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Artist : //TENSE// 

Label : Desire Records 

memory / LP

It's sexy. It's scary. It's apocalyptic as fuck. It's music for the times we live in but nobody seems to be brave enough to admit. "Memory" is the 1st //TENSE// album for Desire Records and includes 10 tracks with heavy EBM electro beats, great synths hooks and haunted vocals. Massive!



Artist : //TENSE// 

Label : Desire Records 

consume / 10"

Straight out of the wet and hot city of Houston, //TENSE// delivers a great follow-up to the Memory album with this 6-track 10" ep. It presents a new angle to the hard hitting EBM tracks the band has already released. The sound is cleaner and sharper. It's a kind of mix of hard beats EBM style with the more ethereal ambience of the shoegaze bands of the early 90's. Think Ministry jamming with Slowdive and produced by Salem. After an acclaimed tour opening for Nitzer Ebb in North America, //TENSE// is back in their creepy studio writing new tracks for a forthcoming split ep. Limited edition of 300 copies only on purple & black vinyl with a download coupon..! Check ;)

turn it off


Artist : //TENSE// 

Label : Mishka 

turn it off / 7"

Frustrated with the direction electronic music was headed, Robert Lane decided to create the sound he so badly craved. So in the winter of 2006, he bought some machines, learned to program them, and stole his girlfriend's computer to record the ensuing beats. Since then, Mariana Saldaña (member of Medio Mutante) has joined him in what can only be described as a burgeoning industrial/EBM juggernaut. //TENSE// was born with dreams of resurrecting the forgotten Wax Trax! sound. Here is the band's 1st-ever 7" for "Turn It Off". One of //TENSE//’s signature & standout tracks, this EBM anthem is available for the first time. The B-side is the band's dark and seductive re-imagining of Fleetwood Mac's “The Chain”. Standard black limited edition of 200 copies..!



Artist : //TENSE// 

Label : Mannequin 

escape / 12"

After an acclaimed tour opening for Nitzer Ebb in North America and a prolific production for Desire Records, //TENSE// is back in their creepy studio and the result is a constellation of brooding synth bass lines, pounding electronic drum pad sounds, movie samples and distorted vocals that sound pitch perfect underneath all of the madness. To have an accurate idea of what we are talking about, imagine that Snake Plissken never escaped New York and he started an EBM band with The Duke. Then, you are almost close to. //TENSE// are definitely bringing back to life the earlier days of EBM, in a funky-industrial mixture that is so close to the shiny mid 80's period of Cabaret Voltaire or earlier Ministry, think early Wax Trax-era US industrial crossed with the more minimal European wave sound. Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies. Tip !!



Artist : //TENSE// 

Label : Desire Records 

memory / LP

Finally available here is the repress of the //TENSE// debut album & 21st Century EBM classic 'Memory'. Only 200 copies made on red vinyl + insert. The sleeve has been printed on chrome color paper and the back cover is finally unleashed for the first time. Even nicer than the original ;)

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