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krypta 1982


Artist : Alexander Robotnick 

Label : Crème Organization 

krypta 1982 / 2x12"

From the Krypt of cult hero Alexander Robotnick comes "Krypta 1982", an amazing full length album, that contains 18 never before released tracks from 1981-1982. It shows the amazing range of Robotnick's skills, from deep disco tracks that sound like they could have been released yesterday, to romantic vocal "Problemes d'Amour", like 303 pop songs, strange 808 exotica, minimal analogue dancefloor tracks and haunting experimental soundscapes that would perfectly fit on a BBC radiophonic workshop record... Tip !

ce n


Artist : Alexander Robotnick 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

ce n'est qu'un début / LP

Synth-pop albums don't come any better than Alexander Robotnick's 1984 classic "Ce N'est Q'un Début". Reissued for the class of 2010 on blue vinyl in a hand numbered edition of 500 copies for the world, it contains seminal, hugely influential disco hits like "Problemes d'Amour" and the sublime "Dance Boy Dance", plus the killer electro of "Hola Macci Kola", tracks which have influenced practically anyone involved with electronic dance music over the last 25 years. Aside from a couple of cheeky bootlegs it's not been available in this sort of quality pressing for a very long time and truly deserves the status of Essential !! 3rd pressing edition..

made in china


Artist : Alexander Robotnick 

Label : Crème Organization 

made in china / 12"

Hot remix package from Crème. Including remixes by Unit 4 (deep driving nu school disco kind of thing), Orgue Electronique (an amazing Chicago house remix with a strong bass line... very good!), and a more straight 4/4 mix by Robotnick himself. It's undecided yet who's the winner.. Unit 4 or Orgue Electronique ? Listen..

vintage robotnicks


Artist : Alexander Robotnick 

Label : Medical Records LLC 

vintage robotnicks / LP

For Record Store Day 2014, Medical Records presents 2 exclusive releases celebrating the classic disco of 80's Italy. First up is a very special hand-picked selection of early singles as well as previously unreleased on vinyl tracks by Alexander Robotnick (aka Maurizio Dami). Maurizio Dami needs no introduction and has been one of the pioneers of the disco/electronic scene since the early 80's. The 1st single on the record is "I Wanna Believe" which was released under the moniker Gina & The Flexix in 1985 on the legendary Fuzz Dance label (an Italo Disco sublabel of Materiali Sonori). It is a rare 12" single featuring a dancefloor stomping beat, melodic synth leads and female vocals. The other single on the compilation is the 7" version of "C'est La Vie" which was released in 1987. Most of the LP is comprised of tracks recorded from 1982-1984. Many tracks feature the characteristic vocal style originally exhibited on the international club hit "Problèmes D'Amour". This is a special collection that will appeal to the disco freaks. Presented on high-quality 180gr tri-color transparent blue/purple colored vinyl. Very limited edition.

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