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n'en parlons plus / un monde sans évasion possible


Artist : Police Des Moeurs 

Label : F.K.K. Musik 

n'en parlons plus / un monde sans évasion possible / 7"

Police Des Moeurs is a synth-pop band formed in 2010 in Montreal by Francis. Other members are Anouk (vocals) and Fred (analog synth geek). They play cold, melodic and nostalgic music for broken hearts and dark minds. Police Des Moeurs is the soundtrack for the nuclear night, a transition moment toward a post technological and post ecological world. The world after the future. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. Nice, as usual on this Kernkrach sublabel ;)



Artist : Police Des Moeurs 

Label : Visage Musique 

untitled / 7"

Police Des Moeurs may be Alphaville's greatest export since Lemmy Caution and Anna Karina. The duo intuitively know when to let sequencers speak for themselves, when to chime in, and when to command their drum machines to play another remorseless fill. Best experienced while observing brutalist architecture, a worn existential paperback in your pocket. Limited edition of 200 on white vinyl ;)



Artist : Police Des Moeurs 

Label : Mannequin 

untitled / LP

Police Des Moeurs is a minimal synth-pop band formed in Montreal in 2010 and they give the francophone perspective on what Black Marble, Lust For Youth and Cold Showers did in English in 2012, as well as fitting in with the output of Lescop. Their debut full-length, after some quicky old out singles, is permeated by a cold, melodic and nostalgic music for broken hearts and dark minds. Police Des Moeurs is the soundtrack for the nuclear night, a transition moment between the end of utopia and the final ecological disaster. The world after the future. Police Des Moeurs main influences and interests are underground aestheticisms (1979-1981), industrial transformations and the process of electrification, norms and deviance, nuclear and environmental anxiety as well as paranoia, secret agents, spies and political extremists. Limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl !

ceux qui restent


Artist : Police Des Moeurs 

Label : Mannequin 

ceux qui restent / 2x12"

Montréal synth-punk quartet Police Des Moeurs returns on Mannequin Records with a brand new full length entitled 'Ceux Qui Restent', the most dynamic and incendiary record of the group's career, following the highly-acclaimed self-titled release from 2013. While the 1st effort was mostly about how we're all separate from each others, the 2nd one is all about to getting over it and trying to fight it. As vocalist and synth player Francis Dugas explains: 'most of the new LP is about links, love and caring (in PDM style, obviously). The title is 'Ceux qui restent', which means 'Those Who Stay' or something like that. Ceux qui vivent la tempête jusqu'au bout.' Still raw, but more direct and minimal than the 1st LP, 2 tracks feature Pete from Dekoder on bass guitar. Double LP edition (limited to 250 copies) with the add of the 'Punk Tape' LP, previously released on cassette by Runstate. The 2nd LP contains covers of Chron Gen, Reagan Youth, The Headcoatees, Trotskids, Antisect, Anti-Cimex, Rudimentari Peni and Ludwig Von 88. Only 1 copy available !!!



Artist : Police Des Moeurs 

Label : Mannequin 

dédales / LP

Montréal synth-pop band Police Des Mœurs is one of the finest and rawest bands in the minimal-synth and coldwave scene. 'Dédales' their 3rd LP, is keeping the pure energy of their previous efforts while leaving greater room for atmospheric and textural considerations. The album will lead you into the passage zone between civilisation and wilderness, a mysterious place where truth, lies, light and darkness collide. For fans of New Order, Martin Dupont, Rational Youth, Xeno & Oaklander... Limited edition of 500 copies !

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