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dreaming of me / ice machine


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

dreaming of me / ice machine / 7"

This is the first released single by the brilliant synthpop quartet Vince Clarke, Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher and Dave Gahan, together as Depeche Mode since 1980. Released in 1981, "Dreaming of Me", reminds us of the more innocent times of synthpop, specially because of the opening track with the same title, containing pure and efficient melodies. Performed with a harmonic four-note sequence, "Ice Machine" has a much more emotional and intense approach in a combination of many synthesizer melodies and interesting vocal chorus, puncturing the subconsciousness of the intense listeners with very special moments. Inescapable !!!

behind the wheel


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

behind the wheel / 12"

Another classic piece that have been sampled again and again. "Behind The Wheel" is one of the most popular single of Depeche Mode that has been released in 1987 on Mute and that no longer needs to be described. Listen and run to that plate if you haven't it yet ;-)

leave in silence


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

leave in silence / 12"

These are ones of the best Depeche Mode tracks released in 1982. Superb danceable mixture of synth-pop, new-wave and italo. Deep discoÔd gem ! We strongly support it !!

black celebration


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

black celebration / LP

This LP released in 1986 shows Depeche Mode's turn into the dark side of the force. Here the band comes up to obscure and tortured new-wave. "Black Celebration" offers us a larger musical consistency which implies a stronger output in the climates. Once again Martin Gore shows us the accuracy of his script and his extraordinary creativity. The atmosphere is heavy and sometimes a bit ambiguous and illustrated by the very special voice of Dave Gahan. Tip !!!

a broken frame


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

a broken frame / LP

"A Broken Frame" (1982) is depressed romanticism...chock full of melancholy musings in word and music. An underrated and forgotten chapter of synth pop lying desolate and lonely in the barren field of forgotten music. This album enabled Depeche Mode and more particularly Martin L.Gore to find and build their future sound and lyrics signature. Including the hits "Leave In Silence", "See You", "The Sun and The Rainfall"...

clean / surrender


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : No Label 

clean / surrender / 7"

US private import. Only 500 of this superb picture 7" record have been made showing awesome pictures of the band taken by Anton Corbijn. Truely a collector item to be framed. The "Clean" version is amazing... Don't miss out !



Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : Mute 

violator / LP

UK bootleg picture disc, sold as a Mexican limited edition. Classic, probably the best album from Depeche Mode. Packaged in clear vinyl sleeve.. Tip !!

demos & alternate versions


Artist : Depeche Mode 

Label : No Label 

demos & alternate versions / 2x12"

Not much infos on this unofficial release edited by an obscure japanese D.M. fan-club. Double LP with classic Depeche Mode hits but all in a completely different orchestration than the originals.. All these unplugged songs sounds new to the listener. Fantastic !

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