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faded heart


Artist : Mushy 

Label : Mannequin 

faded heart / LP

1st full-lenght vinyl of Mushy, the stage name of Valentina F., 26 years old sound-experimentalist rising from the dusty ruins of Rome, making music all by her lonesome since the year 2003. Mushy unveils here her double sided synth-wave and kraut-psychedelic soul, being deeply influenced by the works of Cocteau Twins, Minimal Compact, ect.. 'Faded Heart' is able to produce soundscapes which open the listenerʼs doors to strangely nigthmarish illuminated "nocturnal sacrality". The sound architecture reveals a charming world, made by the mixture of analog drum machines loops and an effect-processed bad off acoustic guitar found in a flea market with only 4 strings, burgeoning cold drones, tempestuous noises, spectral chants which rise at the surface. For the lo-fi atmospheres and the tales of lost loves, 'Faded Heart' might be considered the italian answer to the magnificient Zola Jesus release "The Spoils" on Sacred Bones. Home-recorded, 'Faded Heart' was lately mixed and processed at Mannequin studio with a full analog setup. Incredible !!



Artist : Mushy 

Label : Mannequin 

breathless / LP

On 'Breathless' Italian artist Mushy takes the blueprint laid down on her debut 'Faded Heart' and blows it up to an analogue hd, a deep, evocative and immersive listening experience that cocoons the listener in sensory loss and ecstasy simultaneously. On 'Breathless' there's a sharper focus on the sound and textures of her craft. Legendary 4AD artists A R Kane feature on her single "My Life So Far", and indeed it's that label and much of the satellite work in the mid 80's that most informs 'Breathless'. While more understated than the likes of Liz Fraser or Zola Jesus, Mushy's vocals are ghostly, expressionistic and suggestive of a netherland just beyond the realms of dream. On tracks like opener "To Be Lost" there's a mournful, glacial shift of swooping synths and bass emphasising the lyrics' drift. The singular atmosphere pervades the whole record, never letting go, and on tracks like "Night Dress" it descends into a darker, lurking place rich in imagery. Elsewhere the precise snap of vintage electronics pushes and pull the listener into a hypnotised state that far surpasses Mushy's previous work. One of the best album of 2012, here on grey vynil repress!

my life so far


Artist : Mushy 

Label : Mannequin 

my life so far / 12"

Shoegaze pioneer A.R. Kane makes a rare appearance on this compelling single from Valentina Fanigliulo's 'Breathless' album as Mushy for Milan's Mannequin. The melancholic beauty of "My Life So Far" appears in ghostly album and dub versions, sanguine vocals suspended in metallic guitar tendrils above a shy, recoiling bassline and mournful chorus of synth pads rendered in blissful misery. But the most haunting mix features the plangent touch of Rudy Tambala aka A.R. Kane, who suffuses an icy layer of crystallising electronics and chiffon guitar billows around Mushy's gorgeously opiated glossolalia and that heart-sinking bass. Exclusive to the B-side of this 12" and not on her 'Breathless' LP, "Phantom Love" offers a frosted instrumental parting with cold warehouse reverbs on code-murmuring machine rhythms and elegant pads recalling classic John Carpenter or Chris Carter. A seriously strong record limited to 300 copies, highly recommended ;)

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