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the 21st door


Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

the 21st door / 2x12"

Excellent album released in 2003 by GD Luxxe (aka Gerhard Potuznik) on the US Interdimensional Transmission label of Ectomorph. Lots of 80ís throwbacksappear referenced next to dirty ass electro. Here Gerhard turns his hands to what has influenced him, the dark and very spooky "My Guiding Ghost" and the distorted but melodious "New Definition" are the best examples. Underrated sundry album that deserves our respect !



Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Breakin' Records 

superamerica / 12"

Second ep-single from the album "Submission" released in 1999 on the uk Breakin' Records label (led by Dmx Krew). Electronic pop with 80's influences, plus a more experimental unreleased track and an instrumental version of "Airforce One". Check !



Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Breakin' Records 

submission / LP

Cracking album from Gerhard Potuznik. Electronic pop tribute to New Order's real songs, though the vocals veer into Ian Curtis territory. Eclectic and pure at the sametime !



Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Suction 

vendetta / 12"

Vendetta is a vocal 5-track ep from GD Luxxe (aka Gerhard Potuznik from Vienna - Austria). Electro-pop music that would not sound at home on the International DJ Gigolos label (this is not techno music dressed in black leather and florescent pink gloves, no). Timeless variety electronic music. Here GD Luxxe takes the sound of classic-era New Order as a starting point, and makes his own statement for 2002. Honest, memorable, and sincere tracks for the home and for the dancefloor !

21st door rmxd


Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

21st door rmxd / 12"

One of GD Luxxe's (aka Gehrard Potuznik) best albums gets a special remix treatment. Cool...

airforce one


Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Breakin' Records 

airforce one / 12"

Debut Breakin' release from Gerhard Potuznik. New Order influenced electro-pop from Vienna (Austria), with 2 remixes from DMX Krew on the B-Side. Classic !

the 20th door


Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Interdimensional Transmissions 

the 20th door / 12"

Hard pounding (Joy Division influended) electro wave 6 tracker by Gerhard Potuznik. Great record !!!

between zero and eternity


Artist : G.D. Luxxe 

Label : Ersatz Audio 

between zero and eternity / LP

Produced by Gerhard Potuznik, Ramon Bauer & Electronicat, GD Luxxe's latest incarnation, this time for Ersatz Audio, seems a million miles removed from Potuznik's previous outings, especially for those made for Mego. It's a nasty, trashy, highway speedfreak drive through punky trash beat craving and plastic pop; a post electroclash beast of a record that won't go down lightly. Check...

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