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we are still searching


Artist : Gosub 

Label : KONDI 

we are still searching / 12"

After several releases on the Frustated Funk and Device labels, the founder of the electro miami based label Isophlux come back here with a beautiful 5-track EP. Drexciyan inspired sounds with superb melodies on it. Recommended to hear it in your car while looking at the landscape !

low volume lovers


Artist : Gosub 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

low volume lovers / 12"

Shad T. Scott (aka Gosub) returns with "Low Volume Lovers" features 4 tweaked electro-tech tracks that somehow can't stop reminding us of the classic Other People Place album, brimming with that textured Detroit musicality underneath a shimmering splice of electroid strands built for the floor. If you're into that or the more tempered Drexciyan destroyers, this will fill in the gaps very nicely indeed. Ace...

watchers from the black universe


Artist : Gosub 

Label : Citinite 

watchers from the black universe / 2x12"

Miami’s Gosub (aka Shad T. Scott) returns with "Watchers From The Black Universe", his 1st full-length album since the 1999 Isophlux classic, "A Collection Of Mind Frames". With his string of timeless electro singles on respected labels Frustrated Funk, Point One, Kondi and Device; Scott knew it was time to take the Gosub project to the next step in its natural progression. Using nothing but ancient analog technology and his trademark low-slung basslines and melodies, Gosub explores further into the unknown. Top LP !!

the last time...


Artist : Gosub 

Label : Citinite 

the last time... / 12"

"The Last Time..." is the new ep from the much respected Miami artist, Gosub. Expanding on the electro-funk experiments from his previous releases, these tracks are a sleazy stab at predicting funk’s future. The intro track, "The Broadcast", appears in instrumental form on the vinyl, and sets the tone for the ep with its laid back slide. "The Last Time I Saw You" picks the pace up, setting yearning synth work against an oscillating electrofreak backdrop, whilst "Towards Your Middle" sounds like the kind of music that exhausted sexdroids would power down to. "Black Nova In G" is a jazzier interlude and evokes the soundrack to a flight through the cosmos. But "Eyes Of Nimrud" reminds us why we are here – with a nervous synth designed to induce dancefloor spasms, this is electro-funk at its filthiest. "Keep It Raw" rounds out the ep and in effect summarises a tenet of this release – with a minimum of parts, funk is at it’s most effective when it is stripped down. Incredible..

night mal'ach


Artist : Gosub 

Label : Transient Force 

night mal'ach / 12"

Transient Force is releasing a milestone of an ep with the "Night Mal'Ach". Gosub (aka Shad T. Scott) focuses on the signature, dark melodies and moody sounds that characterize electro. He cleverly composes an extremely catchy record, while maintaining the raw analogue sound and sensibility of a seasoned veteran. Limited to 500 black copies !

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