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Artist : $tinkworx 

Label : Vext 

aquapolis / 12"

$tinkworx is finally back with this brilliant 5 track electro edged 12" on the new label from Convextion, VEXT. Moody and beautiful electronics, inspired by the Drexciyan legacy. Really Magical...



Artist : $tinkworx 

Label : Strange Life 

coelacanth / 12"

One of the finest deepest tearjearking jams ever to come from the brains of the legendary american producer $tinkworx ! "Coelacanth" is a piece-de-resistance of soulfull technoblues where moody synth riffs play over an irresistable funk bassline. On the other side we find the track "Amira" another huge deep detroit techno jam where basic channel-esque chords evaporate over a sauce of delicate electronics. 2 beautifull tracks with which $tinkworx continues the great american techno legacy. To finish everything off there is a Syncom Data rmx of the track "Coelacanth" where the bassline is squeezed out to the max !

mnml 808


Artist : $tinkworx 

Label : Bunker 

mnml 808 / 12"

Stripped electro kicks us off with the ever-so-short "Mnml 808" before the twisted chords of "Wake Up" lilt into position and produce a heartwarming mesh of electro, spinning MCís, semi-scratches and a soulful b-line. "Pistrix Mix" is awesome; the sound of synths gone wrong and played badly, yet somehow emerging with a pure lushness of evocative melody and a superbly crunchy lazy beat. Totally wicked. "ATDT" on the flip ups the ante with an almost housey electro flash errrupting on all sides with analogue pressure. 8 tracks in total; varied, spot-on and predictably addictive hague madness. Extra large. Stinkworx is a real winner ;)

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