LP compilation on Liverpool's Open Eye Records in 1981. Then the band fell apart with Steve moving on under The Games moniker including new band members. Their 7" single 'Dance This Way / Love Canal' still saw its release in 1981. Brendan and Colin moved on as Zephyr In The Swamp, Brendan also played in Some Detergents, and Colin in Sense Of Vision. Dr Paul Skillen (himself of This Final Frame fame) says: "The Games were truly ahead of their time and quite unique in that they played credible well, crafted pop songs in a purely electronic style. They did not ride the wave of synth-pop, they were the early creators. The stories of the band waiting outside Hessy’s famous music store in Liverpool waiting for their orders of the Roland SH-09 to be delivered, emphasised that they were the zealots of the synthesiser phenomenon which was to change pop music forever." Looking back their commitment enthusiasm and industry was truly remarkable. Ironically the songs were not dry and mechanical. The crude monophonic synths and very early Dr. Rhythm drum machine were used creatively to produce memorable, dramatic and emotional pop songs. The Games truly were visionaries and pioneers. They never got the credit they deserved because they were not in the right place at the right time and lacked the contacts good management could have provided. This album is a must for all synth-pop enthusiasts and lovers of quality pop anthems. It earns its place as an historical masterpiece when you consider the dates when these songs were released and the timeless relevance of the songs to the world today. Limited edition of 400 copies !



Artist : Vogue 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

sahara / 12"

Vogue was formed by American musician and multi-instrumentalist Aret Madilian, back then equipping himself with Moog and Roland synthesisers, plus a Boss DR-55 and a piano, and recording two of those ultimate dark minimal synth hits, "Sahara" and "Shattered Peace", think of Das Kabinette, Those Attractive Magnets, Inertia, Ceramic Hello, just to name a few. Aret added Julie Kubat (vocals and lyrics) and Teresa Kubat (vocals) to the line-up and self-released both tracks on their sole release, the "Sahara" 12" in 1983 (Aret Records, Ar 42266). Ultra rare and very expensive in its original form, Anna Logue Records now offers this gem for small money, with a beautifully remixed artwork, and carefully remastered. Dark analogue synth bliss, not to be missed! Limited edition of 325 copies on 140gr black vinyl, printed on the brown reversed side of the board (SUS), remastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition, The Cage Studios), artwork remixed by Steve Lippert. Tip !!

robots, rockets, radiation


Artist : Final Program 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

robots, rockets, radiation / LP

Final Program was a pioneering Scottish minimal synth band, formed in Stirling in 1978. The 1st version of the band consisted of Richie Program and Anne Droid who went fully electronic when EDP launched their first affordable synth, the Wasp, and guitars were ditched. In 1981 they released the instrumental 7"ep 'Protect And Survive' which was also played by John Peel causing it to sell out rather quickly. When Anne left the band, Kennie J. Young was added as a vocalist and Al Robertson joined for a while but went on to form 100% man made fibre. Richie and Kennie toured around Scotland and recorded a 12 track vocal demo album which as other efforts did not lead to signing a deal with a record company. Richie joined forces with Sean Kelly and John Sharp from Those French Girls and they formed Sean Novak who released one 12" in 1984 when Final Program eventually disbanded. Richie still records today under the Helm Of Awe moniker and runs Voltage Control (manufacturer of t-shirts, hoodies, record bags, wallets and mugs featuring graphic images of vintage synthesisers and original designs). This LP entitled 'Robots, Rockets, Radiation' is comprised of all 12 demo tracks and the original 7"ep tracks, making this a rather comprehensive work. Pure and raw, yet playful analogue synth bliss including the hits "Phase One", "Automaton", "Mechanic Dancing", finally a vocal version of "Protect And Survive", as well as a cover version of The Stranglers' "Hanging Around" and an interpretation of Burt Bacharach's "Raindrops (keep falling on my head)". Limited edition on 140gr black vinyl, printed on the grey reversed side of the board (Hansaboard), digitized and mastered by Stefan Bornhorst, artwork by Steve Lippert.

outside the night


Artist : The Silicon Scientist 

Label : Anna Logue Records 

outside the night / 2x12"

Highly anticipated by fans and other musicians alike, The Silicon Scientist's 3rd full-length studio vocal album 'Outside The Night' was 5 years in the making. Complex melancholic synth-pop at its very best, so worth the long wait! Limited edition of 373 copies, audiophile 180gr black vinyl, download code with lots of bonus material (instrumental versions, outtakes, demos, etc.), gatefold sleeve, UV varnish on outer sleeve. Fantastic album !

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