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Artist : Group A 

Label : Mecanica 

70+a= / LP

Group A's Throbbing Gristle-influenced industrial synth-noise as always grown hand-in-hand with their arresting, conceptual live performances, making albums difficult artefacts to assess. From their noisy debut 'A' in 2013 to the same year's follow-up 'Initiation', there was a clear progression though, and their new 3rd album, '70+a=' is a further step forward. Group A's music always operated in the realm of minimalism, but they now wield the same limited range of tools with greater assurance and control, not to mention greater musicality. Sayaka's violin, which used to be limited to harsh, scraping atmospherics now on tracks like "We Are Surveyors (Ver.2)" flirts with tone and melody. That confidence also feeds into a newly assured approach to the minimalism and repetition that defines much of Group A's sound, with the "Yami -Saitei No Taisei-" a simple, sparse opening track that resists the temptation to fill out the sound with noise and ends up all the more atmospheric for its lack of atmospherics. The 8-and-a-half-minute "Kikaika" kicks off with a similarly sparse approach, but demonstrates Group A's growing accomplishment with deploying small shifts in the sonic layers to dynamic effect, its minimal synth-pop bass gradually overwhelmed by a building cacophony of samples. Dynamics and discord will only get you so far though, and on '70+a=' Group A also surprise by showing a nascent talent in more straightforward aspects of songwriting. Labyrinth may take the form of an abstract drone, but its superficially amorphous structure gradually reveals an Enoesque, Velvetsy ebb and flow that goes beyond soundscapery. Somewhere in its black mechanical heart "Suffocated" is an actual for real pop song (in the early 80's French minimal wave Kas Product sense at least). While Group A undoubtedly remain in thrall to their impeccably cool influences, '70+a=' also shows a group continuing to push their own creative envelope. Over the relatively short period since their 2013 debut, they have grown from a wild, raucous live conceptual art experience into something far more musical, and they don't appear to be slowing down.



Artist : Group A 

Label : Mannequin 

untitled / 12"

Berlin-based, Japanese industrial synth duo Group A's debut on Mannequin Records. Tommi Tokyo & Sayaka Botanic play pinball on your synapses with the body-sparking metal dance jabs of their eponymous debut as Group A for Mannequin. Over the last few years the duo have built up cult acclaim thru a tight handful of self-released CDrs and tapes and their incendiary live shows in Tokyo and more recently Berlin, which they now call home, bringing them to their 1st record proper. A-side is given to the zinging bullet train momentum of "T.O.P.", where they hammer out a martial tattoo of drum machines, shark-toothed 16th note arpeggios and robotic vocals which, rather brilliantly, work at the intended 45rpm for brisk pacing, or at 33rpm +8, if you're that way inclined. Think Factory Floor meet radioactive buttplugs. B-side, they channel that energy into something like a distant, numbed echo of The Neon Judgement's 'The Fashion Party' with illegible vocals delivered by an 8-bit gremlin, then trap your swede in a maze of psychotomimetic delays to emulate the most intense nitrous buzz of yer lyf.

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