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control I'm here


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

control I'm here / 12"

An other Classic EBM track from Nitzer Ebb (1987). It souds like "Let your Body Learn" with subsersive lyrics. A clear inspiration for Le Syndicat Electronique at that time. B-1 : uptempo track with a more punk inspiration. B-2 : 7" version. Great One !

let your body learn


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

let your body learn / 12"

An agressive "hymn" from 1988 by Nitzer Ebb, with Front 242 they are the resourceful creators of the EBM (Electronic Body Music) genre. "Let your Body Learn" is the perfect track to get a frenzied crowd. B-2 : Instrumental B-3 : Hardcore mix. A Must !

hearts and minds (mix hypersonic)


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

hearts and minds (mix hypersonic) / 12"

"Hearts and Minds" released by Nitzer Ebb in 1989 (their most prolific year), builds a compelling soundtrack that exorcises their own sense of despair. It still sounds incredibly modern. Thses tracks have been a huge source of influence for lots of current artists that we won't named :-) Run to this Plate !

shame redesign


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

shame redesign / 12"

This is one of the really good single of Nitzer Ebb released in 1989 on the UK Mute label. Always in their engaged and agressive EBM style but combined here with also a touch a minimal electro-pop, "Shame" gives a really interesting compromise. B-Side : "Backlash" has a slower beat and sounds quite like Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Effective Quality ep !



Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

ebbhead / LP

Ebbhead finds the group bringing their new fascination with more traditional song approaches to greater heights. Douglas McCarthy's lyrics are much more of a story/narrative kind in this album than the endless commands of the past, while his voice, if still sometimes intentionally strained, shows much greater fluidity and range than before. Similarly, the killer arrangements show even more detail and variety. Good One !

let your body learn / control I


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : NovaMute 

let your body learn / control I'm here / 12"

Nitzer Ebb's classics getting remixed by Terence Fixmer & The Hacker. The Fixmer's version of "Let Your Body Learn" is more dance orientated, f-m style, so itís kind of different from what Nitzer Ebb did. The Hacker's remix gives Nitzer Ebb's "Control I'm Here" a more smashy techno touch.. Fresh !

as is


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Mute 

as is / 12"

"As Is" was an awesome ep that was released in 1991 and coincided with "Ebbhead" lp. "Family Man" is just taken from the album but the other tracks stand out as being some of the best non album tracks ever by Nitzer Ebb. "Come Alive" should have been included on "Ebbhead" and it should have been its own single and video. The lyrics, vocals and drumming on this track are some of the best I have ever heard. "Lovesick" and "Higher" also should have been included and I have no idea what prompted the band to make this seemingly strange and odd decision.. This was the last great release from Nitzer Ebb before they just lost it completely !

basic pain procedure


Artist : Nitzer Ebb 

Label : Pylon Records 

basic pain procedure / LP

Available now for the 1st time ever is Nitzer Ebb's 'Basic Pain Procedure' on vinyl, which many fans consider, the holy grail of their catalogue. This release which comprises some of their earliest material ever, was a cassette-only release that was primarily a tool to attract attention from record labels but was also available for purchase at the time. It was recorded in the Essex countryside in 1983, a year after the band played their 1st ever show at the Chelmsford YMCA, and was virtually the extent of their then live set. After this initial recording a slew of new songs were written that eventually went on to form the debut album, 'That Total Age', and, with the exception of "Home" which was reworked into KIA for the 'Belief' album, the 'Basic Pain Procedure' tracks were replaced never to be heard again. The release also contains a double sided insert with the alternate black & white cassette cover and rare photos and flyers from that era. Only 600 copies are pressed in total, here on black vinyl.!

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