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la voix (remixes)


Artist : Alden Tyrell 

Label : Clone 

la voix (remixes) / 12"

Taken from his debut album, Mr Tyrell's deep driving neo-italo track "La Voix" (with haunting vocals by Nancy Fortune) gets remixed here by The Isolators (Viewlexx) and Elitechnique (aka Phako & Florintintin). Vocal and instrumental versions. Big Recommandation !



Artist : Alden Tyrell 

Label : Clone 

digger / 12"

Also known as the 'Krenkbox ep', this electro monster from Alden Tyrell originally disappeared like a shot and you can hear why. "Digger" sports 2 superior versions, elevated by a breakdown pretty similar to Section 25's era defining "View From A Hilltop" masterpiece for Factory. These 2 cuts pretty well define everything that's good about the whole resurgence of interest in classic electro we've witnessed in the last 2 and a bit years. Flip for 2 takes called "Obsession" and here the connection to classic b-boy material becomes explicit: if breaking, locking and popping are your bag, acquire this beauty. Alden gets busy on the cut, and the rest of us hit the ground, spinning like windmills. Devastating!!

phaze me


Artist : Alden Tyrell 

Label : Viewlexx 

phaze me / 12"

Many monikered producer Alden Tyrell delivered in 2003 these 2 versions of 'Phaze Me' (both of the vintage discoid acid variety). The main cut has the dancefloor edge with a vintage construction used to deliver a classic sounding track with ace vocoders singing along with the rampaging arpeggiator. The flip harbours 'Phaze Me Not' which dispenses with the vocoder and goes for the arpeggiator workout and a stripped jacking vibe. Already classic..

disco lunar module


Artist : Alden Tyrell 

Label : Clone 

disco lunar module / 12"

The man gone done it again, "Disco Lunar Module" is pure european disco styles, a provocative italo bassline with massive sweeping synths to wave your fag hand to. The real dancefloor dynamite is on the flip though. "Knockers" is the one for all the disco beasts out there, you know who you are! Rolling toms set the pace for the arpeggiated bassline and a superhero synth drop to increase the jack factor exponentially. The last cut "Rendezvous At Rimini" kicks with an 80's strut sure to shake shoulderpads on the freshest floors from Albania to Estonia. The largest Tyrell's release so far, without doubt! Killer..

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