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Artist : Molly Nilsson 

Label : Night School 

zenith / LP

A sweeping, cinematic, emotional change is in the air. DiY cult figure Molly Nilsson's 6th studio album 'Zenith' begins with clear, wide eyes open to Earth as we would love it to be but seldom is. Recorded in her home of Berlin and whilst touring and, as ever, conceived, produced, written and recorded in solitude, 'Zenith' is Nilsson's big statement and consequently her most affecting work to date. It sees her reveling in big arrangements, sweeping synth strings, bigger choruses and emotions. Like the rest of us she looks within and to endless sunsets in wonder and puzzlement. 1st press on white vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Including lyrics insert & download code ;)



Artist : Molly Nilsson 

Label : Night School 

single / 7"

Peek-a-boo! An artist in her songwriting prime, hyperactive with the possibilities of the world despite the global zeitgeist forever shifting, Molly Nilsson sent us 2 new songs around the same time as the tracks for her new album 'Imaginations' that were incredible pop tunes on their own right, yet just too long to fit on 'Imaginations'. Like much else in Molly's career, we decided to break the mould, not follow album-release protocol, and surprise you all with this double AA a mere fortnight before Imaginations hits the shelves. "About Somebody" seems to be about somebody, or maybe even somebody's body, about desire too, perhaps. How else to interpret the line 'Babe I want to party with you every night, and have a hard-on for the rest of my life?' But this is a Molly Nilsson song, and this is empowering content. Over a rousing, even anthemic, verse/chorus one-two, a soaring synth-string hook that rides the handclaps beautifully, we're soon left wondering whether our beloved narrator is really focusing on the 'other' at all. Love lets you down: treat it mean, keep it keen, and remember if you can't love yourself how the hell are you gonna love any body else? On the flip, "Quit (In Time)", is a classic minor-key Nilsson elegy to obsession and addiction, sounding almost close to an early 80's Springsteen love-story. Here we imagine Nilsson at the piano, her heart a resounding bell for all longing. If about somebody is the tumultuous onset of an affair, here we're hopelessly drawn to the flame, unable to leave alone that which causes the sweetest pain. It's a universal theme, the longing for something we shouldn't have, and Nilsson seems to elucidate the feeling with a precise, razor-sharp lyrical nous that fans will instantly recognise. 'Single' is about the self and the other; about navigating the love of others that tries to trip us up. But it's also about you. 'Single' is because you're worth it.



Artist : Molly Nilsson 

Label : Night School 

imaginations / LP

Molly Nilsson is now our well-established soulmate, sister and fairy godmother. In 2015, Molly Nilsson's 'Zenith' broke new ground for her, fast becoming her biggest selling album to date, winning her new acolytes. For us, Molly Nilsson is beyond other songwriters and singers. A lyricist so nuanced and honed that each epithet speaks directly to the heart, removed from the humdrum of everyday life and industry. For an artist who has so successfully created her own environment and gradually let others in, her 8th studio album 'Imaginations' sees Nilsson directly engaging with her surroundings, engendering change and allowing love in. 'Imaginations' dreams big, recasting storming, stadium-sized pop into the internal language of the solo auteur. 'Imaginations' is not escapism, it's a kaleidoscope and an alternative view, an agent of change. On 'Imaginations' Molly is recasting her interior monologue as a prism through which to see the world, a means to live differently and to reject the status quo. We can Think Pink, change our destiny together. This is an optimism about the future when we need it the most. Standard black vinyl edition !

follow the light


Artist : Molly Nilsson 

Label : Night School 

follow the light / LP

"The closest we'll ever get to heaven, with a stolen six pack from 7/11, and though the city sleeps I better she never dreams, she never dreams like you and me." The beginning moments of Molly Nilsson's 2nd album 'Follow The Light' now seem like the start of a personal mythology that was to reach further than she could have imagined. Few contemporary artists have so seeped into the underground pop psyche than the Stockholm-born songwriter. After releasing her debut 'These Things Take Time' on hand-made CDrs, Nilsson's follow up was a leap in scope and ambition. Of course, the personal takes on a tumultuous life in Berlin and the journeys to and from it inform the songs as before, but there's a growing maturity in the songwriting in evidence. From the diary pages of 'These Things Take Time' to a growing stature as a songwriter in touch with the universal, 'Follow The Light' contains many of Nilsson's now firm fan-favourites. "The Closest We'll Ever Get To Heaven" is classic Molly Nilsson. Over plaintive piano chords and little else, Nilsson narrates a story of doomed friends lost, the onset of an East German winter reminding the singer of a time lost, nostalgia frosting the windows to the past. "Meanwhile In Berlin", perhaps a passing nod to Leonard Cohen in the melodic refrain, opens up the sonic palette, with synth strings fitting Nilsson's delivery perfectly. "Never O'Clock" is a pure pop moment, with a lilting funk and percussion adding a carpe diem immediacy to the album's flow. "Last Forever", which remains a staple to live encores now, 7 years later, is fist-pumping melancholy that only Molly Nilsson knows how to do. It's over before it begins and begs eternal repeat. "Truth", a synth pop song that sees Nilsson exploring the upper and lower registers of her voice, feels like a lost chart hit from the mid 80's. "I Hope You Sleep At Night", a vitriolic lover's admonishment gives way to one of Nilsson's most popular songs: "I'm Still Wearing His Jacket". It's a sentiment that needs no real explanation: the mementos of a completed love affair remain in our wardrobes waiting to hurt us all over again. "Hello Loneliness" could also be an updated Leonard Cohen song, a peon to melancholy which reminds us that Nilsson has a knack for distilling the complex into sharp epithets. We end on one of Nilsson's greatest songs. "A Song They Won't Be Playing On The Radio" is so finely loaded with emotion that it's the singer's reserved delivery that makes it so powerful. Standard black vinyl edition !

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