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Artist : Scorpion Violente 

Label : Bruit Direct Disques 

untitled / 12"

Here is the follow up to the debut split 7" of this band together with The Dreams on Hex Grammofoonplaten. A 12" ep with 3 tracks of electronic music that is as punk as electronic music can get ! Minimalistic and rough synth-punk in late 70's - early 80's style. Think ICK, Crash Course In Science but with a bit of a weird touch from time to time... Really nice release by this Parisian label !



Artist : Scorpion Violente 

Label : Avant! 

uberschleiss / LP

Scorpion Violente is gay beast from France obsessed with analogue trash electronics and bad sexual habits. After unleashing a first 7" split the great 12" "Rome Violente" on Bruit Direct, you had the pleasure to meet on your path earlier this year, this 2-headed monster gets its 1st full-length album out right now on Avant!. This Lp features 8 longs tracks of pure mental disease from the middle of nowhere. Musically speaking this is a sort of sick mix between Giorgio Moroder italo-disco, the paranoid minimal wave performed by Suicide in 1977 and the early industrial-wave electronics by Cabaret Voltaire. Comes in full color sleeve plus insert with awesome artwork and nasty lyrics, and secret engraved message. 2nd pressing edition of 300 copies on red vinyl for your obnoxious taste ;)

the rapist


Artist : Scorpion Violente 

Label : Teenage Menopause Records 

the rapist / LP

After a 1st remarkable effort in 2010, the punks with synths of Scorpion Violente return with the mini-LP 'The Rapist' on Teenage Menopause. Scorpion Violente is a good provocative lexical field: 'The Rapist' thus, but also tracks as "Fugue De Pute Mineure", "The Cherrypopper".. combined with cheap 80's porn pictures. The mosellan duet digs the same groove since its debuts: dirty synths, military beatbox and scattered voices lost for humanity. That smells warm beer. It feels debauchery. It is glaucous as a backroom of Budapest. But nevertheless this is so good! From the first notes of "Pumping Iron", the poison infiltrates, insidiously. Melodies picked by Scorpion Violente are simply unstoppable. You have only one will: dance, but guts sight. In the middle of the mini-LP, appears the tearing UFO "Strychnine". Almost pop. Rather moving. Follows the eponymic piece "The Rapist", which finally turns out to be the softest track of the record in spite of its threatening title. We assist a high Mass psyche of more than 11 minutes on the dancefloor. High sensitive guys they are ;)

the stalker


Artist : Scorpion Violente 

Label : Bruit Direct Disques 

the stalker / 12"

A flaming tribute to the peaks of low budget Italian crime flicks and to synthwave as lubed-up as we need, poisoned with synthetic drugs and the rust from circuit boards, Scorpion Violente are the epitome of everything the entrepreneurial divertimento generation hate. Feeling up their synths with all the vigor of a manic depressive on a downward slope, our 2 hosts emit their dirty feedback-washed discharge, adding Ich Bin and Le Syndicat Electronique to their holiday activity books. The tempo is even slower than before, with echoes more distant than In Aeternum Vale and Ike Yard dripping from their stabbing loops. Litanies almost crashing into chasms ooze in this cold cyclo-rhythmic blues, sure to make Alan Vega turn in his grave. Sick, sordid old crooning spat like bile from a wounded animal, fairy tales of ordinary madness, everyday nightmares and steel-reinforced rock ab from Lorraine, drifting in the cold gas-clouds of sulfur-laced heroin. These dudes are not fucking around, they go all the way. No remorse. Life rules most when it sucks, and maybe it's right there, in the firmament of famine, in the atrium of deserted factories, where the last vestiges of poetry survive. They sure kept us stewing since their 1st ep, but it was well worth the wait..

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