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my ranch is your ranch


Artist : Rutherford 

Label : Stilleben 

my ranch is your ranch / 12"

"My Ranch Is Your Ranch" is composed by 5 tracks of acid dripping funk tracks, with classic synth lines, ace drums and that certain x-factor that wins your head over. This is one of the best Rutherford's ep released on the providential Stilleben label (run by Luke Eargoggle). Rare and Out of Print record. You'd better be fast on this one !



Artist : Rutherford 

Label : KONDI 

cessna / 12"

Beautiful deep electro release from Gothenburg-based artist Rutherford, on our favourite Danish electro outfit : KONDI. More raw analogue journeys, classic electro stylings and a true love for those deep aquatic synths. 6 tracks for all Drexciya lovers !

data surge


Artist : Rutherford 

Label : Stilleben 

data surge / 12"

Electro from Swedish producer Rutherford. Produced in Gothenburg in 2014. Versatile release with a smashing closing track named "Three Hours". Limited to 200 copies !!



Artist : Rutherford 

Label : Brokntoys 

singularis / 12"

For its 6th outing, the UK label has managed to coax a release from Rutherford, aka Swedish producer Ronnie Johansson, who had a track on 'Guests Of Reality', a split release issued by Brokntoys late last year. Although he has been putting out records since the late 90's, 'Singularis' is one of the 1st occasions that he has not released on Stilleben, the label run by Luke Eargoggle. Its loss is Brokntoys' gain and Johansson delivers a series of underground cuts that reinforce the fact that while trends and hype are transient, electro has a sense of permanence. At times, the approach on 'Singularis' is stripped back in extreme; "Spoken Word" revolves around robotic drums, a churning bass, coruscating stabs and little else. In other instances, Rutherford mines a far richer and deeper sound. Both "Learn Leave" and "Ringer" have the churning bass and the kind of mysterious synth melodies that are audibly influenced by Drexciya. However, neither are cheap knock-offs and "Learn Leave" in particular sees Johansson work a vocal that moans and growls into the track's fabric. The title track also provides an indication that electro producers aren't content to remain in a narrowly defined bracket. Staying away from the dancefloor, its synths have an icy, detached feeling, like the early 90's ambience of Autechre or The Black Dog, but against this backdrop, Johansson works in what could be a vocal sample. Its ghostly presence shimmies through the austere soundscape, lending a human touch to the track's robotic form. 'Singularis' doesn't offer a manifesto for radical change or creative upheaval, but it does show that this 40-year-old sound won't be suffering a mid-life crisis anytime soon..

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