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elliot ep


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : Bunker 

elliot ep / 12"

5 Pametex or Ectomorph like minimal electro tracks by Luke Eargoggle on Bunker Records. Deep, dark, cold electro from the Nordic territories (Sweden). A sinister electofied film noir soundtrack by this Stilleben local causing mad chaos for Den Haag's heroic Bunker label.

flexible views ep


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : KONDI 

flexible views ep / 12"

Luke Eargoggle returns on this home grown Swedish imprint to deliver 6 tracks of upfront 808 electro. The vintage Eargoggle sound is in full effect, drop stabbing analogue basslines over solid 808 electro beats, vocoder's and swirling analogue strings adding to the plastic vibe. Future Classic !

bored dudes society


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : Stilleben 

bored dudes society / 7"

Record produced by Luke Eargoggle in the end of the 90's and which is also the last 7" on Stilleben records before they were staring to make 12". This one is a mixture of obscure electro and acid techno. Rare so Out of Stock everywhere record. Tou know what to do !

pawns of the field


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : Kust Musik 

pawns of the field / 2x12"

New album from one of our favorite pure electro producer of the moment ! Pawns Of The Field is a 13 tracker LP of variated electro music from fast dancefloor styles to more relaxed listening titles but all in the vein of Krafwerk, Dopplereffekt and freestyle electronix. Some of them like "Drinking and Smoking 2006" was released on his first ep on his own label Stilleben in 1999. The LP also includes some collaborations with the French vocalist Nancy fortune, on the track "Twilight". Check It !

ghetto style ep


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : Bunker 

ghetto style ep / 12"

Sparse and luscious, five tracks of booty, Hague style released in 2001 on Bunker. Deep 808's, dirty murmuring, gargantuan synths, creeping rhythms with more than a whisper of John Carpenter in there, this is as synthetic as you could possibly wish !

atari nightshifts


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : KONDI 

atari nightshifts / 12"

"Atari Nightshifts" is an incredible strong and pure 6 track electro record with the sounds of the past and tomorrow. With phat analogue basslines, beautiful and sad melodies, Luke once again shows us his amazing skills when it comes to originality and love for oldschool production methods. "All Engines Work" is a class-result of this ! A true killer on the floor ! After months of hard work it might very well be one of the best Eargoggle 12" so far...

lightwriters infovox ep


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : Stilleben 

lightwriters infovox ep / 12"

Earogoggle & Inkinen produced track in their signature mind bending style. Highly limited picture disc mini-LP. Recommended..!

audio warriors


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : Bunker 

audio warriors / CD

Very limited CD release, containing what is unarguably Luke's best production work thus far. Revisiting Bunker after guest spots on his own Stilleben label and the Catnip eps on which he collaborates with Legowelt, this is one amazing electro album. If you fetishize the imagined futures of darkstyle detroit music, or covet the kind of crazy, minimalistic robot sounds brother ron hardy kept down his trousers, then get this. Electro with a twitch then, eerie voices and a kind of twisted acidlined 'stiff white funk', the mighty Juan Atkins would be rightfully proud. Bad-intentioned vocal fuels the paranoia nearly to breaking point and an all in apocalyptic nightmare setting threatens to take all present gleefully over the edge and into the void. 'Split Personality' more than sums this up; cheery stuff!!. More future, more dark, more of everything than previous Bunkers, more Detroit, just give me more...

train to illusion


Artist : Luke Eargoggle 

Label : Borft 

train to illusion / 12"

We had to doublecheck that this was indeed the 1st time the mighty Luke Eargoggle had graced Jan Svensson's Börft label, such is their shared Diy ethos and heritage within Scandinavian electronics. But here we are with 'Train To Illusion', the Börft debut for Luke Eargoggle and a wonderful 4 track foray into the classic electro sound the Swede has become renowned for. "Deep Sea Reminder" is a delight that could easily snap on for a lot longer than its 8 minute reminder, but the record doesn't stay on this hopeful note throughout. Indeed there is a ruff and ruggedness to "Optical Illusion" which will probably appeal to the Helena Hauff's of the world, whilst "Frau Bowie" could easily be mistaken for a Panzerkreuz B-side. Tip !!

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