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Artist : Guyer's Connection 

Label : Kernkrach 

untitled / LP

Tibor Csebits and Philippe Alioth from Switzerland were approximately less than 18 years old when they released the self-produced LP album "Portrait" in 1983, which is one of the most wanted old-electro releases nowadays. This new release on the German electro-freak label Kernkrach is a collection of wonderful vintage-electro songs from 1982 to 1984, taken from old 4-track tapes that have been rediscovered per chance. This LP is released in a strictly limited edition (300 copies) and sold out every where so you'd better be fast !



Artist : Guyer's Connection 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

untitled / LP

Guyer's Connection were a Swiss duo that started making electronic music in 1982. Tibor Csebits and Philippe Alioth were merely 14 and 15 years old and were armed with simply 2 synths, a drum machine,and a 4-track tape recorder. They are best known for their highly-sought after self-produced and released album "Portrait" in 1983. It is now considered a classic minimal synth pop masterpiece. Several other members joined the band in 1984 and worked together for some time. Philippe Alioth has been very active in the music business writing, producing, and running a Swiss studio as well as running a Swiss label (Sonic Content). This extraordinary collection of tracks was discovered in a dark recess of Philippe's achives of 4-track tapes in his studio. The tapes were recorded from 1982 to 1984 but were rediscovered in 2005. A portion of the songs were restored,remixed and remastered. Medical Records in collaboration with Philippe Alioth is proud to present another presentation of these glorious tracks. Featuring 13 tracks (including several never before released and a few reworked versions of tracks released in 2005), this will appeal to all lovers of minimal-synth, electro-pop, flexi-pop, and the like. Standout tracks include the vocoder tinged "Discoqueen II", the hyper-catchy "Är Isch Schön", and a slightly modified version of "He Sabine!". New tracks include an interpretation of a German children's song and "Macky Messer" featuring words by Kurt Weill. The LP features newly created front and back artwork. Presented on 180gm green vinyl in a limited edition of 600 hand-numbered copies. Must-Have !!



Artist : Guyer's Connection 

Label : Minimal Wave 

portrait / LP

Reissue of the seminal 1st album from Swiss wavers, Guyer's Connection. Tibor Csébits & Philippe Alioth formed Guyer's Connection in Basel, Switzerland when they were only 14 & 15 years old. At the time they were in a new-wave rock band called Kurtzschluss which they decided to break from in order to make purely electronic music. They began with 2 synthesizers, a drum machine, a 4-track tape recorder and a multitude of ideas. They channeled their unique and humorous vision into their 1st album, entitled "Portrait" which they produced themselves and self-released in 1983. Over the years, the album became a highly sought after minimal synth cult classic. It stands alone as one of the strongest examples of Swiss minimal-wave, and probably the only one that is in Baseldytsch. The Portrait reissue is presented in a high quality gloss sleeve, with artwork to match their original sleeve design from 1983. The record features newly remastered audio pressed on 180gr black vinyl, as a hand-numbered edition of 999. Must-Have!

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