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disphoria 1985-1989


Artist : L.A.S.'s Crime 

Label : Mannequin 

disphoria 1985-1989 / LP

L.A.S.'s Crime (the initials stand for Lord Arthur Savile's Crime, a famous short novel by Oscar Wilde) is an electronic band from Siena (Italy) founded in 1984 by Sandro Marchetti (vocals, synthesizer, programming) and Maria Elena Brogi (vocals, synthesizers). With a music sometimes soft, sometimes melancholic, but always fully electronic the duo from 1985 to 1989 L.A.S.'s Crime produced 5 demo tapes and a studio album registered at Sound City studio of Florence, but remained unreleased for label close. During the 5 years of activity (85-89) the band had various additional members for the live concerts, but the original nucleous always have represented the true creative engine with more than 60 songs in a few years.. Some of this songs have survived for 25 years exclusively for users' choice, spreading through the web. Today, 13 selected songs can have finally a new life on vinyl, giving to the listener a small piece of 80's remained intact... Limited edition 300 copies including a 16 pages booklet with unreleased photos and lyrics.

mutatio (modified)


Artist : L.A.S.'s Crime 

Label : J.A.M. Traxx 

mutatio (modified) / LP

Formed by Sandro Marchetti and Maria Elena Brogi and active during the second half of the 80's, L.A.S.'s Crime are named after Oscar Wilde's tale 'Lord Arthur Savile's Crime',a short semi-comic mystery story that was published in 1891 along with 'The Canterville Ghost', 'The Sphinx Without A Secret' and 'The Model Millionaire'. This particular name reflected Sandro's way of conceiving the lyrics. Take, for example tracks like "Land Of Nothing", "Silent Words" or "Infect Dawn" coming from the 'Inanitas' tape, they are written in a style that remembers poems or late nineteenth literature. They produced 6 demo tapes during those years ('Five Lies', 'Anomaly', 'Inanitas', 'Electa' and 'Korobi') plus 'Abyss 43', an unreleased album, and during the last 20 years their music was hard to find. The last year the label Mannequin released the track "I'll Merry Go Round" on the 2nd volume of 'Danza Meccanica' compilation and after few months issued a band compilation containing 13 tracks coming from their 1985-89 demos. These releases revamped the audience's interest into the band. It was time for Sandro to try something new and started to work on the old tracks just to give them a new life. Thanks to J.A.M. Traxx we have 'Mutatio (Modified)', a vinyl album limited to 300 copies containing 7 reworked versions of old songs remixed by L.A.S.'s Crime themselves, FerDJ Dms (Ferdinando Maggio remixed 'Epode' along with the band) and DMKD (Canadian band formed by David Kristian and Mary Davidson that remixed 'Flax Girl Room'). Using always the original synthesizers, Sandro added and substituted some sounds succeeding into giving to the songs more strength and energy keeping also the original atmosphere. If with the compilation 'Disphoria 1985-1989' you discovered the music of a good electronic cold-wave band, on 'Mutatio (Modified)', you'll be carried away by the final result, as they sound powerful compared to some of the nowadays bands that are in love with those sounds but they are part of the original scene... Tip !!



Artist : L.A.S.'s Crime 

Label : Domestica 

mesmérique / LP

Not everything is known and explained. On the fall of 18th century Mesmerism managed to transform simple suggestions into the modern hypnotism known today, throwing the basics for other scientific disciplines largely diffused in our times, as psicotherapy, psychology, music therapy. 
But the animal magnetism conceived by Mesmer was only a pseudo scientific practice, it worked for other causes than those believed by its own discoverer. 
Sometimes things work perfectly for reasons man cannot understand. L.A.S.'s Crime, an italian duo fascinated by electronic music, started its activity in 80's with a long list of demo tapes, partecipating to several compilations and later recording 2 vinyls for well known european labels.
 'Mesmérique' is their 3rd album reissued for Domestica Records, created with 11 original recordings taken from their 80's 4tracks demotapes, but restored today in a professional studio: you will be scattered into a path of 11 vivid and hypnotic visions never reissued before on vinyl. Tracks are ordered chronologically, from the 1st to the last years of 80's, showing the creative travel of the band towards the decade.
 Listening after listening, you will gradually become more conscious of the hypnotic nature of this music, full of contrasts, filled with endless repetitions echoing into memory in mysterious ways: a concise and minimalistic style who has kept alive this music during the last 30 years, by porting it from tape to cd, and later through internet, from a fan to another, from a musical genre to another, from a decade to another. 
This music has been jealously preserved by those who knew and loved it: but the simplicity of its structures, the oblique melodies, the small length of the songs, are apparently weak reasons for this 30 years long devotion, it is somehow plausible there can be other reasons, far more complex to explain than it would be legitimate to believe. 
So no coincidence that the tape is also called magnetic stripe, and that the turntable is a magneto acustic device. Edition of 300 copies including an insert with lyrics and additional information. Hand-printed with letterpress.

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