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are you wireless?


Artist : Arpanet 

Label : Record Makers 

are you wireless? / 12"

2 electro tracks taken from the kult album "Wireless Internet" recorded on the french label Record Makers in 2002 and repressed here in 2008. Warm, hypnotic, deep, with sci-fi narratives produced by one of the most talented artist of Detroit from today and we hope for long time again... Must Have !

wireless internet


Artist : Arpanet 

Label : Record Makers 

wireless internet / 2x12"

Arpanet aka Dopplereffekt drop the bomb !! 9 tracks made of the usual killer strings, electro suss, heavy drop blitzkreig blasts and underwater weirdness. With it being Detroit based it's also a concept album, it's devoted to the revolutionary technologies of Japan's leading telecommunication company NTT DoCoMo, which will soon change our day-to-day lives so that's alright then. Repressed dope from 2006...

inertial frame


Artist : Arpanet 

Label : Record Makers 

inertial frame / 2x12"

Linked with both Drexcyian and Dopplereffekt camps, no one really knows for sure who Arpanet is. Following on from their mighty "Wireless Internet" lp on Record Makers set a couple of years back and 2nd "Quantum Transposition" lp on Rephlex in 2005, this album for Record Makers develops their conceptual electronic fragmentation into yet another evocative and mysterious strand of sub-marine electro. Inertial Frame takes the listener into derivative reflections on quantic physics and pays tribute to the works of 20th century great scientists. Highly recommended !!!

reference frame


Artist : Arpanet 

Label : Record Makers 

reference frame / 12"

Arpanet drops 4 tracks of Kraftwerkian melodics and machine beats direct from the Dataphysix labs. We're not quite sure what the concept is here (previous ideas have centred around wireless communications, the advancement of the internet and biometric identification) but the sounds are textbook Arpanet/Dopplereffekt, less fractured than his Rephlex output. "Infinite Density" revolves around a languid square bass and electro rhythm with a cold robotic glaze. The rigid wonk of "No Boundry Condition" accelerates to an Ultradyne level of dystopia before the 2 versions of "Event Horizon" (instru. & vox) decrease to sludgy currents of machine information with spooked out accompaniment. A thoroughly squashed package; Very good indeed ;)

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