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bas relief


Artist : Eleven Pond 

Label : Dark Entries 

bas relief / LP

Re-issue of the debut album by Eleven Pond. Long sought after by collectors, the Rochester, NY band only released a single lp in their time together before dissolving into obscurity. Their sound (a merging of post punk’s dark dance and synthpop’s melodic arrangements), reflected the originality of gifted songwriters who met in art school with a shared interest in 4AD and Factory Records. The recordings on this release comprise the band’s entire recorded output and the lp includes an original insert including photos, lyrics and liner notes. Eleven Pond officially parted ways in 1987 but nearly a quarter-century later these recordings prove how vital they remain. Must Have Repress edition !!!

watching trees


Artist : Eleven Pond 

Label : Angular Recording Corporation 

watching trees / 12"

Eleven Pond's "Watching Trees" provided one of the poppiest moments on Angular's 2010 compilation 'Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics', bringing them to the fore of the renewed interest in coldwave after 25 years in the wilderness. The band formed in Rochester, CA in 1986, and self released their only LP 'Bas Relief' the following year. 2 & a half decades later "Watching Trees" has taken on a life of it's own, having been wholeheartedly embraced by a new generation of synth-pop kids and sounding fresher on the dancefloor than most electronic body music today. Unmissable!!



Artist : Eleven Pond 

Label : Dark Entries 

assemblage / LP

Here is the long lost sophomore album by Eleven Pond. The band formed during the mid-80's in Rochester, NY, while attending art school, and were brought together by their shared love of 4AD and Factory Records. They released their debut LP 'Bas Relief' in 1986. Before breaking up in October 1987, the band recorded 8 songs that would sit in abandoned storage containers for over 25 years. 'Assemblege' collects these multi-track recordings, which were originally made between march 1987 and july 1987. The lineup for this period was James Tabbi (vocals, acoustic guitar), Jeff Gallea (bass, drum programs, vocals, synthesizer), Jack Schaefer (electric guitar), Dan Brumley (sequences, samples, vocoder) and new member Tim Masick (electronic drums). 'Assemblage' is a logical progression from "Bas Relief" and will satisfy listeners who were left wanting more. The songs are driven by strong melodic basslines, atmospheric synth washes, and textural guitars. James' signature new-wave vocals sound more British than American, recalling the best of New Order or Depeche Mode. Tim Masick's drum programs add an electro element to Eleven Pond's Diy sound. Their primary influences were Joy Division, Fad Gadget and Echo & The Bunnymen, as well another obscure American college rock band, For Against. The vinyl comes housed in silk-screened jacket designed by Jeff Gallea. Each LP includes a double sided 11x11 cardstock insert with lyrics and photos. 25 years later we can finally enjoy this set of songs rescued from obscurity.

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