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overland travelling


Artist : Dynarec 

Label : Nature 

overland travelling / 2x12"

Whilst the electro-beast can often become dragged down in a quagmire of sonic tail-chasing, there remains a core of artists who still seem able to revive the flagging genre and make you realise why you were interested in the first place. Dynarec is thankfully one such candidate. A Gaelic vendor of atmospheric machine-music, Dynarec follows firmly in the footsteps of Drexciya and with this new lp (on Marco Passarani's Nature Records), he has managed to combine just the right amount of aquatic dub, tech-fuelled beats and grandstanding synth-action. Opening through the may-fly burst of "Solstice part 1", Dynarec really hits his stride on the shimmering electro of "Overland Traveling"; wherein all manner of minimal-electro beats, padded bass and glittering synths play themselves out in commendably epic fashion. Elsewhere, "Banta" gets extra-sinister through some throbbing squelches, "Her Sensation" sounds like a jovial Radioactive Man, whilst album closer "Solstice part 2" encroaches on Global Goon territory without losing any dignity... Rich album !

yellow trigger ep


Artist : Dynarec 

Label : Southern Outpost 

yellow trigger ep / 12"

From the mysterious mind that brought you upfront electro on such labels as Delsin, Nature, Kondi & Vaporwave, Dynarec strikes again bringing straight up dark, robotic electro-techno to the human population. Check !!



Artist : Dynarec 

Label : Vaporwave 

lagomorph / 12"

Needs no more introduction... The 4th release on his own label, bringing us four tracks of hi-level & energetic Drexciyan electro. Excellent !



Artist : Dynarec 

Label : Vaporwave 

handjob / 12"

Model 500 and Drexciya mixed together gives Dynarec.. probably the most productive French guy in the electro-techno scene at this moment. Dropping one hot release after another... Must have for all fans of Model 500, Drexciya, Aux88 and Underground Resistance. Tip !

legendary days


Artist : Dynarec 

Label : KONDI 

legendary days / 12"

12" with tracks from this talent with strong parallels to the sound of Drexciya and Elecktroids. Without being a 100% copy of these classics Dynarec is able to fill in some very emotional and melodic workout that makes you wonder; how is he able to do that? Playing piano since he was 6 years old could be an answer to his performing skills. He created his own label with the more straight forward techno side of himself called Vaporwave. In fact Dynarec has never really been an electro freak. He just let things come and go. The 1st minute some soft and very melodic stuff, the other some real hard techno tracks with strong references to both Germany and Detroit. This ep is for sure an electro masterpiece that remind us of the aquatic world of Drexciya. Very nice and emotional tracks with an incredible use of bass, rhythm and pads that makes the tracks seem very simple, effective and still advanced enough to make them damn interesting ;)

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