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walk on the ladder


Artist : Silent Signals 

Label : N.E.S.S. Obscur 

walk on the ladder / 7"

The 3rd and last of the trilogy collector Ness Obscur single series (sub label of Invasion Planete). 4 exclusive minimal wave songs from Berliner artist Silent Signals (pure minimal electronics side of Echo West and Intensive Care Unit). Simply the best contemporary minimal wave act around ! Absolutely perfect analogue new wave tracks made of pure synthetic melodies, cold voices and gloomy lyrics. A great atmosphere with authentic feelings for the expression of your coldest emotions. Limited edition to 523 numbered copies. Already considered as a cult piece !

tracking the black hole


Artist : Silent Signals 

Label : Eins:Zwei:Acht 

tracking the black hole / LP

Long awaited first album by D.T.Klein's project Silent Signals. Originally created for the French label Invasion PlanŤte, on which the cult single 'Walk On The Ladder' was released in 2003, Silent Signals soon became a minimal electro 'alter ego' to the more industrial-orientated main project Echo West. Several compilation appearances followed, as well as a split CD with Martial Canterel in 2007. The 1st long player has been long in the making but it was worth the wait: inspired by deep space fascination and the idea of life within a world of pure darkness, 'Tracking The Black Hole' combines neo-romantic wave anthems, flexi-pop playfulness, angst-pop coldness and EBM efficiency. The whole served with D.T. Klein's unique touch and unmistakable voice. Limited edition of 313 hand numbered copies in black vinyl and heavy board cover. TIP !!

supernova party people


Artist : Silent Signals 

Label : Eins:Zwei:Acht 

supernova party people / LP

To all party people out there! Listen to the signals! Electronic instruments from now and then are calling out to you out of the galactic depths of Silent Signalsí 2nd album. On 'Supernova', the Roland and Korg sound range of the 80's unfold side by side with the Doepfer sounds of today, while melancholic vocals ever reaching out for cheerfulness tell us of cosmic primal forces, human emotions and human destruction. Come out and dance with us on the interstellar dancefloor !

infiltration of love


Artist : Silent Signals 

Label : Hertz-Schrittmacher 

infiltration of love / LP

Fantastic killer mini-album by Dortmund's Silent Signals, the minimal electro project of Dirk Torben Klein (also known for his other projects Echo West, Flashbacks, Fallen Appart, Intensive Care Unit and Trans-Active Nightzone). Limited to 300 copies, hand-numbered, printed inner sleeve, with sticker !

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