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texas, brooklyn and heaven


Artist : Orgue Electronique 

Label : Crème Organization 

texas, brooklyn and heaven / 12"

This record shows that Brian Chinetti (aka Orgue Electronique) won't be trapped in a genre. "Texas Brooklyn Heaven" has a distinct Chicago house sound. However as always, this artist manages to leave something like a personal autograph. It just combines everyhting you heard from Orgue Electronique before : the minimal analog filtered sounds, the sleazy disconess, the stiff yet funky repetitive basslines, all are combined in a typical 1988 Chicago sound taking it to a level of it's own. And that spells Fresh !

arcadia ep


Artist : Orgue Electronique 

Label : Stilleben 

arcadia ep / 12"

Arcadic electro from Holland on our favorite Sweden’s obscurest labels. Funking rolling electro disco tracks from The Hague. Orgue Electronique recorded this 6 track ep spiced with ice cold minimal electro and disco with fine driving sequenses wich will make you crazy. Make shure you check this hard to find record released in 2002.. Dope !

rare & unreleased 1998-2004


Artist : Orgue Electronique 

Label : Crème Organization 

rare & unreleased 1998-2004 / CD

Chronicling some rare and out of print tracks from Orgue’s sordid past, featuring tracks from such elusive and legendary compilations from the glory days of the 2nd electro-wave as : “Opening Night At Ford’s Theater,” Th”e Pussytive Conclusion, D”isc”o Undead, Hol”lan”d Ferox and ma”ny others, rounded out with some unreleased tracks and easter eggs from the Sternstudio vaults. Remastered and enhanced by the same dude that cut Bohemian Rhapsody in 1975, so you pretty much can’t go wrong with this ultimate carjacking collection, that should take you at least 160 kilometers closer to any destination. Limited to 100 copies for the time being. 100% glitch free this time!!

the garden


Artist : Orgue Electronique 

Label : Creme Organization 

the garden / 12"

Hot Chicago influenced tracks by Legowelt's buddy Orgue Electronique. Orgue has been dropping some amazing tracks last years... So we couldn't wait to hear his new release ! And it turned out to be magic again. Every release seems to be better then the one he did before ! 5 cool Mr Fingers influenced tracks with a touch of Nu-Groove NY early 90 house flavors. And as cherry on the cake there is a great remix by James Cotton (aka JTC) which totally sounds like a club smasher... Recommended..!

the eye that never sleeps


Artist : Orgue Electronique 

Label : Bunker 

the eye that never sleeps / 12"

Brian Chinetti's debut release. 9 tracks of dope minimal electro with strong influences of I-f and Dopplereffekt. 2010 repress on red vinyl. A nice chance to get this high-in-demand essential ;)

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