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normalette surprise


Artist : Der Plan 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

normalette surprise / LP

'Normalette Surprise' is the equally important and ground-breaking follow-up album to 'Geri Reig' and was released in 1981. Here Der Plan further evolved their unique style of Neue Deutsche Welle into an ever-so-slightly more accessible record yet not abandoning their roots as evidenced by hints of experimental sound textures and their characteristic quirky yet undefinable sound collages and pre-industrial notions. 'Normalette Surprise' will appeal to devoted followers of this unique genre and fans of contemporary artists (DAF, Saal, Liaison Dangereuses, etc). This album is an essential document for any fan or collector of the fascinating NDW period. Lovingly presented on 180g. transparent blue vinyl in a limited edition of 550 hand-numbered copies. Tip !!

geri reig


Artist : Der Plan 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

geri reig / LP

Debut full length album originally released in 1980 on Der Plan’s own Warning (later known as Ata Tak) label. Der Plan is widely acknowledged as the pioneers of the NDW (New German Wave) movement which was the transformation of punk rock and new wave into an entity of distinct form and style. The movement spawned other notable acts as Grauzone, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, and X-Mal Deutschland. Der Plan originated from Düsseldorf and consisted of Moritz Reichelt, Frank Fenstermacher & Kurt Dahlke (aka Pyrolator) on this recording. 'Geri Reig' is a very diverse album consisting of tracks reminiscent of the early Der Plan avant-garde period contrasted with more musical and catchy songs geared more towards minimal synthetic pop and experimental minimal-synth. This masterpiece is presented on 180g. olive green colored vinyl in a limited edition of 550 hand-numbered copies. Beautiful ;)

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