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futuristic abeba


Artist : Nacho Patrol 

Label : Kindred Spirits 

futuristic abeba / 12"

Nacho Patrol (aka Legowelt), a banging 4 track 12” on a electronic space journey tipping the borders of raw afrobeat funk combined with deep house grooves. Limited run ! First 12” on the newly born Kindred Spirits sublabel : KSE, a sub-label for futuristic sounds, experimental electronic music and beyond. Future Classic...

the maze of violence (il labirinto di roma violenta)


Artist : Nacho Patrol 

Label : MinimalRome 

the maze of violence (il labirinto di roma violenta) / 12"

This obscure lost soundtrack for an even more obscure (and also lost and never finished) ''Italia Violenta'' cop movie was recently discovered when I bought the dusty reel tapes from a restaurant owner in Fiumicino, a seaside town near Rome. ''Panter 777'' aka ''Il Labirinto Di Roma Violenta'' aka ''The Maze Of Violence'', he told me, was directed by Gervasio Giardano in 1981 and was considered too (politically) explicit by the movie production company who dropped the project after the first screening. The soundtrack, an explosion of wahwah funk riffs and juicy analog synthesizers, was composed by an obscure band called Nacho Patrol. The restaurant owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was one of the band members and composed most of the tracks. Hahaha...

presents... the africa jet band


Artist : Nacho Patrol 

Label : M Division Recordings 

presents... the africa jet band / 12"

Nacho Patrol presents The Africa Jet Band, a 6 track ep of mind blowing afro-cosmic jams. Legowelt's side project Nacho Patrol surprised many last year with its great debut ! And this time its no different... incredible that this is all done by the same guy ! Legowelt's Nacho Patrol is moving from deep slowjam safari anthems, fuzzy psychedelic afro-funk to early NY Loft style atmospheres, join The Africa Jet Band as the traverse the darkest corners of the dark continent. Recommended !

the africa jet band experience


Artist : Nacho Patrol 

Label : M Division Recordings 

the africa jet band experience / 12"

Nacho Patrol is back with the "Africa Jet Band Experience" ! Psychedelic excursions into lo-fi afro-exploitation, deep disco, mind-expanding fuzz guitars, synth trumpets and huge organs on this high intensity drama and adventure. Shanty town romance, vodou princesses, safari mishaps. Super limited edition pressed on orange vinyl..

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