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dust on common


Artist : Led Er Est 

Label : Wierd Records 

dust on common / LP

Led Er Est was founded in 2007 by Samuel Kloovenhoof and Shawn Noeq, later adding Owen Stokes to line-up, based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2008, they were featured on a split 7" with S.S.P.S. on the Avant-God label and released one track one the "Wierd Compilation Vol. II: Analogue Electronic Music 2008". Top album !

poll gorm


Artist : Led Er Est 

Label : Captured Tracks 

poll gorm / 7"

Falling into the sub-genre known as "cold wave", this 7" is an absolutely gorgeous re-interpretation of what 80's goth was. The lyrics are dark. They croon mournfully over minimal guitar and sparse, simple touches of synths and drums. It really sounds like this trio were born of that post-punk scene that spawned such morbid romantics as Siouxsie, Robert Smith and Peter Murphy. Although I've made a lot of references to things already firmly established with worn welcomes, there's something about the warmth of vocals and the minimalism of the guitar that makes it feel like a new take on the old. Whaoh !!



Artist : Led Er Est 

Label : Captured Tracks 

may / 12"

Following up their excellent Wierd Records debut LP 'Dust On Common' & a limited European split-12", Led Er Est return with a new 12"ep, the aptly named 'May', their 2nd release on Captured Tracks. The trio describe the record as a collection of theme-based songs, almost like a dark sci-fi film soundtrack. The songs were written at various points some were written on the long drives over their last European tour. Side A opens with the dancefloor friendly "Lonsome XOXO", a song about a girl obsessed with death, while "Plants" contains a cosmic disco bassline and use of 12-string guitar, showing their influences fall outside the narrow margins of electronic music. This is further evidenced by "Madi La Lune" an ode to British underground songwriter Bill Fay. Side B gets darker and heavier with the apocalyptic sci-fi synth punk opener "Opto 5". This mood continues into "May" and ends with the instrumental brain melter "Drosophilia Melanogaster". Fantastic release !

the diver


Artist : Led Er Est 

Label : Sacred Bones 

the diver / LP

Cool coldwave LP working within tight parameters but with stylistic agility making for an engagingly dramatic and varied session. Led Er Est emerged from a series of jam sessions that core members Shawn O'Sullivan and Sam De La Rosa started having in early 2007, using bass guitar, some cheap drum machines, and synths. They were inspired to record music largely by 70's synth prog, and 80's lo-fi electronic and industrial music. Here on this LP, they create a thick wall of atmospheric soundscapes using vintage analog recording devices, samplers, and synths using sci-fi soundtracks and cold wave as reference points. Excellent !

dust on common


Artist : Led Er Est 

Label : Mannequin 

dust on common / LP

2017 reissue of one the best minimal-synth / coldwave albums of the past 15 years. 'Dust On Common' from Led Er Est (aka Sam De La Osa, Shawn O'Sullivan & Owen Hutchinson) was originally released in 2009 by the seminal Brooklyn based record label Wierd Records. The band's 1st LP showed the 3 pieces clearly breaking out the minimal-synth underground they have been a vitally integral part of since its inception in Brooklyn to create an undeniably contemporary set of highly crafted and restrained, icily psychedelic pop songs.

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