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life after breakfast


Artist : Los Microwaves 

Label : Celluloid 

life after breakfast / LP

This crafty and tack sharp San Francisco art wave unit veer from Null And Void and Christian Lunch like damaged synthy post punk to the askew femme vox new wave peppiness of The B-52's, Family Fodder and The Waitresses, though there's enough zippy synth and rhythm box bits littered throughout to qualify this as being at least tangentially minimal synth as well. Huge...!

life after breakfast


Artist : Los Microwaves 

Label : Dark Entries 

life after breakfast / LP+CD

Los Microwaves was a San Francisco-based synth-punk trio who formed in 1979. The main line-up included Meg Brazill (vocals, bass, synthesizers), David Javelosa (vocals, synthesizers), and Todd 'Rosa' Rosencrans (drums, bass). Their recorded output consisted of a handful of 45's and their lone LP, 'Life After Breakfast', released on the legendary Posh Boy records in 1981. Creating sound and music from the fusion of techno-punk, new-wave pop, and electronic music, Los Microwaves featured a quirky audio theater that was best experienced live and from the dance floor. Sporting a combination of earlier portable synthesizers, bass and processed percussion, the music continues to deliver a unique groove. 'Life After Breakfast' contains 13 songs full of teen angst, jerky rhythms, melodic chants, and punky shouts. Meg's vocals are cheeky and peppy, recalling the anti-pop sound of The B-52's, Devo and early XTC. The band also sings in Spanish occasionally, making them San Francisco's 1st bilingual nuevo wave group. Los Microwaves toured coast to coast for 3 years. Upon moving to New York City, Interview Magazine's Glenn O'Brien wrote that they were 'possibly the greatest rock band ever'. After 2 more national tours, the band played their last show at New York's Danceteria in March 1983. The vinyl comes housed in the original jacket featuring iconic photo by Jack Abraham. Each LP includes a 12-page booklet with lyrics, photos, liner notes, and clippings. Also included is a full length DVD featuring a 15-song Los Microwaves concert from 1981, recorded at the I-Beam in San Francisco, as well as in interview with the band and the official music video for 'Life After Breakfast'. More than 30 years after its release, we can finally answer the question: yes there is there life after breakfast ;)

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