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Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : Capitol Records 

trans-europe-express / LP

Another jewel produced by the german band in 1977 : "Trans-Europe-Express" belongs to the Hall of Fame. This track would be the starting point of many new music styles : Hip-Hop, Pop, Techno, Ambiant... Absolute cult record. Minimum sounds for maximum effect.



Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : Capitol Records 

radio-activity / LP

One of the first electro music album of all times (1976) ! The Magnificients, The Creators, The Genius : Kraftwerk. Futuristic electronic synth-pop, with the most outstanding sounds for that time. But even nowadays, Kraftwerk remains very fresh. Always copied, Never egalized ! Terrific pure and precise minimal electro : emotional at its best. One of the earliest album of the band ! One of the most eclectic too. Including the universal theme : "Radio-Activity". New and under blister ;-)

expo 2000


Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : Kling Klang 

expo 2000 / 12"

These recordings are the result of an order passed for the 2000 Universal Exposition in Hannover. The sound remains really kraftwerkian, purely synthetic, always with this look on the huge past of this band (robotic sound, dancing, perfect melodies). The 3 different remixes of "Expo2000" are all really interesting and clearly identified. The very funky hit "Mix 2002" is a Must Have ! It seems like Time stopped in 1986, even 1991. Ralf and Florian's sensibilities remain the same as their early years. Good Dope !

musique non stop


Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : EMI 

musique non stop / 7"

Taken from the album "Electric Cafť", this is the end track of every live concerts of Kraftwerk. A classic for every fans of the synth pioneers.

showroom dummies / the model


Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : Kraftwerk (white label) 

showroom dummies / the model / 7"

Gorgeous, collectable picture disc 7" featuring "Showroom Dummies" on the A-Side and the classic "The Model" on the flip. Digitally re-mastered and the version of "The Model" included here is an alternate take not on the "Man Machine" albumÖ

electric cafe


Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : Warner Bros 

electric cafe / LP

Classic lp "Electric Cafť" reissued on 160g gatefold blue vinyl and remastered. Although it came out in 1986 after computers had revolutionized music for ever, the German electro pioneers still managed to up the ante with this amazing album and itís classic cuts... For robots only...

ultra rare traxx


Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : PNC Records 

ultra rare traxx / 2x12"

Superb 2xlp compilation of hard-to-find classics by German electronic legends. Still sounding fresh today, every cut is a killer and illustrate beautifully why this influential band are held in such high regard. All tracks are full 12" rare, extended and alternate versions and cut loud for dj play.. Massive !

computer world


Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : Kraftwerk (white label) 

computer world / LP

Beautiful coloured re-issue of this classic and long out of print album from the originators of electronic music. Includes all our favorite Kraftwerk's tracks... Limited pressing. Know your history ;)

computer world (tt2010 edit)


Artist : Kraftwerk 

Label : Kraftwerk (white label) 

computer world (tt2010 edit) / 12"

Wicked bootleg single-sided release on yellow vinyl. Includes the TT2010 edit from Tangoterje who take on this classic Kraftwerk masterpiece which still retains the pure 80's electronic sounds. Nice ;)

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