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trust me


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Murder Capital 

trust me / 12"

5 tracks wide. Shocking 12” from one of the most disturbed electro labels we know and love, possibly the finest 12” on the label to date. "The Terminator" kicks off proceedings with expected Tron darkness, a stripped down electro crunch tweaks alongside a rough vocoded narrative, sci-fi city with a twist of destruction. "Trust Me" is up next, shifting gears towards something altogether different. Detroit electro dictates the styling here, a kind of Dexter meets Drexciya assault overflowing with warm synths and underwater rumbles. "Dedication" on the flip sounds like a more squashed, faster version of Carl Finlow’s tightest electro, while the vocoded accompaniment imbues proceedings with a strong Kraftwerkian tinge that’s perfectly in keeping with the Old Skool meets Futurism vibe of the whole EP. Mastered by Alden Tyrell and produced with I-F. KILLER !!!

the beat


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Monotone 

the beat / 12"

What's the common point between N ovamen, Los Hombres Nova, Dream Disco, Get It Boyz, The Hasbeens and Los Muchachos Gruesos ? Dj Overdose of course ! having written since the mid of the 90's some of the best electro cuts made in Den Haag (Holland) on prestigious labels Murder Capital, Bunker, Das Drehmoment, Panama Racing, Viewlexx... A-side : stripped down bassline, “The Beat” slowly mutes into a relentless nasty rocking mayhem based upon breathing samples, synthetic voices, hip hop lyrics and top notch scratchin'. Genius. Next is melodious “Drift Away”, made of sharp analogue synth lines, this kraftwerkian ode serves a fresh oldschool-ish electro that will probably not seem to be outdated during the next 20 years. The flipside keeps the pressure with killer “It's Dj Overdose”, melting with success rough beats, brilliant 808 drum programming, b-boys samples, vintage tonalities and heady vocoder, this ghetto tech tune is a real tribute to Miami. As insane as “Kleun De Megamix”, the following cut which offers to the 12'' one of its hottest pieces ! Incredible tunes guarantying you to set fire to many dancefloors... Huge and Vital !!!

in for the kill


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Strange Life 

in for the kill / LP

After releasing numerous classics such as Novamen's "Lies" (with Mr.Pauli), The Hasbeen's "Make The World Go Away" (with Alden Tyrell) and Dreamdisco's "Take Me Home", the "Dose" is back with another haunting solo lp on Strange Life. And this might very well be Overdose's magnus opus so far. Beautifull filmic melodies and TR-808 beats tell us stories where Charles Bronson and John Carpenter deal with Soprano's mobstyle adventures somewhere in a cold war 70's timeframe. Tragic, defeatistic drama only Overdose can deliver...Very Nice ;)

2012 ep


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Lunar Disko 

2012 ep / 12"

Dj Overdose has been responsible for some of the finest electro to come out of Holland over the past decade, releasing on labels such as Murder Capital, Viewlexx, Bunker, Monotone, and more recently on Strange Life Records. This time Overdose returns with the 2012 ep on Dublin’s Lunar Disko Records, 4 killer electro cuts delivered in true Overdose style. Soon to be a Classic !!!

master control


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Viewlexx 

master control / 12"

After being returned from his abduction by aliens from the hidden planet Nibiru, Dj Overdose was given an alien synthesizer the 'HAEX-HRLL' as a thank you for all the cerebral research the aliens did on him. On returning back to Earth all Dj Overdose had to do was finish the 6 tracks the aliens had started to work on, which became this ep. Straight forward techno-hop electro-funk without any fancy-pants pretentious hooha. It's like a black and white movie which makes you think 'why the hell is there colors anyway?!' After completion, the only record label he could imagine being fit for such rawness would be Viewlexx... and so here it is.

bizarro world


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Creme Organization 

bizarro world / 2x12"

The bomb that should have dropped way back when. After a career spanning almost 2 decades Dj Overdose debuts on Crème with his 1st full length album, upon which we remark with carefully considered understatement: 'A veritable tour de resistance in film noir electronics, 'Bizarro World' is a dank and dark alley made flesh. Overdose's heavy soulful beats and soundscapes snatch your dreams right from under you like a shadowy kleptomaniac, masterfully pairing melancholy and ennui with fear and voyeuristic tiger-lurking-in-the-bushes paranoia. So lock up your future plans or you might very well find yourself without any'. For those who don't know, Dj Overdose is one of the OG's of the La Haya underground, one half of Novamen and the other half of The Hasbeens with classic and sought after releases on Bunker, Viewlexx, Murder Capital, Clone and Strange Life to name a few. In his spare time he doubles as a hand model for Bruce Willis :D

techno hop


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Neon Finger 

techno hop / LP

Synth-funk, boogie, hip-hop, electro-funk and simply freaky rythms on the new album by Dj Overdose 'Techno Hop'. Where the prolific artist from the Dutch west coast scene exhibits 8 new outstanding tracks filled with classy electro-funk and the freshest hip-hop manners. A sublime, intense and astonising piece of music, remarkable as an example of the finest electronic nowadays. Tip !

mindstorms ep


Artist : Dj Overdose 

Label : Craigie Knowes 

mindstorms ep / 12"

From his debut in production at the turn of the new millennium onto his most recent deeds on the likes of Ron Morelli's L.I.E.S., Dj Overdose (aka Jeroen Warmenhoven) has remained true to the sound legacy of the underground Dutch scene and its flagship imprints Bunker, Crème and Viewlexx - carving out a unique and consistently inspired body of work that keeps giving, one release after the other. Back on Glasgow-based Craigie Knowes, the Dutch producer steps up with the aptly-named 'Mindstorms' ep to dish out a masterclass in spacewalking electronics and Detroit-imbued electro grooves. This one has received huge praise in reviews from Les Yeux Orange and Inverted Audio, with the record also being tipped by Mixmag's electro writers and XLR8R magazine's Rebecca.

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