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radioactivo tour in Deutschland


Artist : El Aviador Dro 

Label : Metawave Music 

radioactivo tour in Deutschland / 7"

A very limited (300 copies) El Aviador Dro (sp) single for the Radiactivo Tour in Germany has been released in 2003 on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. 2 quite poppy minimal electro tracks to feed your brain !

la chica de plexiglás


Artist : El Aviador Dro 

Label : Munster Records 

la chica de plexiglás / 2x7"

A very special reissue of a milestone in Spanish music history. El Aviador Dro´s first two singles (1980 and 1981) on a deluxe repackage. Spain´s own Kraftwerk meets Devo meets The Residents. Munster label from Madrid releases their two first singles "La Chica de Plexiglas" and "La Vision" on a very special double single set (2X7") with two bonus tracks recorded in 1980 for a third single that never came out. Gatefold jacket, coloured vinyl, limited edition. Superb collector item !

sintesis : la produccion al poder


Artist : El Aviador Dro 

Label : PIAS 

sintesis : la produccion al poder / 3x12"

"Síntesis" was El Aviador Dro 2nd album release and came as a box set in 1983, including the lp's "Tesis" and "Antisesis", an additional 7" plus a 50 pages booklet dealing with some of their social, ecomonic and futuristic reflections laid down in various manifests. Musically, after the acquisition of new drum machines and synths, they presented a more versatile mix of light electro-pop tunes, darker minimal electro-wave, industrial influenced tracks, everything in between. Also featured here is the great (and quite different) 12" version of "Selector De Frecuencias", the complete "Amor Industrial" 12" and "Vortex" 12". So, for all you vinyl junkies out there, no need no more to search for the expensive originals or compromise with the cd versions, here’s the one for heavy rotation on your turntable ! 3LP massive box sets, limited to 500 copies...

alas sobre el mundo


Artist : El Aviador Dro 

Label : PIAS 

alas sobre el mundo / 2x12"

That collective of various individuals surrounding master mind Servando Carballar from Madrid (Spain), were the masters of minimal electro pop & techno pop ! No wonder that out of this collective also the cult rhythmic industrial group Esplendor Geometrico did evolve. Anyway, Aviador Dro was incredible synth sound and ideas, most brilliant drum machine programming and those beautiful and melodic Spanish male vocals. This newly issued 2lp rerelease features their output from 1982 which were most probably best records : the "Alas Sobre El Mundo" lp, the "Nuclear, Sí" 7", and the "Programa En Espiral" 12". No doubt : this music belongs to any music collection. Must-have limited to 500 copies !

cromosomas salvajes


Artist : El Aviador Dro 

Label : Mecanica 

cromosomas salvajes / LP

One of the most influential Spanish techno-pop bands from the 80's is finally taking back to life one of their most successful albums. Originally released in 1985, 'Cromosomas Salvajes' marked a big step forward on the career of El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros Especializados. While keeping their message in support of the working class, nuclear energy and futuristic vision, this work had a top production, more dynamic compositions and included some of the fans favorites: "Himno Aéreo", "La Ciudad En Movimiento" and "El Color De Tus Ojos Al Bailar". This new pressing has been restored and remastered from the original tapes. This beautiful LP edition comes in yellow vinyl with gatefold jacket with an exclusive postcard, one sticker and includes all tracks from the original issue plus the B-side "Tejidos" and the unreleased track "Europa Arde En Mi Interior" that was originally composed for the famous Eurovision song contest. Limited to 400 copies !

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