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biometric id


Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Clone 

biometric id / 12"

Dopplereffekt's most mysterious alter ego deliver 2 tracks, each from the opposite end of the laboratory. "Biometric Systems" is the beat-driven number which almost seems to re-wire the 2 step genre on its swinging groove, and throws a superbly simple melody over the rough edged beats backed by a looped bassline to create an instant classic. The flipside takes things into the white lab with "Biometric ID" which is beatless until almost the close, coming close to the material on Dopplereffektís Linear Accelerator album, Sci-Fi soundscapes and eerie machine vox delivering a tense and deep excursion.

der tonimpulstest


Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Gigolo 

der tonimpulstest / 12"

Absolutely legendary and corking first Der Zyklus (aka Dopplereffekt) 12" on Gigolo Records. "Der Dammerung Von Nanotech" is a classic cut, sharp arpeggiated blips and bleeps create a fine rhythm under the crisp and tight electro beats. "Der Tonimpulstest" has a harder edged winner with the title track, a tad darker, and heavier and you have a perfect compliment for this damn fine 12" !

cherenkov radiation


Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

cherenkov radiation / 12"

Frustrated Funk is the chosen medium to release the next phase in Dataphysix's research and experimentation of electromagnetic radiation. 4 takes of electromagnetic waves that are constructed to travel through different sequences. This is the universe of Der Zyklus, the evolution and experimentation of electro physics that never seem to stop. Highly Recommended !



Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Frustrated Funk 

untitled / 12"

Heinrich Mueller (aka Dopplereffekt, Arpanet, Drexciya) with his best solo work after the legendary Dopplerfeffekt album. This is a re-release of 4 of our favorite Der Zyklus tracks which are already out of print for some time now. This ep includes the amazing drexciyan ''Mxyzptlk'', the ultra cool kraftwerkesque ''Formenverwandler''. This is what you would get when you put the best of Detroit electro and German avant-garde electro (Kraftwerk) together in one studio. Masterpiece !!!



Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Clone Aqualung Series 

biometry / 2x12"

Re-issue of the classic album by Heinrich Mueller. Originally released in the early 00's (2004 to be precise) which basicly was deep into the future for everyone born before 1980. Techno was still about innovation, stepping into the future, going ahead, updated technologies, exploring the new.? Like previous releases Heinrich Mueller takes inspiration from latest technologies and developments. Must-Have !



Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : WeMe Records 

renormalon / 12"

Gerald Donald is back under the Der Zyklus alias for more futurist darkside electro experiments: his signature sound. Where the project's sound may have been more varied on previous releases, the 'Renormalon' LP goes more for the downbeat and sometimes completely beatless and it's really quite brilliant because of it. We really liked the intergalactic ambience of "Interference Pattern" (which would have sounded great on the Event Horizon soundtrack), the dramatic and isolated arpeggiation of "Photopolymer" (beautifully haunting!) and the evil wall of sound delay of "Optical Distortion" which reaches near psychedelic moments and capturing that ghost in the machine like only Donald can. Limited edition on clear vinyl..

elektronisches zeitecho


Artist : Der Zyklus 

Label : Clone Aqualung Series 

elektronisches zeitecho / 12"

Reissued from the cold, 2 classic Heinrich Mueller (Dopplereffekt) top productions taken off 'Der Zyklus II' (2001). "Elektronisches Zeitecho" spills serpentine arpeggios and timeless Drexciyan melodies on a the A-side, and "Mathematische Modelle" makes robotic doe eyes at Kraftwerk on the B-side. Unmissable stuff finally available on vinyl again after being out of print for a long time..

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